10 Most Useful Root Apps for Android

For most users, the limited freedom that Android offers was once entirely satisfactory. Rooting was then limited only to developers and tech enthusiasts.

Today, with the rise of powerful root applications and rooting becoming a secure one-click process, rooting your android device seems like an obvious choice for anybody.

We bring you the top 10 most useful root apps that might make you want to unlock your device.

1. Best Superuser App – SuperSU

SuperSU is more of a necessity than a luxury for root users. Rooting an Android phone can be beneficial, but it can also be misused by certain apps.

SuperSU keeps a check on which apps get root access and which don’t, among a host of other things. If you’re rooted, this app needs to be the first on your download list.


2. Best Hibernation App – Greenify

Greenify is one app that has tempted a huge number of Android users to root their phones. It works without root as well, but its real power is only unleashed on the root.

Greenify effectively hibernates any app that you don’t want running in the background. This is critical for the simple reason that background apps consume resources, making your phone slow and eating up its battery.

Greenify makes sure that you have complete control over background apps.


3. Best Ad Blocker App – Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a free root application that blocks those annoying advertisements that keep popping up on your phone.

If you’re a root user, you no longer have to suffer the dread of accidentally clicking on an ad and then being taken to an unwanted browser window. The app is not available on the Play Store, though. You will have to download it from their site.

Adblock Plus

4. Best Hardware Manager App – Device Control

Device Control gives you absolute control over your phone’s hardware. One of the best perks of being rooted is being able to overclock the CPU, giving your phone a performance boost.

Device control is the go-to app for that and a lot of other things. You can control everything from vibration strength to the screen color temperature.

Device Control

5. Best Bloatware Remover App – System App Remover

Most Android phones come with a lot of bloatware. Bloatware is the term for apps that you don’t need but can’t remove from your phone.

Bloatware can be especially annoying when you’re low on space. System App Remover is an app that lets rooted users delete any and all apps that they don’t feel the need for.

System app Remover

6. Best Backup and Restore App – Titanium Backup

No root-apps list is complete without Titanium Backup on it. For a root user, backing up the system is important, in case something goes wrong while tinkering with custom ROMs, kernels, etc.

Titanium Backup takes care of backing up all your data, so everything can be restored to the way it was if things were to go out of hand.

Titanium Backup

7. Best Screen Recorder App – Rec

Rec allows Android users to record their screens. This might not be important to the vast majority of users, but it can prove to be helpful if one wants to record games or just simple tutorials for family members.

8. Best File Recovery App – Dumpster

Have you ever accidentally deleted a photo or an important file from your phone? Well, Dumpster works like a magical recycle bin and can restore almost any kind of file that needs to be recovered. It works without root as well, but rooting greatly improves its ability to efficiently search for and restore data.

9. Best Automation App – Tasker

Tasker is an automation app, and can just make life easier for you by controlling your phone according to certain conditions. For example, you can set up Tasker to automatically put your phone on silent during work hours, or switch off the wi-fi when you leave home.

Tasker doesn’t need root to function, but like a lot of other apps on this list, rooting allows you to access the full range of its features. Tasker is easily one of the fascinating apps on this list.


10. Best increasing RAM App – Roehsoft RAM Expander

A lot of Android phones face the problem of low memory, which leads to the phone slowing down and apps crashing frequently. Roehsoft RAM Expander lets you use your SD Card memory as RAM.

This root application can increase your phone’s RAM by up to 3 GB, which is more than any android phone today could need.

From flashing a custom ROM to overclocking your CPU, the possibilities with a rooted Android device are endless.

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