Mobile Backup: How to Backup Your Mobile Phone Effortlessly

Data loss is inevitable. As unfortunate as it is and as devastating as it can be, the chances are that you will suffer from it at one point or another. Computers, while incredibly useful, aren’t perfect. Far from it. Because of that, every so often there will be someone out there who suffers from data loss. While keeping this in mind, it’s important that you know how to backup your mobile phone. Many people aren’t aware of how to do this, some simply can’t be bothered getting the job done and to top it all off, there are so many different methods out there that some users get confused! In this article, we are going to be covering some of the best methods out there for mobile backup.

Part 1. Mobile Backup for iOS Devices

One of the biggest benefits of owning an iOS device is the fact that there are several different, and simple, methods to backup your mobile phone. The first method that we’re going to be closing in on is how you can backup your iOS device using iCloud, the free cloud storage service offered by Apple.

Backup Your Mobile to iCloud

Step #1 – Take your iOS device and unlock it if necessary. On the main menu, tap on the “Settings” application, followed by the “iCloud” option.

Step #2 – From here you will be able to view all of your iCloud information. If the information is not shown, you will be prompted to sign in to an existing iCloud account or create a new one.

Step #3 – Once you’ve done so, simply tap on the “Backup Now” button at the bottom of the display, and a backup will be taken.

If you’re an iOS device user and this isn’t a backup method that you’re comfortable using, there are several other methods out there. While I’d suggest skipping ahead and using the dr.fone method, you can also decide to backup your device using iTunes.

Step #1 – Connect your iOS device to your computer using the appropriate lightning cable. Once detected, launch the “iTunes” program.

Note: to ensure that your device has been detected by iTunes, simply look towards the top of iTunes for a bubble displaying the devices name.

Step #2 – Once connected, click on your device on the left panel. This will display all of the information which iTunes can detect your device.

Step #3 – On the right side of this menu, click on the “Backup” button and allow a few moments for a backup to be successfully taken.

Step #4 – Alternatively, you can also use iTunes to backup your device’s data to your iCloud account. To do this, simply click the “Backup to iCloud” button located next to the “Backup” button.

Neither of these two methods is too difficult and neither requires too much knowledge on technology, although they are time-consuming and aren’t as reliable as the other methods out there.

Part 2. Mobile Backup for Android Devices

Don’t worry though! If you are an Android user, there are plenty of methods available for you to backup your mobile phone. The main method that we are going to be focussing in on today is using Google Sync for your phone backup. Simply follow the detailed steps below, and you’ll have no trouble at all.

Backup your mobile android phone

Step #1 – Unlock your Android device if necessary, and head over to the “Settings” application.

Step #2 – From here, scroll down to the “Accounts” option, tap on “Google”, tap on “Google Accounts”, and lastly select the data that you’d like to have backed up.
Now that you’ve setup the backup process, it’s time to take a backup.

Step #3 – Go back to the main “Settings” menu.

Step #4 – From here, tap on the “Backup & Reset” option. This will display a few different backup options although for this method, select the “Backup my data” option.

Step #5 – You will then be prompted to select where you would like the backup to be stored. Select the Google account which you have just synced to your device.

Step #6 – A backup will then be taken.

If you aren’t too tech-savvy, then using this method to backup your mobile phone may be a little complicated to get used to. Of course, the main reason for using this method is that it is free and available to all Android users without the use of any third-party software.

Using dr.fone to Backup your Mobile Phone

Now that we’ve covered some of the basic methods which are available to all mobile phone users, let’s take a look at a different method. By following the steps below, you can use the dr.fone program to take a backup of your mobile data.

Before you jump into these steps, download the dr.fone program, install it, and launch it up.

Get dr.fone – Backup & Restore (iOS) Backup & Restore (Android)

Step #1 – Go ahead and connect your device (whether it be iOS or Android) to your computer using the appropriate USB cable.


Note: to ensure that your device is connected to your computer, simply look at the main panel of dr.fone. If your device has successfully connected the device name will be shown.

Step #2 – On the top panel of the program, go ahead and click on the “Phone Backup” option which will display a variety of features, all of which are incredibly useful.

Step #3 – For this method, we are going to be using the “Backup” feature so click on it.

Backup Mobile Phone

Note: if you suffer from data loss in the future and want to use dr.fone to restore the backup that you are taking now, simply follow the same steps as above although click on “Restore” instead.

Step #4 – A menu will then appear allowing you to selectively backup your mobile phone if you’d like to. Select the different data types that you’d like to have backed up, choose a save location, and click on the “Backup” button at the bottom left.

Backup Your Mobile Phone Data

Step #5 – The backup process should only take a few minutes to complete although ultimately depends on how much data you are backing up.

This method is the optimal choice when it comes to mobile backup and if you’re on edge about using dr.fone, don’t be! This program comes with so many other features, some relevant to backup your mobile phone, some not. Some of the key features of dr.fone include:

After you have experienced dr.fone for yourself, there is no doubt that these features will show you how great the program really is.

To Conclude

No matter what method that you decide to use for Mobile Backup, the bottom line is that it is vital for you to backup your mobile phone regularly. Data loss is completely random and there is no way of predicting when it is going to happen. To minimize the damage which is caused by it, it’s in your best interests to take only a few minutes out of your day once a week and take a full backup of your device’s data.

Get dr.fone – Backup & Restore (iOS) Backup & Restore (Android)