7 Best Call Log Monitor Apps

Parents always worry about their children’s protection. If you have children, then this must be the main concern for you. Today, almost every kid is connected to smart devices. Parents often inquire with whom their kids are interacting. They should know whether their kids are talking with a stranger or someone they actually know. As you know, there are various kinds of mobile threats available out there. Thus, it becomes necessary for parents to install a call log monitor on their kids’ smartphones. If you are not sure which call log monitor app to choose, then you need to read this article. Here, we have discussed some of the best applications to track call logs.

PS: here, you will get to know how to spy on someone’s phone and How to Permanently Delete iPhone Call History, as well as how to retrieve deleted calls or call logs from your iTunes backup.

Part 1: Introduction to Call Log Monitor Applications

Call log monitor applications to help you in getting complete information regarding every call, such as span, time, and the contact details of all callers. Using a call log monitor app, parents can discover how long their kids spend on each and every call. Plus, they get to know when and who they call through a call log monitor app. Here are a few things that the call log monitoring tool do for you!

  • Duration of phone calls
  • To whom the number actually belongs
  • Outgoing and incoming calls along with corresponding contact numbers

Part 2: Significance of Call Log Monitoring

It is necessary for parents to opt for call log monitoring. This is so as it helps parents in so many different ways. Using a call log monitor app, you can do the following things.

  • Prevent your kids from cyberbullying of any kind
  • Protect your children from any sexual offender
  • Get to know about with whom your kids are interacting

So, call log monitoring protects your kids in so many ways. Using these monitoring tools, you can see what all your kids do on their smartphones. They help you to know if your kids are communicating with strangers. As you know, cyberattacks are so common these days. It becomes necessary to keep an eye on your children. This is what call log monitoring helps you in achieving!

Part 3: 7 Best Call Log Monitor Applications

If you are in search of the best call log monitor tool, then there is no need to look further. As you know, there are lots of applications for call log monitoring. However, it is difficult to pick one out of all the options. Here, you will know about some of the best call monitoring applications present on the market for iOS and Android devices. So, let’s begin with our list of top call log monitor tools!

1. XNSpy

It is the best call log monitor application for iOS devices present out there. This well-known application assists you in monitoring everything on your kids’ smartphones. The application works in a stealth mode, where your kids would not know that you are keeping a check on them.



  • Provides an entire history of web browsing and all the calendar activities
  • Offers free updates that let you enjoy maximum features


  • Comes with lots of valuable features
  • Effective and user-friendly that cause no troubles


  • Damages battery rapidly due to its fast updates

2. Highster Mobile

This application is another great call log monitor tool for iOS devices. Highster Mobile features some incredible features, which other similar applications hardly offer. Let’s have a look at some special features of the call log monitoring application.

Highster Mobile call log monitor


  • Its GPS tracking feature provides the real-time location
  • Get complete details about the call log of a person through the call tracking feature
  • Gives you access to media player
  • Offer a complete browsing history


  • The extremely low lifetime cost
  • Installation and setup procedures are very simple
  • No requirement of jailbreak


  • No call block feature
  • No ambient din tapes

3. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is undoubtedly the best call log monitor tool. This application offers a simple remote way to meet both iPhone and Android monitoring requirements. The call log monitoring feature of this tool is very reliable, where you would not ever require any other application. It is recommended to go with KidsGuard Pro if you really like to protect your kids from impended cyber dangers.

KidsGuard Pro


  • It enables you to check all missed, received, and dialed calls and monitor Call History of Mobile Number
  • This tool provides all the caller details through the contact list
  • One can check chronology, call duration, and timestamps
  • With KidsGuard Pro, you can view the geotags of calls
  • Using this tool, one can block unwelcomed calls


  • Works best with all models of Android devices
  • Provides over 30 features for granting an extended call monitoring experience
  • Using its live demo feature, users can check all the app features before purchasing the tool
  • The application allows you to inspect anything from the web record even after the mobile user removes anything from the phone such as text messages or calls
  • Parents can locate their children through Wi-Fi logger or GPS tracking
  • You can capture real-time screenshots for watching how children use their smartphones


  • Using a single license, users can track only a single device
  • The tool supports smartphones only, where it doesn’t help in desktop monitoring

4. mSpy

Another great call log monitor application is mSpy. This is best for iOS devices, where parents can see what their kids are doing on their iPhones. This parental monitoring tool is incredible when it comes to tracking and complying with an iPhone. The best part about this tool is that it does not require the phone to be jailbroken, which you like to spy on.

mSpy call log monitor


  • With mSpy, parents can make a geo-fence for building safe zones
  • The tool features keylogging, where you can hack passwords and all what your kid’s type
  • It supports access control for websites and applications
  • The application comes with installers having hassle-free support services


  • No requirement of jailbreak on the target device
  • Packed with striking features
  • Provide excellent customer support service


  • A bit expensive than others
  • No need for iCloud credentials in jailbroken devices

5. MobiStealth

This call log monitor application features a massive variety of call monitoring features. MobiStealth features three diverse packages, where you get the basic as well as advanced call log monitoring features. Have a look at some of its exciting features below!



  • The application supports application list, location tracking, web browsing, chat messages, pictures, emails, and a lot more.
  • It even supports tracking of social media applications like WhatsApp


  • Supports tracking of both smartphones and desktop
  • Comes with a massive variety of features at an exciting price
  • Offers advanced features such as WhatsApp monitoring, chat messenger tracking, and keylogger


  • MobiStealth does not feature contact and website blocking
  • Keyword alert characteristic is missing
  • You’ll find a lot of complaints regarding its installation and download

6. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another well-known call log monitor tool, which is compatible with Android devices. For parents who are looking for a highly advanced and multilingual monitoring application, then Hoverwatch is the right choice for them. Its unique features will exceed all your expectations.

Hoverwatch call log monitor


  • Hoverwatch offers striking features such as screenshot capturing and video preview
  • It records call logs, messages, keylogger, browsing history, geo-fencing, GPS tracking, and monitors IM chats


  • No need to jailbreak or root on the target phone
  • A great solution for monitoring children remotely
  • Offers a delicate, user-friendly interface


  • Not as great as all of its features do not work on all smartphones. For instance, the location tracking feature is not available for iOS devices
  • If the target user deletes data from the device like calls or text messages, one cannot retrieve that data from the control panel

7. StealthGenie

The application assists you in monitoring all the activities happening on your kids’ smart devices like Android, Blackberry, and iOS. StealthGenie monitors the smartphone remotely, and it intercepts the phone calls too.



  • StealthGenie lets you view outgoing and incoming messages, call logs, emails, and monitor instant messenger and GPS location
  • The application monitors the smartphone remotely and even blocks the calls


  • Comes at a reasonable rate, keeping in mind the features you get


  • Utilizes lots of mobile data and decreases the device’s battery life
  • StealthGenie does not follow legal monitoring rules and thus, features a weak reputation
  • Offers feeble technical support for the app’s installation
  • Does not offer a pleasing refund experience
  • Works only on jailbroken iPhones
  • Users lose their subscriptions whenever StealthGenie is suspended

Which Call Log Monitor Tool Works Best?

The application that we recommend for call log monitoring is definitely the one that comes with incredible features, reliability, and affordability. This is what KidsGuard Pro offers you. We have chosen this application after correlating and analyzing the amazing features of KidsGuard Pro with other call monitoring tools.

Unique Characteristics of KidsGuard Pro:

  • The tool monitors the call history of your children’s device
  • It tracks the GPS location and even shows the location history
  • Examine all outgoing and incoming SMS and calls with KidsGuard Pro
  • Keep an eye on all app activities and see which application your kid uses frequently
  • The app provides remote access to all files such as notes, keylogger, photos, notes, and a lot more.

Now, parents have an idea which application they have to download for monitoring their kids’ activities on their smartphones. All the applications listed here are some of the best ones available out there. If you are confused about which app to go with, we recommend you choose KidsGuard Pro. This application offers lots of striking monitoring features. So, look no more and download this call log monitor tool for protecting your kids!

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