The Best Ringtone Maker for iPhone – dr.fone

Creating a hot favorite tune, one that you have always loved to hear as ringtone in iPhone is not as easy as you think. Many iPhone users find this task highly complicated and confusing to perform. Although you can add ringtones from your PC or iTunes store, if you want a specific portion of a song as a ringtone it is not an easy task. The perfect solution to this dilemma is using the best ringtone maker for iPhonedr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS).

Why use dr.fone is the Best Ringtone Maker for iPhone?

dr.fone is the best phone manager tool to possess whether you have an Android phone or iOS device. It is a comprehensive solution for all your mobile data management issues. You can easily manage everything in a single convenient way. Best of all you will no longer need iTunes for managing your iOS features.

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Step by step instructions for using dr.fone – Ringtone Maker for iPhone:

Here are instructions to follow to make the ringtone of your choice for iPhone.

Step #1. Download the best ringtone maker for iPhone – dr.fone phone manager tool. Install the ringtone maker for iPhone on your computer and run it. Connect the iPhone to the PC.

Get dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)


Step #2. Once you have launched dr.fone on your system and choose “Phone Manager” function, the next step is to create and add the ringtone of your choice. Here is how you can do this.

Click on, ‘Music’ icon present on the top portion of the software interface. You will be taken to the Music page which is the default music page. You can also click on, ‘Music’ option present on the sidebar on the left side of the interface.

Step #3. Click on the ‘Ringtone Maker‘ feature. This appears in a pop-up window. The window has options for choosing the music of your choice either from local music collection or the music files in the device. You can choose the particular music file from the choice present to create the ringtone you like.

You can also select the music tune of your choice directly from the music window. Use right-click feature to select the music file of your choice:

When you choose the music you specifically want to hear as a ringtone, dr.fone automatically plays the specific song. You can also use the pause and play button present to listen to the song. While listening to the music, you can choose the particular section of the song that you want for your ringtone. This can be done manually by selecting the blue region present.

When you have chosen the specific 40-second span for the ringtone, it can be either saved on your device or the computer according to your particular needs. When you choose the span of the music you want to set as a ringtone, you can also click on, ‘Ringtone Audition‘ feature. This helps to review the selected ringtone. You can ensure you have chosen the appropriate part of the music for setting as ringtone on your iDevice.

The selection can also be done by clicking the, ‘Set to Finish‘ and ‘Set to Start‘ buttons in the play head controls for setting the beginning and finishing points. If you know the specific time up to the second and minute from which the music you want starts and ends, you can just enter the time span of the music in the music window. This customization is very easy.

Note: dr.fone allows just customization up to the 40s duration of music for ringtone creation. You have to hence decide the specific music part you would like to have after listening to an entire song that is played using the music window.

Since it is not possible to create ringtones from music on the Apple store because of encryption, you need to download music from sources other than Apple music.

The important feature highlights of dr.fone

In addition to being the best ringtone maker for iPhone by helping you create an appropriate ringtone for Android Device or iPhone, the software possesses several other beneficial features that can make managing your iPhone a breeze regardless of the type of file or feature you are struggling to control.

1. Potent software to manage all types of media files on Android and iOS on your computer.

  • Smart transfer of files: Enables easy file transfer between devices such as playlists, music files, videos, iTunes U, Podcasts, audiobooks, TV shows and more.
  • De-Duplication of files: The De-duplicate button removes all duplicate files and frees up much-needed storage space on your smart device.

2. Transfer photos from one device to another. Additionally, the program is also capable of managing and backing up photos present in your Android or iOS device on your PC. Gifs can be created in a breeze with just a single click.

  • Export photos in batches either taken in a day or a whole library of photos on your Android or iOS device to PC.
  • Backup photos at super transmission speed.
  • Transfer photos directly to iDevices.
  • Add photos in camera, camcorder or PC to photo library in your mobile.
  • Create Gifs with motion photos or live photos.

3. Back up, manage, and imports contacts easily.

4. Manage messages on Android and iOS.

5. Install apps efficiently.

6. Explore music and other files efficiently and mark the important folders, so they are accessible with one click whenever you open them next.

7. Root Android with a single click, so you will be able to remove ads that appear on the Android app installed on your device. It can also uninstall all the preinstalled apps.

Way to set Ringtone on iPhone

Now, you have learned how to use dr.fone from Wondershare to create your favorite ringtone here is a short guide on ringtone settings on iPhone.

Step #1. Open the ‘Settings‘ option present in your iPhone.

Step #2. Choose the ‘Sound‘ feature. On the screen that opens, you can view the ringtone feature. Choose the specific ringtone that you had customized using dr.fone on your iPhone.

Important Note: Since Apple Music is not compatible with be created as a ringtone because of encryption coverage by Apple you cannot use Apple music for ringtone set up.

As you can see, dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) is the perfect ringtone maker for iPhone software to manage your iPhone faultlessly and let you enjoy the features fully without having to worry about the hassles involved in managing the device. Besides being the best ringtone maker for iPhone, dr.fone is also the ideal software tool for keeping all the features under you control effortlessly.