10 Best Business Card Scanner Apps in 2020

To build a network with others is quite important for the success of a business. Whether you meet a client for discussing new projects or attend industry conferences for pitching your product, you have to establish strong connections. As you all know, nothing can establish a professional contact better as compared to an easy interchange of a business card.

Despite the increasing popularity of social media and e-mail, a business card remains the fastest mode of transferring contact information. Having said that, address books have become digital now, and people do not have the patience or time to save business card details on their smartphones manually. So, what’s now!

A business card scanner is what you need. Today, there are various business card scanner applications on the internet for your help. These applications are powered by Optical Character Recognition technology. With the help of this technology, the camera of your smartphone scans business cards and saves the contact information to your mobile device manually.

As stated above, you will come across numerous business card scanners having diverse features for both Android and iOS devices. So, you need to make a decision about which one to go with. To rescue you, we have come up with the best business card scanner apps out there. So, let’s begin our list of the best applications without further ado.

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Top 10 Business Card Scanner Applications

1. ABBYY Business Card Reader

The business card scanner from ABBYY is the best app out there. Its Optical Character Recognition technology proffers a massive variety of language-based software services and products. That’s why it is considered to be the best scanner.

ABBYY Business Card Reader enables users to scan and save contact information on business cards in various languages. To be exact, it scans over 25 diverse languages. Its incredible OCR technology features precise recognition of details like organizations, names, e-mail IDs, and contact numbers.

This smart application also detects the edges of a business card and crops out unwanted background automatically. If some data could not be recognized, then the scanner highlights the same in blue. After that, you can manually correct that information. The scanner fills up missing categories like extensions and country code. It even corrects typos in the scanner information.

Due to its robust synchronization outline, this business card reader app backs up contact details across PCs, tablets, and smartphones. One can backs up the data manually or automatically as per the choice. Plus, there’s an option of sharing the scanned contacts through email as JPEG or VCard files.


2. CamCard

CamCard is another best business card scanner app. It features a user-friendly interface and an extensive set of features. This app easily digitizes and manages all your business card details. One can easily exchange these digitized cards with other people directly from this application.

To improve the saved contact data, even more, this scanner application enables users to add reminders and notes to contacts. The business card scanner features a batch scanning function, where users can save data from multiple business cards all at once. It even comes with a mode called ‘Secretary Scan,’ which allows executives to ask their secretaries to scan information in their place.

While CamCard saves information of a contact, the application keeps a check of future modifications in the profile details. So, when saved contacts change organizations or get promotions, you will receive a notification regarding it.

The business card data stored on CamCard is saved securely in the cloud storage. Plus, the information synchronizes across numerous devices, so users can access the data from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets anytime, anywhere.


3. ScanBizCards

Nowadays, most businesses depend on Customer Relationship Management systems for keeping track of customer interactions and for driving sales growth. The best business card scanner app lets you save contact information straight to the CRM systems. If this is what you are in search of, then ScanBizCards is what you should go with.

This business card scanner is designed especially for enterprises. However, it works fine if individual users want to use this application. ScanBizCards features countless business card scans that you can either save as new or add to the existing ones. If the details derived from automatic recognition is not accurate, then you have to submit the card for manual transcription. The premium version of this application comes with two manually transcriptions, where you can even purchase more.

The application supports various well-known CRM systems such as SugarCRM and SalesForce. Moreover, you can export these contacts to CSV format. The scanner app even supports third-party applications like Evernote. ScanBizCards scans even two-sided cards very easily. After that, you can send the scanned data to others. The application features a unique 3D view that helps you in finding and sorting the scanned cards simply. This wonderful application works perfectly with both Android and iOS devices.


4. Wantedly People

People who have to deal with countless business cards surely need the best business card scanner app. If you use a scanner app that scans only a single card in one go, then it won’t work for you. In that case, you need something like Wantedly People. This application is the best one as it enables users to scan ten business cards at a time.

Wantedly People capture minute details on the card even if they all are kept in a scattered manner. It is simple to use, where you just have to click on the scan tab, and the application will perform the remaining task. It’s OCR technology assists in detecting and analyzing text on business cards instantly for generating new contacts.

This business card scanner employs Artificial Intelligence for improving the accuracy to scan business cards. After you have saved a card, then search for the same in the saved category. One can e-mail and call contacts using a single-tap button. Moreover, you can chat with these contacts through the in-built chat platform of Wantedly People. This card scanner even assists you in creating your profile that others can look up. Meanwhile, one can share these business cards via temporary URLs and email.


5. Sansan

Sansan seems like a simple scanner application, but this application is much more than that. It is the best business scanner app due to its amazing features. Sansan is powered by a cloud-based management system for contacts for corporations.

This business card scanner aims to scan business cards. It allows you to construct a digital contact database that anyone can access from anywhere. It is very simple to scan cards using this application. After scanning, these cards digitize automatically with the OCR technology or manually with the Sansan team. Hence, you get accuracy and speed with this two-way approach.

The application stores and organizes all the scanned data automatically to the database of your company. Plus, one can add meeting reports, notes, and tags for optimizing and enhancing the database. Moreover, the company is free to modify the level of contact sharing among employees. You can even email or call the contact right from this business card scanner application.

The API support of Sansan allows you to share the contact information with third-party agencies like address books, CRMs, and email services.


6. Epson DS-320 Mobile Card Scanner

This business card scanner comes from a reputable company known as Epson. It is a typical business card scanner, which offers impressive perform for fast-paced organizations. This app is portable and designed specifically for storage efficiency. To advance speedy processing, this scanner features an automatic document feeder having a capacity of 20 sheets. It even comes with a devoted front-loader, which allows users to scan card inputs like receipts, ID cards, business cards, etc.

Epson DS-320 card scanner functions at the speed of 25 pages a minute, which makes it one of the speediest scanners out there. It works perfectly well with devices like ISIS and TWAIN drivers, where users can seamlessly integrate with the current software. This card scanner lets you create modifiable files. Moreover, you even enjoy an option to save files directly to cloud services. It features a warranty for three years.

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7. PenPower WorldCard Pro Scanner

PenPower WorldCard Pro Scanner is another valuable card scanner. This business card scanner is designed specifically for assisting serious-minded corporate people in managing their contacts. Thus, this card scanner only scans just typical business cards. It supports multiple languages up to 24, which even scans, comprehend, and stores the contact information inaccurate digital formats.

PenPower WorldCard Professional Scanner comes with an entire set of management features, using which one can produce a convenient database having professional contacts. Moreover, you can even look for websites for business contacts here. Thus, this best business card scanner app helps you in connecting with the right people effortlessly through convenient modes like social media.

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8. Dymo CardScan Executive Card Scanner

Dymo CardScan Scanner is a complete management system for contacts, which enables users to scan cards easily. It even stores the cards in digital formats effectively. Using this business card scanner, users can quickly access the contact list that they have created. It works fine with various devices like Windows or Palm devices, Macs, or PCs. This business card scanner is pretty accurate and reads business cards in diverse languages up to seven.

Dymo CardScan Scanner is even capable of verifying and correcting ZIP codes and addresses found in the scanned business cards. One can even go for the best business card scanner app from Dymo to make the contact management simpler. For this, you need to just drag-drop the contact information from web pages and emails. Meanwhile, this card scanner is a bit expensive than others but worth it!

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9. Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi Business Card Scanner

It is another best business card scanner app available out there. This scanner is a portable device that one can carry anywhere for scanning a massive range of things like receipts, photos, and paper. The business card scanner from Doxie works on an average power supply and that too without computers. Here, you just have to scan the document, store it, and share it with others. Due to its tiny and simple design, this app is mobile-friendly.

Doxie business card scanner delivers clean and clear scans of the documents in 600 dpi colors. It even produces full-color documents in just eight seconds. The device works fine with several PC and Mac applications for syncing scans through Wi-Fi or USB. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lets you scan 400 pages in a single charge.

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10. Fujitsu ScanSnap Wireless Card Scanner

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Card Scanner delivers true mobility and makes the scanning process convenient and easier for you. The business card scanner functions over a Wi-Fi network and scans right from various devices like laptops, smartphones, and desktop devices. Fujitsu ScanSnap business card scanner captures receipts, credit cards, photographs, and business cards.

After that, this card scanner produces editable files and PDFs. It even saves those files in your mobile devices that you have connected to wirelessly. The scanner comes with the best business card scanner app that enables you to scan and save documents anytime, anywhere, using cloud services. It scans full-color pages in 5.2 seconds. It even comes with a scan correction feature for automatic processing. Its rechargeable battery scans 260 documents before you have to charge it again.

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So, all of these business card scanners come with unique features. Having read this review, you can easily decide which business card scanner will work for you. Now, wait no more and get the best business card scanner app for yourself!