Three Best Tools to Clear Android Data Completely

Unwanted data removing from a High-Tech smartphone is tough and challenging but more and more important job, So grab the idea of clear data on Android by these highly recommended apps and enjoy a hassle-free phone surfing.

Data clearing from an Android mobile is a more challenging job for most of the people. This problem has occurred because many people have no idea about the easy recovery tools. So they often go for a manual deleting process. By the tools, you can easily recover the data from your phone. There are many useful apps are available in the net world to give you an opportunity of clearing data from Android. These types of apps are coming with a 100% data clearance guarantee on a permanent basis.

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1. iSkysoft Data Eraser for Android Phone

iSkysoft Data Eraser is an ultimate data eraser app for your Android phone to clear the entire data from your Android. This app has come with full-proof security. It can delete your messages, browsing history, or even the history of your log. So save your important data before starting the process because once the process of data removing starts, the data will be unrecoverable for further use.

Data Eraser from iSkysoft and Its Major Features

  • If you are a user of an iPhone, junk files removing method is very exclusive and at the end of the process, it can make the phone very admirable. It can provide you the facility of deleting the other unimportant files as the add-on with the junk files. It is the very elementary step of the complete process.
  • It is the most decisive app for removing all the data from your android. In can erase your log history, searching history of your browser and all the bank information from your android phone and it is a permanent deleting process.
  • It can enduringly overwrite all the erased files from your phone. This app can provide you a complete security of your entire data because it may remove all the data from your android phone permanently.

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Guideline of Steps of Data Clearing By the iSkysoft Data Eraser

Step 1. Installing and Launching the Program

Start your data removing process by app install and also by launching the app. Download the app and immediately get the edge of the app.

Step 2. Connect Your Android Phone to a Computer

After downloading the app, be sure that you have the right USB cable connected to your android phone. If you have that, connect your android to your PC.

Step 3. Corroborate To Data Clearing Option

Select the button “Erase All Data“. You will find the pop-up window to enter “delete” and confirm the process to clear the data from Android. Finally, click “Erase Now” and then begin clearing the data.

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2. Koalcat’s Clear App

Koalcat’s Clear App is another great app for your smartphone to erase all the data. This app is not very complicated by using. This is the simplest app for a flawless service. Like the first described app, it also comes with 100% security; it may Clear Android Data totally on a permanent basis. So save all your necessary information before starting the deleting process unless it will be very tough for you to recover the lost data. Follow some easy step to continue your deleting process by the app.

Guideline for Data Clearing From Android by the App

1. To continue with the data clearing process move right array and to complete the reminder setting option then you need to move it further to the array of right.

2. For deleting the data, move the left array.

3. Pull it to the downside and proceed towards the process of pinching and creating to switching it up.

3. Clean Master

It’s an awesome and classic app for deleting all the data from your android. The most effective specialty of Clean Master is, it is very compatible with numerous devices, and it is very much uncomplicated. This app is very much effective to enhance the performance of your phone and to erase all the unnecessary data from the storage space of your phone.

Data Clearing Guideline for Your Android Phone

1. To proceed with the process, open the clean master app on your phone. Create a shortcut of the app on your home screen to make easier the process.

2. Select the not-required data and files on your android phone or the files you want to clear.

3. The scanning process will start in this step; you need to wait until the scanning process is done. System cache will be checked during the scanning process along with obsolete APKs and residual files.

After selecting the files, the scanning process will start. Wait for completing the scanning process. This process will verify the cache of your system, the left behind files of your uninstalled applications, and the outdated APKS.

4. This is the last but most important step of the process. Here you can review the summary of the scan and after seeing that you can be sure that all your data are deleted, which you need to erase.