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Welcome to iStarsoft – the One-Stop-Shop for All Things Internet and Social Media!

Our Mission

iStarsoft was founded in 2011. With our meticulous research, it is your go-to tech source for professional IT insight and inspiration.

We aim to be a site that can help you better understand the technology and make confident decisions online to make a better life.

Who We Are

iStarsoft attracts and works with talented people who want to create a safer and more accessible digital and tech environment for all of our readers.

Our team comprises technologists, writers, editors, and other passionate individuals in Europe, the US, and Asia who are independent, driven, and eager to provide only the best possible information.

We tirelessly test every product we mention and provide the most comprehensive tutorials and guides.

At iStarsoft, integrity comes first, so our readers love us.

Meet Our Team

Jason Lin


Jason Is In Charge of Growth at iStarsoft.
He has almost 20 years of experience in the IT sector and developed a deep understanding of internet technologies.

Janice Liao


Sharing has always been my particular thing. I also believe that science can change a life, so I have been sharing the latest technology on the Internet since graduating from university.

It attaches great importance to readers’ reading experience, and the requirements for the layout of the article are as high as the authenticity of the content of the article.

I am a fan of coffee as well. A cup of coffee can keep me working hard all day. Work happily and enjoy life.




Jack has over ten years of experience in information and computer technology.

Passionate about electronic devices, smartphones, computers, and modern technology.

Have a solid background in programming and software, including C++, Python, app development, and more.

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