Top 5 Video Blur Background App for iOS, Android Devices, and PC

Cameras of Android devices are becoming more improvised every single day. They don’t only create videos with better resolution, but also there is a significant improvement in their lenses.

In order to make videos using a blur background app, you need both the skills as well as the experience.

If you are a beginner in using a camera and wish to create videos with your Smartphone that has a great quality of out of focus blur, then you should make use of the applications of Android as well as iOS devices, which will aid you in creating videos with blur background effects.

Part 1: Top 5 Video Blur Background App for Android Devices

A. Blur video

The application of blur video offers you a number of ways through which you can add blur effects at the time of creating videos by using features like freestyle blur and fun blur.

The no-crop attribute of Instagram enables you to upload videos on social networking websites in the same manner in which it was taken. It means that the users of this application can put-in effects in those portions of the image that are going to be cropped. This blur background app contains in-app purchases as well as advertisements.

B. No crop, blur and cut video editor

No crop, blur and cut video editor blur background app

If you are seeking a video blur application using which you can post a whole video on Instagram and that too without letting them get cropped, then this is one of the best background blur apps.

This application does not only have the options of cutting, fitting, and trimming but also allows the users of this application to use the option of blurring the borders of the videos. In spite of having great features for optimizing the videos, the blur options of this app are very limited.

PS: Here is the best method to fix how to reverse a clip in Premiere Pro as well as the best Online Video Cropper for your reference.

C. Square video blur background app

Square video blur background app

It is very fun to use these video editing applications as the options offered by them will enable you to do whatever you want with the videos. This application enables you to create videos in the shape of a square.

Additionally, the user of this app has the option of rotating the videos. Moreover, the user has a choice to select the background of different colors. This blur background application of the Android Smartphones allows you to insert music into the videos that you are editing.

Besides, let’s learn more about how to change the photo background to white.

D. Mago Video blur background app

Mago Video blur background app

This application has a number of creative options, which gives it a magical look. The users of this background blur app can create music videos with its incredible feature of music for fun lip sync.

Plus, it has various aspect ratios, which allows the user to post videos that best suit social networking applications like Instagram and Musically. This application of video editing allows you to blur, cut, or trim backgrounds.

Additionally, this app is great for image editing, which has fun effects like sticker frames.

E. Video show

Video show

Taking selfie videos by using this app can be really fun as it has a function of facial recognition that enables the user to insert live face and motion stickers. It has a spectacular attribute of video editing, which allows you to create different visual as well as slow-motion effects.

After you have completed the editing of your video, you can also export it in high definition quality that too in a mode that enables you to upload a complete video on any platform of social networking.

Part 2: Top 5 Applications to Blur Images on iPhone

Mentioned below are the applications using which you can blur the background of your videos and images in a professional manner on your iOS Smartphones.

The rating of these apps is based on the opinion and ratings of the visitors.

A. Snapspeed


It is a professional as well as a complete editor of videos and images designed by Google. This blur background app is not a one-dimensional application of video and image editing.

This application of Google is more focused on discerning videos and images. Additionally, it has all the tools for image editing that you require.

B. Focus effect blur background app

Focus effect

This application has an inbuilt editor of photos. It has many amazing features like contrast, brightness adjustment, and image filters. This application has a number of photo frames.

You have a choice to pick the image and video from your camera or gallery. Moreover, this application of photo and video editing supports image sharing.

C. Afterfocus


By making use of this application, you get an option to create background blurred videos as well as images in the style of a DSLR just by selecting the area of focus.

Moreover, it has some filter effects, which allow a user to create a genuine and realistic image. If you select the focus area in a precise manner, then you will be able to take a snapshot that is more real, professional, and natural.

D. EasyFocus blur background app


By using the tools of this blur background app, the user can create amazing focus effects and then save them. It is very simple and easy.

Key features

  • Tools: It has attributes of standard image editing like tap, zoom out, zoom in, image rotation, reset, undo, and save.
  • Circular focus: It has control buttons that allow the user to adjust the focus size. The circular focus feature of this image and video editing application enables you to drag and place the circular lens according to your requirements.
  • Rectangular focus: Select the option of rectangular focus in your image. Drag and locate it according to your requirements. Use the buttons of control for controlling area size.
  • Focus flip: Through the use of this feature you can shift the focus to an unfocused area. This tool of flipping makes it easy to reverse the focus.

E. Autodesk Pixlr

Autodesk Pixlr blur background app

This background blur app is available for free. It has more than 2 million combinations of filters, overlays, and free effects.

After you are done editing the images and videos using this Autodesk Pixlr, you can share your work on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Key features

  • The users of this app have several choices for spacing, layout, and background to make a photo collage
  • Moreover, you can layer multiple images and combine them in order to give them a distinct look, through the use of double exposure.
  • You can give different styles to your image by giving them a look of the poster, ink sketch, pencil drawing, etc.
  • You can increase the impact of the image through the focal blur.
  • Easily and quickly resize the photos after editing.
  • Moreover, this app enables you to share the edited image with other people on Facebook, Instagram, email, or Twitter.

Part 3: 5 Best Video Blur Background App on PC

Images that we capture on our phones are a record of memories that we shared with people that we love. Although mistakes like mishandling and carelessness can ruin the entire video. There is a chance that the video recorded can be vertically oriented, which is going to have black bars on each side.

Mentioned below are the ways through which you can fix this issue.

A. Wondershare Filmora: An editor for blurring the background of the videos

Both Mac, as well as personal computer owners, can enjoy the use of Filmora as this software for editing the videos does not create a compulsion for you to be a professional video editor as it offers the video editing tools for creating videos, which is going to charm your social media followers.

The users of this blur background app can cut and trim the videos in an effortless manner. Wondershare Filmora has a large number of video effects and attractive attributes like overlays, which allows novice video editors to give any style to the video according to their wish.

Mentioned below are the steps through which you can blur a video background through the use of Wondershare Filmora.

There are a number of methods through which you can blur video backgrounds in Filmora.

Download Filmora

Step 1: If this blur background app is already installed on your PC, then click on its icon twice and select the 9:16 aspect ratio, and then initiate this video editor in the mode of the complete feature.

Step 2: Drag the video that you wish to edit on the timeline of Filmora. After that, go to the icon of filters in the toolbar of editing.

Go to the category of background blur and then select it. Filters like Gray, Mosaic, or Rings are going to create an appealing as well as bright background for the video.

Add background blur effects

Step 3: Now that you have added a blur effect in the background of your video. You can edit your video and include other effects, and eliminate those things that you don’t wish to include in your video.

Go to the button export and select the video’s output format and then wait till the video gets exported.

B. Premiere pro software of Adobe

It is difficult to find any task of video editing, which cannot be completed by using this professional blur background app. And it is an easy job to blur the backgrounds of the videos that are vertically oriented by using the premiere pro software of Adobe.

It is important to have the skills of video editing to edit the video using a premier pro. This software is expensive for the editors who are not professional as the license which is required to use this software charges value of 19 dollars a month.

C. Movavi

This software of video editing is not prominent as the premiere pro software of adobe, but it has effective qualities of blurring video background. This blur background app or software for video editing keeps the user busy with the tools that they may require after the completion of the editing process.

If you wish to use a video editor that is a lot more professional, then premiere pro and Filmora are better options. This video editor is only available for personal computers and Mac.

D. Vegas pro software of Sony

This software of video editing is considered as the most powerful as well as recognized software that has ever been developed. Hence, it is easy to blur the background of a video that is vertically oriented.

This software takes less effort and time in editing the videos. Additionally, the Vegas Pro software of Sony provides a number of options, which allows its users to edit the videos in a professional manner.

This is one of the most amazing programs of video editing existing in the market. Moreover, it is not necessary to be a professional to eliminate the bars of black color by using this software. This software is a little costly.

Conclusion on Blur Background App

So, these were some of the applications that you can use to edit your videos on iOS, Android devices, and personal computers. Each of these blur background apps is a great as well as effective application of video editing.



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