Tutorial, Tips, and Tricks for Android Phone Data Management


How to Do Samsung Galaxy S8 Backup and Restore in 1-Click

Are you looking for a smart way to do Samsung Galaxy S8 Backup and Restore? Do you want to do a specific contacts backup and restore for Galaxy S8? Read on...

The Best Free Mp3 Music Downloads for Samsung Galaxy S8

Want to know about free mp3 music downloads for Samsung Galaxy S8? This article is just for you. Listening to music is one of the popular uses of Smartphones, and the...

How to Switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) With Ease

Every few months, new and innovative mobile phones are being released to the public. There are quite literally thousands of mobile phones available at the moment, and that number will only...

How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S8 in 1-Click

Every few months we begin to see an increase in advertisements which attempt to persuade you the most recent up and coming mobile phone. As of recently, this mobile phone has...

OnePlus 3 Root | How to Root OnePlus 3 & OnePlus 3T

If you love the Android phone, you would be aware how OnePlus had changed the Android market forever when it was launched. Many users quit their loyalty to Samsung and switched...

Best WhatsApp Spy Tools Reviews & The Way to Prevent WhatsApp from Being Hacked

Part I: Best WhatsApp Spy Tools Reviews Part II: How to prevent spy WhatsApp on your phone Part I: Best WhatsApp Spy Tools Reviews You can find several WhatsApp spy...
Hard Reset LG G5, G4

LG Hard Reset: How to Hard Reset LG G5, G4 Phone

Similar to how factory resetting your computer every so often is very beneficial for performance and storage reasons, for those reasons it is also beneficial to factory reset your mobile phone...
Root Sony Xperia

Xperia Root | How to Root Sony Xperia Z5 Phone

Even though Sony don't advertise it, being able to root Sony Xperia device is one of the most useful abilities out there. Unfortunately, there are no tools out there which are...

How to Record Pokemon GO with Pokémon Go Recorder

Pokemon Go (Pokémon GO) is one of the fastest growing games that have been released on the mobile app store market. This mobile app takes one of the most famous games...

Mobile Backup: How to Backup Your Mobile Phone Effortlessly

Data loss is inevitable. As unfortunate as it is and as devastating as it can be, the chances are that you will suffer from it at one point or another. Computers,...
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