How to Stop 0x00000050 Blue Screen of Death Error On your System

Blue screens of death have everything that you don’t want in error to have. One of the main problems with BSOD error is figuring out the origin of the problem. 0x00000050 is one of the many blue screens of error available in the windows. Just like any other BOSD error 0x00000050 follows the same signs on the screen but with different code. The solution of this error code follows another route than joining in with others. In this article, we are gonna go through every element of this error and learn how to fix the error on your computer.

0x00000050 Blue Screen of Death Error

Windows packs a lot of colors to choose from for the background. But the blue screen of death is the one that carries an immense amount of value with it. A BSOD error will shut down the computer or restart it again and again until it gets fixed. This could be very troublesome because you will lose your data if you went in without knowing the proper way to deal with the error. The error that we have to deal with here is the code 0x00000050 BSOD error. All the BSODs share the same color carrying the same message, but the error codes are different under them.

To fix the BSOD, you have to know the code first, before you start taking any measure to solve the problem.0x00000050 is another version of BSOD error, to deal with this you have to follow all the right steps to deal with the problem effectively. In this case, 0x00000050 might share some of the value that other BSOD error carries with them. But the reason for this error is different than the others.

Reason of 0x00000050 Blue Screen of Death Error

0x00000050 is a type of BSOD error that occurs in an operating system after the installation of the new hardware driver. This can happen after an update, and in some cases, 0x00000050 will pop up due to a faulty NTFS volume. If you see this error on your computer, then you are not alone. Plenty of users have reported seeing this error after an update of the driver. If you are a beginner to the computer. Then you will find yourself lost dealing with these problems.

A faulty device, driver, or service can cause this error on a system. You have to know the right way to fix it. Luckily in this article, you are gonna find all the things to fix the problems effectively. Some of the methods will have a complex list of instructions that you have to follow to fix it. Just go step by step until you reach the very end of the instruction. By then, the error would be long gone from your computer system.

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A Proper Fix for 0x00000050 Blue Screen of Death Error

0x00000050 generally refers to the error caused due to the malfunction of hardware and software attached for the functioning of that hardware. Finding the precise origin of the problem will consume a lot of time and hours that you can be spending on fixing the error off the computer. 0x00000050 follows the same structure as any other blue screen of error. Some of the solution methods are exactly the same as the other methods. Follow these methods to solve your problem.

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A quick Troubleshoot

These are the quick troubleshoot you can perform on your computer to determine the problem.

  • If you have installed a newer version of the software, then uninstall it. The same goes for the hardware, if you have a newer version of the hardware, then disconnect it from the system.
  • Go to the Device Manager, if you found a device with an exclamation mark underneath them. Then the proper driver for that specific hardware has not been installed. You have two options to deal with this problem. One is to disable it from the computer, and another is updating it.
  • If you disable the device, then you won’t be able to use any features from the device, Updating it is the sure way to keep the device in check with the system.
  • You can run Windows Update to install all the software recommended for the devices.
  • Sometimes the problem would come from Antivirus software. Disabling or uninstalling it might cure 0x00000050 error from your computer.

These are the quick troubleshoot you can perform on your computer to effectively get rid of 0x00000050 out of your system. For some users, these methods will do the trick; if it doesn’t, you can follow the methods below for an effective solution.

Method 1: RAM Memory

Diagnosing ram may not seem the right choice here, but ram error can lead to a lot of BSOD errors. Sometimes it is hard to tell, but if you use Windows Memory Diagnostic Utility, then the problem will go away in a matter of seconds.

To launch Windows Memory Diagnostic Utility on windows. You have to follow certain steps to make it happen.

  • The first thing you have to do is open ‘Run.’ You can do that by pressing Windows+ R.
  • In the search box, type in mdsched.exe and then hit the ‘OK‘ button.
  • Here choose ‘Restart now and check for problem (recommended)‘ option.
  • This is gonna take a couple of minutes. All you have to do is wait patiently until the windows stop checking for memory problems.
Fix 0x00000050 Blue Screen of Death Error  with Windows Memory Diagnostic utility

If the end result shows any error on your computer, then it would be wise to remove the RAM stick out of the slot. Clean it properly, and insert the stick back in if you have more than one ram stick installed on your computer. Then you have to pick a more tedious approach to this. You have to remember the diagnosis on every ram stick installed on your computer. In that way, you can specify the problem on every ram you have on your computer.

The effective solution here would be to take the bad ram out of the motherboard, replacing it with the new one before it starts doing any damage to the other devices in the system.

Method 2: HDD Errors

The problems wouldn’t only stay inside of the ram; sometimes, the HDD can create the 0x00000050 error on your computer. Especially a corrupted NTFS volume. Out of all the reasons for the 0x00000050 error, HDD takes the cake. Here are some of the steps you can follow for the proper diagnosis of HDD.

To deal with the RAM, you have windows memory diagnosis tool; to deal with the HDD, you have your check disk function. This function will go in-depth in the hard disk to find the proper solution.

  • First, you have to open Command Prompt with administrative privileges. You can type in CMD in the search bar. You would command prompt listed on the right side of the option. Just right click on the command prompt and choose the ‘run as administrator‘ option.
  • Once you are inside the command prompt, here type in ‘chkdsk c: /F /R.’ Press y to restart your computer.
Check HDD Errors to Fix 0x00000050 Blue Screen of Death Error

This function will sort out all the problems that are currently affecting your hard disk. And will perform an automatic repair once it finds the effective files on it.

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Method 3: Checking windows system files

Manually checking all the windows system files would eat up a lot of your time. Luckily you have a function inside the windows operating system that deals with exactly that. The SFC command fixes the integrity of your files and puts an end to the 0x00000050 error on your computer.

  • Same as usual, you have to open the Command Prompt with admin privileges. You can do that by just right-clicking on it.
  • In the command prompt, type in SFC /scannow and then press enter.
Check windows system files to Fix 0x00000050 Blue Screen of Death Error
  • This could take quite a lot of time. But it will go through each one of the system files.
  • After SFC does a thorough check-up, you have to restart your computer.

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Method 4: Stop Third Pary Services from the Start-Up

A lot of third-party software can prevent a lot of devices and software for them to run. It kinda gets hard to tell which software is doing that in the system. At the time they would pop up, your computer will be bombarded with a blue screen of death, every time you try to turn on the computer. There is a way to block all third-party software from preventing your operating system from running.

Follow the steps below to disable these third party services on the startup.

  • First, you have to open up the run. Just press Windows + R to do it.
  • Once Run pops up into the screen — type in MSConfig.
  • This will open up system configuration. There are plenty of things you can do here to make your computer faster from entering the system into a safe mode.
  • Now move your way to the services tab of the box. Here at the bottom, you will see Hide all Microsoft services options. Check on it. After the hit, Disable all.
  • Navigate you to the tab next to the services tab, startup tab. Here hit ‘Disable all‘ to make your computer faster when it gets booted up.
  • Once you did all that. Closing the system configuration box will ask your permission to restart your computer or not. Definalty restart the computer for the computer to make all the changes to the system configuration.

Method 5: System Restore

  • Open Run, and type in ‘rstrui.’
  • Hit ok; this will take you to the system restore page.
  • Choose the earlier working state and then hit next.
  • That’s it.

Method 6: Updating Drivers

Doing it manually will consume a lot of your time because you have to go through each one of the devices installed on the software and manually selecting the update driver page to have the latest version of the software installed on it.

The whole thing will be tedious work to do because every column of the device manager will have 5-6 devices installed in them. You have to go one by one to properly install all the drivers required for that device to run effectively. Sometimes the devices will have the latest updates; updating it will take you back to the same page. As you can tell, this is very tiresome work.

Luckily there is a way to do it; it is by using Driver Easy software.

Get Driver Easy

  • Download Driver Easy
  • Hit the ‘Scan Now‘ button to gather all the information about the devices.
Driver Easy
  • After you see the list of devices that have updates, click on the update button, this will automatically download the correct driver for devices, and install them afterward.
  • The premium version of the app allows you to hit ‘Update All,’ just like the name implies. It will update all the drivers for your device regularly. Otherwise, you just have to click on an update on each update notification.
Fix 0x00000050 Blue Screen of Death Error with Driver Easy

If you followed all the steps mentioned in the driver’s easy guide, then you would have a computer without the 0x00000050 code hanging on to it. Updating the driver is the best way to prevent the devices from getting any sort of error attached to the computer. Driver Easy will help your computer stay up to date with the latest drivers and update that is required for the devices to perform well without slowing the device down. Newer updates carry patches and fixes that are essential for 0x00000050 types of errors on a computer.

Conclusion on How to Stop 0x00000050 Blue Screen of Death Error

Now you at least have an idea of what causes the computer to create a 0x00000050 error on the screen. If you followed all the methods in this article, then you know how to fix the error and how to prevent the error from happening on the computer. An error like 0x00000050 can be very persistent in nature, requiring a specific type of solution for them to go away. The solution mentioned in this article can be applied to different types of BSOD errors, if you are unfortunate enough to come across these types of errors in the future, then you can apply the methods to fix the problem.