Top Eight Adult Games for Android for Free in 2022

Feel bored and looking for an exciting way to spend your free time? Have you got an Android device in hand? Then, how about playing an adult game on your Android? Well, we hope that you are excited about our suggestion. So, read this article as we reveal the best adult games for Android devices in it.

Playing an adult game on your Android device helps you provoke your ‘naughty side’. Well, it really is a way to have some fun, isn’t it? After all, playing an adult game is a fantasy of many individuals regardless of gender. As we believe, these adult games for Android are a great way to break the monotony and refresh you.

As we are aware, many individuals tend to play these adult games whenever they find free time. The demand for adult games for Android is increasing at a rapid speed. As a result, you can find a plethora of adult games that are designed for Android devices. However, not all those adult games for Android are great as you would expect. Under usual circumstances, you will have to download and play the game for some time to realize its nature. But the good news is that we have done all the hard work for you. That means we have prepared an awesome list of adult games for Android users.

So, if you intend to experience the best of adult games for Android, we suggest you mirror your smartphone. However, this is not a compulsory move. If the small screen size of your smartphone doesn’t matter to you, you may continue with it.

List of Best Adult Games for Android Devices

The term ‘Adult’ used in this article doesn’t necessarily mean listing pornographic content. These adult games are ideal for an adult person to have some fun during their free time. Nevertheless, if you are an underage reader who accidentally visited this page, we recommend hitting that back button. OK. Let’s begin the list now.

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1) Vampire Romance

Have you ever thought about a game based on a love story that has a superb plot? If so, Vampire Romance can be a superb option for you. This game comprises unique characters that have the appearance of cute vampires that are hard to resist. With this game, you will be able to experience unforgettable moments. This game has mysterious characters with perfectly brilliant visual effects. If you are a girl, you will love this game.

Vampire Romance Adult Game for Android

Depending on your requirements, you can go for an ordinary love story or something impressive such as immortal romance. When you play the game, you can easily choose the characters and even name them. It also lets you customize the costumes of the characters depending on their taste. When it comes to the parts of the game, there are 24 of them. The last four parts of this game cannot be reached if you don’t complete parts 1 to 20.

To tell a bit of the plot of this adult game for Android, it’s a love story based on high school romance. There’s full of fantasy included in the gameplay. Depending on your preference, you can either go to school as a teenager or be with your vampire lover to have some naughty time.

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2) My Virtual Girlfriend

This is another superb Android game that has become incredibly popular over the past period. Many individuals consider this as one of the best adult games for an Android device. As per the game, you can find a superb girlfriend from a massive collection of cute girls. All these girls have one thing in common – they are super cute.

However, all these girls come with different characteristics, appearances, dresses, and features. Their personalities are so attractive. You can find the favorite girl from the lot and then start to flirt and win her heart. You can match her with your personality. So, this game is more of a dating simulator than just a game. Once you have succeeded, you will be able to plan the ‘advanced’ steps.

My Virtual Girlfriend Adult Game for Android

After winning the heart of the girl of your dreams, you can simply enter a romantic world with her. To make her laugh, you can tell funny jokes and flirt with her. In addition to that, you can engage in other activities such as going out at night. You can even for a game of golf as well. To make it more realistic, the developers have added the feature of giving her gifts. These girls will use the gift you bought in front of you.

Due to various reasons, My Virtual Girlfriend is a superb adult game for individuals to play during their free time. The girl you select will respond to the actions you perform. For instance, she will respond to the touches you make. You can customize the appearance of your girl (change her clothes, adjust body proportions, and even make her hair.

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3) My Virtual Boyfriend

Do you fantasize about dating with a guy of your preference and simulate it on your Android? If so, My Virtual Boyfriend is the perfect game for you. This adult game for Android offers you thousands of attractive and handsome guys who are waiting to be approached. All these guys come with unique personalities and characteristics.

Although they differ in appearance and characteristics, they are very attractive. You can basically look for their characteristics and then select the best guy for you. You will then be able to customize his clothing etc. Then, you will be able to make him the exact guy you are looking for.

Also, the game allows you to have pretty much everything you will need from a virtual lover. That means you will be able to get into romantic conversations and flirting apart from giving gifts.

My Virtual boyfriend Adult Game for Android

To make it a complete simulation, the game lets you touch and tickle the selected lover. Apart from that, there are various other ways to interact with the character selection. In a nutshell, you will be able to experience unforgettable romantic times with My Virtual Boyfriend.

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4) Dirty Game for Couple

If your intention is to explore the new ways you can try with your partner, you should download this. Dirty Game for Couple is a free adult game that allows playing in couples. It is not just a game. It lets both the partners play the game simultaneously and then explore each other’s fantasies. By playing this game, you can learn your partner’s inner-most desires. This game will open up your minds to each other and have loads of fun.

Dirty Game for Couple

Before playing the game, you will have to input the names. Then, you have two options to play as the game: “Dare” and “Truth” are those options. However, we should say that “Dare” has some extreme actions (such as getting naked in front of the partner). On the other hand, the “Truth” option lets you explore your partner’s hidden feelings which is exciting. The truth part of this game has several real-life questions as well.

There are four difficulty levels that will last a whole night if you play them. When it comes to the extreme level, it will leave you with an excellent memory.

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5) Love Tangle / Shall We Date?

If your desire is to engage in an unforgettable romantic action? This adult games for Android simulates that you do it in a luxury apartment. You can download the game and then enter the “Lilac Court” and assume that you live there. There are other residents in this apartment. When you live in this apartment, you are susceptible to some traps as well.

Love Tangle Adult Game for Android

6) Touch on Girls Adult Android Game

You will be able to see some perfect girls within this game. You can see their beautiful bodies by making them remove their clothes. With this beautiful app, you can see the thrilling and exciting side of many girls. In this game, you will see that those girls’ body parts are covered in cloths. To take these clothes off, you should touch it a couple of times.

7) Puzzles for Adults 18

This is a puzzle game that allows you to see some beautiful girls simply by solving the puzzles. There are 60 puzzles, and that means, you can see the beauty of 60 great girls by solving puzzles. The soothing music embedded in the game is perfect. Apart from considering it as an adult game, you can call it an anti-stress app as well.

8) My Forged Wedding: Party

This is another highly romantic adult game for Android that lets you choose an attractive husband to match you. With this game, your mode will be changed, and you can refresh your mind with it.

In addition to that, there are other adult games for Android such as Party in My Dorm, High School Trip, and Miami Crime Girl 2. All these games can take you to a different world and break your monotony. So, we hope you enjoyed this article. It’s time to grab your Android device and download an adult game to play.

Want to Play Adult Games for Android on Your Computer?

Before we jump into the list of adult games, we intend to reveal an awesome tip for our readers. We all know that it is much easier to play games on your computer monitor instead of a smartphone screen. Playing a game on the computer gives you better visuals (thanks to the large display monitor). More importantly, it gives you better control (as you can use a keyboard and mouse instead of tapping on the screen. Well, isn’t it great if you can mirror your Android device to a computer? The good news is that mirroring your smartphone into a computer is POSSIBLE if you have the right software. The software we rely on in this case is MirrorGo Android Recorder by Dr.Fone.

MirrorGo Android Recorder is special software that has the ability to mirror Android devices to your computer.

Listed Below are the Main Features Associated with MirrorGo.

  • It can play Android Mobile Games on the computer using the Keyboard and Mouse. This gives you better control when playing games.
  • Apart from playing games, you can use this software to send and receive messages through the computer keyboard.
  • You can control all the social media apps in your smartphone using the computer.
  • Help you to view multiple notifications at once, and you don’t need to pick your phone.
  • Let you use all the apps on the PC, and that gives you a full-screen user-experience.
  • It also gives you the ability to record classic gameplay as well.
  • You can use it to capture screenshots at important points.
  • You can use this to share secret moves as well.

Get MirrorGo Android Recorder

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