Clear Cache iPhone | Effective Way to Clear iPhone Cache

Are you looking to clear iPhone cache and restore your iPhone to its original speedy performance? iMyFone Umate Pro is an ideal choice for clearing cache iPhone that means clearing all the preferences and cache that eat up storage space in your device.

When your iPhone is brand new, the performance would be quite smashing, which is probably due to the fact that most of the storage space is not occupied. But as you start using it, space gets cramped up pretty fast, and you will start wondering why your iPhone is not responding as it used to. The various applications you use on the device are the main cause of this slowing down of performance. Clearing the cache of an application can help free up space on the device.

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Part 1. Several Ways to Clear Cache on iPhone

Whether it is iPhone or an iPad you are using, there is no facility to clean the cache of a specific app unless you do an entire uninstallation of the app. Sometimes the app developer may have included the cache clean feature in the app. Uninstalling an app from the device will completely delete all preferences and cache in that app.

Here are a few ways to clear cache in iPhone from a few important applications:

Method 1. Delete cache from Safari browser

The steps to clear the cache on iPhone are as follows:

Step #1. On the home screen of your iDevice press the ‘Settings‘ feature.

Step #2. Scroll down until you see Safari in the Settings and tap on it.

Step #3. Choose the clear website and history data option and press on it again to confirm the deletion of the history and website information.

Clear Safari Cache on iPhone

The above three steps will help delete all cache in Safar including the information on websites from the iPhone.

If you want to clear only the cookies on Safari, choose the settings feature and tap on Safari. Choose the Advanced option in safari and then the Website data to clear the cookies.

Tips for Reduction of caches in iPhone

The Safari private browsing option in iPhone is identical in function to the browser feature on a desktop. When you activate the Safari browser, the app will not save the visited websites, AutofIll, or information on search history.

Safari also sends a request to the browsed websites to not track the present browsing session. Open the Safari app to activate this specific feature. Then tap on the ‘New Tab’ option that resembles two squares. Now tap on the ‘Private’ option. The app icon will change from white color to black when the feature is activated. To deactivate, you should tap on the ‘New Tab’ feature again, and as in the previous step tap on the ‘Private’ option.

Method 2: Delete iPhone Caches belonging to other browsers

While the option for deleting caches from Safari is not available through the app, in-browser applications that are non-native to the device, the cache can be accessed via the app directly and not via the ‘Settings‘ menu.

Although the exact terminology for web data deletion may differ from one application to another, all browser apps follow a similar method of web data deletion.

Clear Chrome Cache on iPhone

For instance, it is possible to delete data and cache in browsers such as Mercury, Opera Mini and Chrome via the respective app’s Settings feature.

Method 3. Deletion method to Clear iPhone Cache and the Crash Logs on iPhone

Crash reports are generated in an iPhone when the phone or any of the applications running on it malfunctions. The report is stored in the device as LOG or PLIST or CRASH file.

Here are the steps to remove the crash logs from iPhone

Step #1. Tap on the ‘Settings‘ feature in the iDevice and choose the ‘Privacy‘ option.

Step #2. Now choose the ‘Diagnostic and usage data‘ and ‘Diagnostic and usage‘ in the ‘Privacy‘ feature to review the list of reports on the usage, crash, and diagnostic data recorded in the device. To view the detailed information on a particular report, tap on the item.

Step #3. To remove the crash logs and caches, there is no specific option in iPhone. But you can easily do it with the help of iMyFone Umate Pro or the Mac iMyFone Umate Pro version. The software allows you to remove all logs with just a single click.

Let’s see how to use Junk files cleaning feature to clear iPhone cache

For cleaning all logs on crashes you have to run the cleaning of junk files feature on the logs. This will help in removing all unwanted data including crash logs, app caches, photo caches, and iTunes cache. It also removes the temporary app files, storage files, corrupted files, and nearly over 30 different types of junk files completely.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step# 1. Connect the iPhone to your computer. Download iMyFone Umate Pro and launch it on the computer.

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Step #2. In the interface of the software, click on the ‘Quick Scan‘ feature. This will indicate the amount of space that can be emptied on the iPhone.

Clear Cache iPhone with iMyFone Umate Pro

Step #3. Tap on the Clean option present near Junk Files features to begin the cleaning feature. The iMyFone Umate space cleaning feature helps in an easy and completely safe clearing up of iPhone space. With more space available, you can add more photos, apps, games, and other features you want to enjoy on your iPhone.

Part 2. Specific Functions of iMyFone Umate Pro, Except Clear iPhone Cache

With iMyFone Umate Pro, you can complete many clearing up functions such as:

  • Cleaning temporary files
    The temp files cleaning feature helps to remove all invisible fragments. This helps in optimizing the features of the device and boosting iPhone performance.
  • Media Manager
    The media files include photos, audio and video files which add up to more than 5 MB space. The files can be transferred to a computer and then removed in bulk from the iPhone. The audio and video files can be controlled based on the size of the files and the type of files.
  • App controlling feature
    Normally it is not possible to uninstall apps from the iPhone in bulk. But with iMyFone Umate Pro you can easily uninstall as many apps as you want. Further you need not do the uninstallation individually. Bulk uninstall feature is enabled with the software. This feature is inclusive of default apps too.

The Best Data eraser to Clear Cache iPhone

iMyFone Umate Pro software acts like a total data eraser. It offers three data deletion features. You can delete data permanently from your iPhone, individually select the data you need to erase, and also find out the data you had erased previously and destroy them completely. This helps to make the data safe and protects the data from being hacked. This eraser’s feature is effective on all forms of iOS data.

As you can see iMyFone Umate Pro is a very useful tool to have to clear cache on iPhone belonging to various types of apps. Furthermore, the tool is compatible with iOS 15, iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The software is safe to use and performs a diverse range of deletion functions including complete and permanent erasure of data ensuring you have sufficient space to enjoy all the apps and features on your iPhone. After clearing the iPhone cache, you may be interested in iPhone Data Backup and Restore or Data Restore for iPhone in case you delete important data by mistake.

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