Best HD Photo Editor – Edit Images on Android Easily

Every HD photo editor app that is available on the internet has some unique attributes. There are certain applications of photo editing, which also possess advanced features for editing the image. These advanced attributes are only found in software such as fotophire and Photoshop. In this article, we are going to discuss the various HD photo editors. There are certain factors that must be present in a photo editor.

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Things to look for in an HD photo editor

  • Interface: Best editors of the image always have an interface that is intuitive as well as simple. Plus, a manual is not required for starting editing.
  • Editing: A good photo editor must include a set of attributes with filters as well as editing effects.
  • Importing: It should have the capability of supporting options of import.
  • Sharing: An application of photo editing should be permitted to be shared online.

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Part 1: HD Photo Editor

It is a professional photo editor having photo effects. This photo editor has a very easy-to-use and simple interface. It can design a high definition and a great photo. It gives professional design and effects to the image. You can create the best photo using this photo editor with just a single click. It provides a photo collage of 150 grids. Additionally, it has frames with various genres such as baby, funny image, love, kids, flower, beach, wedding, billboard; men border frames, etc.

Hd photo editor

Features of HD photo editor

  • It is an amazing app having professional effects.
  • Gives effects to the image in a single tap.
  • A tool of painting is also available for free.
  • Additionally, it can add a small picture from gallery or camera.
  • It has an image of collage grid with over 150 types of grid.
  • It has some amazing tools for video editing like color balance, blur, and auto beauty.
  • Moreover, it has bubbles of messages with several fonts to select from.
  • It has more than 5,000 stickers.
  • Perform various functions of photo editing like share, view, setting the wallpaper, and delete.
  • It does not cause any watermarks on the image.

Part 2. HD Photo Editor Alternatives for Android

A. Snapspeed

This photo editing application for Android has a number of tools that can help you adjust color brightness and contrast. Moreover, it has numerous features of geometric correction. Plus, it consists of filters that enable editing for lens blur, glamour glow, HDR scape, frames, and Noir.

Snapseed Hd photo editor


  • It enables quick processing of every format of the media file.


  • Some people think that it has a weird interface.

B. Photomate R3

This is an expensive option, but Photomate R3 is a great application for professionals. This application is capable of processing JPEG images along with raw data. It has a lens corrector, blur adjustments, color corrector, and sharpener that a user can use for advanced controlling.

Photomate R3 Hd photo editor


  • It has numerous features
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Capable of processing files of raw data


  • Expensive
  • Can only be used on Android devices

C. Prisma

This application has not been designed for image editing. Users make use of this application for creating customized images. This tool enables you to access stylish filters, clever algorithms, and graphic artworks, which can implement every task efficiently.



  • This app is great for creating images of artistic style
  • Has several options for editing that are fun-oriented


  • Compatible with specific devices
  • Not considered as a true platform for editing

D. Pixlr

This app enables you to make use of cosmetic adjustments, tools of removal, and overlays.



  • Available for free
  • Also has a paid version
  • Has amazing features


  • Starters are required to follow the tutorials during the initial stage

E. Facetune

This tool is designed for the users of Android as well as iOS devices. It has many incredible features of editing and has also received a lot of prominence on social media applications like Flickr, Instagram, and many others. This interface has a number of buttons to give access to the features such as canvas, whiten, reshape, smoothening, and detail enhancement.

Facetune Hd photo editor


  • Beneficial for educational as well as editing requirements.
  • Provides some tricks to customize quickly


  • Expensive subscription
  • Unsuitable for businesses

F. Aviary

This HD photo editor app provides reliability in case of all the tasks related to editing. It has user-friendly features. A user can make many manual adjustments like temperature, contrasts, colors, saturation, and brightness.



  • Has a number of cosmetic tools, advanced filters, and many stickers to help the users in performing the tasks of editing.
  • Both paid as well as free versions are available


  • There are certain restrictions in the free version

Part 3: All-In-One HD Photo Editor – Filmora

Filmora Hd photo editor

Filmora is a video and image editing software. This video joiner apps of Wondershare provide transitions, effects, overlays, and trimming that you require. This HD photo editor is very easy to learn and use. This photo editor can also be used by people who have never done a photo or video editing previously in their lives.

A. Interface

This video crop app has a pleasing as well as a straightforward user interface. However, this software is not considered perfect for touch-screen. You have the option of switching between the light grey and black borders of the window.

As you start working on Filmora, you will receive 4 points of entry in 4 modes of editing. If you are using Filmora, you cannot switch from one mode to another once you have entered into a mode. If you wish to go to another mode, then you will be required to start the application again.

B. Full editor

Filmora has a full HD photo editor which has a resemblance similar to various applications of video editing. It has a layout of three panels for the video preview, the timeline at the bottom, and source content to edit GoPro videos. It supports a dark, simple, and clean interface. Filmora has around 100 transitions, but it is not possible for a user to search for them by their names like in Adobe premiere and PowerDirector.

C. Color editing and special effects

Through Filmora, it is easy to add effects, resize and move windows during the preview of a video by going to a timeline clip. This application has a number of filter effects along with a mimic set. It can add drama in still photographs as well as videos. It also includes distortions such as water ripple, film style, and mirror overlays. The section of colors offers various effects such as B&W film, Batman, walking dead, and 007. Additionally, you can use CUBE and LUT plugins.

D. Text effects

Filmora has a wonderful selection of incredibly designed templates of texts having cool animation. It also includes the templates of titles that are amazingly-designed that can be edited in the window of the video preview. If you are looking for further customization, then it has a dialog of text edit that enables you to alter the color, font, and animation. Moreover, you have a choice of selecting shapes and objects for your image.

So, these were some of the well-known high-definition photo editors. Some of the best photo editors available for Android devices are Google Snapspeed, Photomate R3, Prisma, Pixlr, Facetune, and Aviary. HD photo editor is considered a great photo editor. But Filmora is regarded as the best photo editor. It has all the factors that a person looks for in an HD photo editor: sharing, editing, interface, and importing.