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Tutorial, Tips, and Tricks for Mobile Phone Data Management

How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S8 in 1-Click

Every few months we begin to see an increase in advertisements which attempt to persuade you the most recent up and coming mobile phone. As of recently, this mobile phone has...

iPhone 7 Backup | How to Backup iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

The latest additions to the excellent phone series of iOS are the iPhone 7/7 Plus. These newbies have been released in the last year with both versions of 128 GB and...

WhatsApp Data Transfer | Transfer WhatsApp Messages to New Phone from iPhone

For competitive reasons, Apple and Google are unwilling to work together to produce a messenger which is beneficial for both iOS and Android users. The thing is, nobody wants to pay...

How to Fix iPhone Overheating Issue & Why is My iPhone Hot?

iPhones are something which we use every day of our lives, as we do all mobile phones. You see, as a piece of technology that we need to get a lot...

Review for iMyFone D-Back – iPhone Data Recovery

Want to recover lost data from your iOS device? Here is a great solution. Apple devices are popular for their splendid features especially the candid images and excellent audio quality. But...
Retrieve Deleted Whatsapp Messages on iPhone

How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

A few years back, when smartphones began to gain the popularity which they have today, more and more messenger applications were released. The standard iOS Messenger, iMessage, was the first to...

OnePlus 3 Root | How to Root OnePlus 3 & OnePlus 3T

If you love the Android phone, you would be aware how OnePlus had changed the Android market forever when it was launched. Many users quit their loyalty to Samsung and switched...

Best WhatsApp Spy Tools Reviews & The Way to Prevent WhatsApp from Being Hacked

Part I: Best WhatsApp Spy Tools Reviews Part II: How to prevent spy WhatsApp on your phone Part I: Best WhatsApp Spy Tools Reviews You can find several WhatsApp spy...
Hard Reset LG G5, G4

LG Hard Reset: How to Hard Reset LG G5, G4 Phone

Similar to how factory resetting your computer every so often is very beneficial for performance and storage reasons, for those reasons it is also beneficial to factory reset your mobile phone...
Root Sony Xperia

Xperia Root | How to Root Sony Xperia Z5 Phone

Even though Sony don't advertise it, being able to root Sony Xperia device is one of the most useful abilities out there. Unfortunately, there are no tools out there which are...
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