How to Backup iPhone 8 Contacts Effectively and Safely

Are you looking for an effective way to backup iPhone 8 contacts? This article is just the place to know about how you can do a safe and easy iPhone 8 contacts backup. While mobile users may differ on which smartphone is the best, all of them would concur on the significance of contacts, photos, and other data in their phones. Losing your contacts and other data is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. You will lose connectivity since all the important contacts both personal and professional will be stored on your phone and not anywhere else leaving you stranded.

The only option left is using a recovery tool to get your data back. To prevent loss of data you need to have an effective backup choice to keep the contacts safe. This article will guide you on the different ways by which you can backup iPhone 8 contacts and retrieve them whenever needed. To perform iPhone 8 contacts backup here are three methods that can be used effectively.

Method 1: Simple and effective backup of iPhone 8 contacts to iCloud

Storing the contacts in your iPhone safely is one of the important things that you should do. It is easy to backup contacts on iPhone 8 now as you have the iCloud backup feature, which is exclusive for iPhone users. When you do the backup using iCloud, you can rest assured that your contacts are safe and ready to retrieve whenever needed. Any loss of contacts due to switching over to a new device or when you upgrade the system can be handled easily with the backup.

Here are the steps involved to backup of iPhone 8 contacts to iCloud.

Step #1. Open the app for stock settings present in the iPhone. Choose iCloud cell. This is usually situated in the settings menu. You can find it in the fourth block.

Step #2. The next step in the backup is to select the items for backup. On selecting the iCloud cell from the settings menu, you will find a new page that reveals all the data saved in iCloud. Browse through the list of items saved and choose iPhone contacts. Now turn to the Contact Backup service.

Step #3. Once you turn on the Contact Backup feature, you will see a new dialog box pop up. It will request your permission to merge the iPhone contacts. You have to just click on the ‘Merge’ option.

You need to remember that if you have not done the storage before and this is your first time, you will not get the message prompt.

Step #4. Now, wait for the iCloud service to be activated for the iPhone contacts backup.

Step # 5. The final step in this contacts backup process is clicking on refresh option. You can check the list of contacts backed up by clicking the circular-shaped arrow.

Method 2: Best way to do iPhone 8 contacts backup- Steps to Backup iPhone Contacts to PC/Mac

While it is possible to do the backup with different methods, most of them consume a lot of your precious time. But with dr.fone – Backup&Restore software you need not worry about the tedious job of iPhone 8 contacts backup. It does an efficient backup without much effort and in very little time.

Before we look at the steps involved in the backup, here are the key features of the transfer tool:

Significant features of dr.fone

  • dr.fone from Wondershare is simple software with one click method for quick backup.
  • The software tool can switch data between mobile devices that have different types of operating systems.
  • It can transfer all types of data files in mobile devices including text, photos, messages, videos and more.
  • The transfer tool is efficiently developed making it reliable and safe to use. The software is a read only type of tool and fulfills all functions it promises.
  • The tool promises zero loss of data and zero hacks. It creates a complete backup of data to a third device effectively.
  • dr.fone is compatible with Android 12 and iOS 15

Here are the steps involved in iPhone 8 contacts backup with dr.fone.

Step #1. Download dr.fone software from Wondershare by visiting the official site. Install the software on your computer and launch it.

Get dr.fone – Backup & Restore (iOS)


Step #2. Click on the option, ‘Backup & Restore’. Connect the iPhone device to the PC via USB cable provided with the device.

Step #3. Verify the list of contacts that you need to do a backup of. Once you have finished selecting the required files, click on the ‘Backup‘ option. This will start the transfer of contacts.

You need to just click on the “Folder” button. This will help in selecting the exact location in your computer that you want to backup and store the selected contacts. Once you have chosen the destination folder, you have to just click on the, ‘Ok’ button.

Method 3: Steps to backup iPhone 8 Contacts to Android/iOS

With dr.fone – Phone Transfer from Wondershare, it is possible to do data transfer from one phone to another easily with just a single click. The process is simple and effective so you can erase the data present in the old phone before you sell or trade it. This way you can safeguard your privacy and quit worrying about your confidential data being leaked.

dr.fone Switch software tool is very effective and works on more than 7000 phones including Android, Symbian and much more. It also works on iOS 11 devices. The software is popular for its zero risks and zero loss of quality. This is why it is being used by millions of smartphone users worldwide. It is a highly recommended software tool for the safe backup of contacts.

Here are the steps you need to perform to backup iPhone 8 contacts to Android devices:

Step #1. Download dr.fone software from Wondershare. Install and launch it on your computer. Click on the option, ‘Phone Transfer‘.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer


Step #2. Connect the iPhone device and Android phone to the computer via USB cables provided with the phones. Ensure the connection is proper as the improper or loose connection can disrupt the process.

Step #3. Choose the contacts you need to transfer. This can be done by checking on the box present adjacent to File Types present.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S9

If you need to clear data, select clear data option in the destination device, then you can do the contacts transfer. The data can be erased with the ‘Clear Data before Copy‘ option.

Step #4. Click on, ‘Start Transfer‘ option. This will start the data transfer process. Make sure the devices are well connected to the system until the entire process is over.

Backup Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Phone

That’s all, if you need more ways to do one click Samsung Galaxy S8 data backup and restore, please click it for it.

dr.fone – Phone transfer tool from Wondershare is an ideal tool to backup contacts on iPhone 8 if you want a hassle-free and easy transfer. The software not only helps in the transfer of contacts but also does an effective transfer of other data file types including text, photos, contacts, call logs, music, and videos between devices with the efficient single-click method.