0x80048002 Error on Outlook – Six Practical Methods to Fix It for You

When you notice 0x80048002 while working on MS Outlook, you will surely get frustrated. But you don’t have to be because, in this article, we explain how to overcome this issue easily. You can learn six practical methods that fix this issue.

There are many users across the globe who prefer using MS Outlook. This special software tool has become exceptionally popular around the world due to its security features. But just like with any other software application, even MS Outlook can come across some issues. The security features themselves can create conflicts with the applications. Such conflicts can display various error codes and prevent the application from working as expected. 0x80048002 is one of those errors that appear because of such conflicts.

How to fix 0x80048002 Outlook error manually

In this part, we explain how to fix the 0x80048002 error manually. For your convenience, we explain all these issues step by step.

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01. Check the settings of your email account

It is true that the 0x80048002 error is related to sending and receiving emails through MS Outlook. So, first of all, you should check the settings of your MS Outlook settings. If something is wrong with the account’s configurations, you cannot necessarily send or receive emails. Mentioned below is how to check the configurations of the email account. Please note that you should check the incoming and outgoing servers in particular.

  • First, you should launch MS Outlook and go to the option called “File” in the menu bar.
  • After that, you should click on the option called “Account Settings.” Then, select the option called “Change” and choose the target account you intend to check.
  • Now, go to “More Settings” and go through the settings. Check if all the settings are correctly saved.

02. If you have an antivirus program installed, disable it temporarily

If everything is correct with the email settings, you are supposed to try another solution. In this case, you will have to disable the antivirus that is installed in your system. We do this because your antivirus program can prevent some of the features of MS Outlook for additional security. In fact, the steps to disabling an antivirus program will differ from one brand to another. But, in general, you can right-click on the icon located in the taskbar to do it. Then, choose the disable/deactivate/pause option or any other option that has the meaning of disabling it. After disabling the antivirus program, you are supposed to run Outlook with Administrator privileges.

If you have a firewall installed in the system, be sure to disable that as well. Once you have done that, you will be able to send or receive emails. If it doesn’t solve the issue, you can move to the next solution and give it a try.

03. Launch MS Outlook in Safe Mode

If none of the above two options have worked for you, just launch MS Outlook in Safe Mode. We suggest this method to disable the third-party add-in installed in Outlook. Those add-ins can cause various conflicts once in a while. By launching MS Outlook, you can disable those add-ins and retain the basic features only. For many users, this method has worked in resolving the 0x80048002 error. You can follow the steps mentioned below to perform this solution and fix your Outlook errors.

  • First, you should exit MS Outlook on your computer and go to the Start Menu.
  • After that, you should see the search box. Enter the text “outlook.exe/safe” in that search field (without inverted commas). Then, hit enter so MS Outlook will open up in Safe Mode.
  • You can now attempt to send one email. If you can send an email successfully, the third-party add-ins were the reason behind the 0x80048002 error.
  • After that, please go to the option called “File” and click on “Options.” Then, choose the option called “Add-ins.” Finally, click on “Go.”

04. Open MS Outlook with Clean Boot

If you are yet to succeed with the three solutions we have mentioned above, try this one as well. As per this solution, you are supposed to restart Outlook using Windows clean boot mode. For those who don’t know, mentioned below are the steps to follow.

  • To start this solution, go to the “Start Menu” to see the search field. Once you have done that, enter the text “msconfig.exe” in the given space. Hit enter to continue.
  • After that, you should go to the tab labeled “General.” Then, go to the option called “Selective Startup” to proceed and choose “Load Startup Items.”
  • You can switch to the “Services” tab now. After that, you should mark the checkbox adjoining to it. This option will disable all the buttons located under that option.
  • As the final step, you should click OK so you can restart the PC. Then, you should launch MS Outlook once again. Check if you can send an email. If you still see 0x80048002 error, don’t worry – just proceed to the next solution.

05. Repair 0x80048002 error with Outlook Inbox repair

If you have had no luck with the above solutions, you should repair the 0x80048002 error with this method. In fact, MS Outlook has a built-in repair tool that can address various minor issues. It is called Scanpst.exe. To find it, go to the system’s Windows Explorer and enter the text “Scanpst.”

After launching this tool, it will scan and repair the errors found in Outlook’s PST file. PST is the specific set of commands that contains valuable data related to your Outlook account. So, if the PST is corrupted, you are likely to see a 0x80048002 error on Outlook. With ScanPST, you can identify if the PST file has an issue and rectify it.

Once you run the program, you should see some onscreen instructions. Just follow those instructions you can fix the 0x80048002 error. Also, you should remember to quit your MS Outlook application and other applications that are related to emails. Otherwise, the diagnose will not take place as expected.

06. Use a professional tool to repair Outlook 0x80048002 error

Well, have you tried all of the above methods and haven’t weren’t able to fix the 0x80048002 error? If so, this could be the last resort you should rely on. We strongly recommend you to use a professional application called Stellar Outlook Repair. This special tool is regarded as the best in the business by many users across the globe. This tool can find the cause for the 0x80048002 error and the 0x800408fc Error in Outlook and repair it without much physical effort.

Features of Stellar Outlook Repair

  • This tool has a very powerful GUI that can recover your Outlook application easily.
  • It can repair files that are encrypted and fix the outlook.pst cannot be found.
  • They also can repair files even if they are larger than 2GB.
  • You can preview the files.
  • Highly compatible with all the versions of MS Outlook.

How to fix 0x80048002 using Stellar Outlook Repair Tool

Here are the steps you should follow to fix the 0x80048002 error using Stellar Outlook Repair.

  • First, download Stellar Outlook Repair on the PC and open it. After that, you should go to the “Find” option and choose “Look In.” This should be done to find the PST file. You can see a list of PST files so you can find the correct one.
  • Once you have selected the desired file, you are supposed to click on “Repair.” Then, be sure to wait patiently until the file is repaired. You will see a notification now. Click on the option labeled “OK” so you can preview the recovered data available on PST.
  • Once the file is recovered, you should save it. Click on the option called “Save Repaired File.” It is located in the menu labeled “Home.” Then, choose the “Save As” option and save the file in a location you want.

That’s it. As we strongly believe, at least one of the above solutions will solve the 0x80048002 error. Even if all the other methods fail, you can rely on Stellar Outlook Repair to get the job done. For any further doubts related to this matter, just feel free to let us know.