The Best Free Mp3 Music Downloads for Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8

Want to know about free mp3 music downloads for Samsung Galaxy S8? This article is just for you. Listening to music is one of the popular uses of Smartphones, and the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is not an exception. If you belong to this category of Samsung S8 users, it is important to know about the perfect Samsung music downloader. With a huge number of platforms available online that help in the fast download of all your favorite playlists and podcasts, you need to know about the best one that will suit your specific requirements and give you the spectacular experience you crave for.

After downloading music to your new Samsung Phone, it would be helpful to know more about how to do Samsung Galaxy S8 Data Backup and Restore in one click.

Here are two options presented to help you decide on the best Samsung S8 music downloader:

To free download music to Samsung S8, the best option is using desktop music downloader software. The advantages of using this software are

  • It is simple and easy to use
  • You can find plenty of songs to download
  • You will need less storage space as the software loads selectively letting you save only the songs you require. With music apps used in smartphones, too much of storage space is taken up in addition to the space needed for the music files.
  • If you are using the music app for music download, you will need cellular data or Wi-Fi data. With the desktop software, this is not needed as it does not use any cellular data.

iMusic –The best Free Mp3 Music Downloads for Samsung Galaxy S8

iMusic is a strongly recommended Free Mp3 Music Downloads tool for downloading music on your Samsung S8, as it comes with several benefits that you cannot find in other music downloaders.

Here are the efficient features of the Best Free Mp3 Music Downloads for Samsung Galaxy S8 – iMusic

  • The Free Mp3 Music Downloads tool helps in downloading music from more than 3000 music websites. You need just to copy-paste the site URL and click on download option.
  • The Free Mp3 Music Downloads tool has an inbuilt music library. This will help you identify the music files by different categories such as artist, genre and the top-selling playlists.
  • You can download iMusic on your Samsung S8 for free.
  • The download process is easy and simple.
  • If you want to do Free Mp3 Music Downloads from a radio station or a website, which is not as efficient with the other downloaders, you can record the music easily with iMusic.

Steps to download music with iMusic

1. Download music from inbuilt iMusic library

Here are the steps to download music present inbuilt in iMusic’s music library:

Step #1. Download iMusic on your desktop. Connect Samsung S8 to the computer using the USB cable. Now click on the ‘Discover’ tab present near the top portion of the software’s interface. You will be able to view all the hottest and latest songs in Discover. This feature can also be used to identify any specific music you want, or you can use the search box in the feature to find the music.

Download iMusic

iMusic Download Music and Playlist

Step #2. Beside every playlist or song, you will find a download button. Click on the button and choose, ‘MP3’ option. Now click on, ‘Download’ option. You can easily download music on your Samsung device.

Select Music in Playlist to Download

Step #3. Once you download the music, click on the ‘Library’ button present on the top portion of the iMusic downloader. All the songs you have downloaded will be saved in the library automatically. Now you need to just click on the download button to view the music list. Verify the songs and click on, ‘Export’ option present in the top right part of the iMusic interface. All the saved music will be transferred to Samsung S8.

2. Download music from music website or Radio station

Step #1. After downloading iMusic, launch it on the PC. Connect the Samsung S8 with a computer using a USB cable. Choose the ‘Discover’ tab present on the top portion of the interface. You will be taken to the download feature.

iSkysoft iMusic - Download Spotify Music

Step #2. Copy the music website URL and paste the URL in the box present. Click on the ‘Download’ option to proceed.

Add URL to Download

Step #3. Once you have downloaded, click on, ‘Library‘ feature. Choose the download button present on the left part of the interface. Here you can view all the songs you have downloaded. After verifying the songs, check the box present near the song list and click on, ‘Export‘ option present on the right side. This will add the songs to your Galaxy S8.

Samsung Music Downloader

Download iMusic

Part 2: Five Samsung S8 Music Downloader Apps to Download Music

1. Free Mp3 Music Downloads via 4Shared

This is a very popular and potent music downloading app. It provides plenty of free music to Samsung Galaxy S8 users. To find the music you prefer, you have just to use the search feature present in the app. It is possible to look according to categories such as album name, titles, or song.

Free Mp3 Music Downloads by 4Shared

Cost of App: Free

2. Free Mp3 Music Downloads via Anghami

Anghami is a Samsung S8 music downloader, which has gained popularity due to its simple and efficient interface. You will find the app refreshing in its approach letting you have great fun browsing, downloading, and listening to fresh and free music on your Galaxy S8.

The app stands out from the rest with its huge catalog, which is the largest music catalog online. You can find millions of international songs and Arabic songs with this app. You can also watch exclusive music videos made available by the app platform. And these are free too.

Cost of App: Free

3. Free Mp3 Download

As the name suggests, this Samsung S8 music downloader lets you download all types of music that come under the ‘Free to use’ license. The files can be downloaded directly to your Samsung S8. Advantages of the app include a simple, trendy, and easy interface. The search function lets you download the music you need. You can listen to all the downloaded music with this app.

Cost of App: Free

4. Free Mp3 Music Downloads by Audiomack

This is a very popular app used by millions of music fans on a regular basis. The features are excellent making it easy to find all the treasures housed within the free music genre. The app has a trending charts feature, which displays the popular new music in the electronic, reggae, and hip hop genre.

With the app available in the free download model, you can download music to your Samsung S8 with its search function. You can listen to all the top new and free music. The app also allows download enabled music and mixtapes too for listening offline.

Cost of App: Free

5. Music Downloader

This is a wonderful app that music lovers would cherish. It enables an easy collection of your favorite music without any hassle. The advantages of this app include

  • It is very simple to use
  • You need just to enter the title, name, or album you want to download in the search box and the results will be made available immediately.
  • It is a free app.
  • It has the widest selection of music.

Cost of App: Free