How to Clear Facebook Messages on iPhone or Android

Data storage is a lot more limited on mobile phones than it is on computers and because of that, it’s important that we manage the data that we have on our phones more than usual. Now, we can take the time to take backups of our devices and delete apps that we don’t use, but the real way to remove unwanted data is to remove your messages and attachments.

A lot of people don’t realise the large amount of data that our messages and attachments take up. With this in mind, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the methods which are available when you want to clear Facebook messages on iPhone or Android, so let’s jump right in.

Part 1. Clear One or Multiple Facebook Messages from Facebook Messenger on your iPhone or Android

The first method that we’re going to look at is one which everyone who has a mobile phone has access to. If you use Facebook Messenger frequently than all of your messages are downloaded to your phone, which is why it’s important to know how to delete them.

#1 – Take your smartphone and open up the Facebook Messenger application.

#2 – Scroll through your messages and decide which ones that you want to delete.

#3 – Tap and hold one of the messages which you want to have deleted until a pop-up menu appears.

#4 – Simply click on the “Delete” button from the menu which is shown.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to clear Facebook messages on iPhone, you can simply click on the “Archive” option instead.

Clear Facebook Messages

As you can tell, while this method is useful and gets the job done, it’s not the most convenient method.

Part 2. Clear Facebook Messages on iPhone and Android by Using iPhone Data Eraser – FoneEraser

This next method is a lot more convenient when you want to clear Facebook messages on iPhone although you are required to have the iPhone Data Eraser – FoneEraser program installed on your computer to use it.

#1 – Start off by downloading iPhone Data Eraser – FoneEraser and installing it accordingly. Once it has finished installing, go ahead and launch it.

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#2 – If your smartphone isn’t already connected to your computer using a USB cable, then connect it now.

#3 – After connecting your device, you will be prompted to decide on which type of data wipe you want to take place. By default, “Low” will be selected.

#4 – When you’re ready for your device to be cleared, click on the “Start” icon and the process will begin.

Clear Facebook Messages on iPhone with FoneEraser

#5 – Although it depends on how much data you have stored on your device, the process should only take a few moments.

#6 – Once complete, you will have successfully learned how to clear Facebook messages on iPhone or Android devices.

The only catch when using this method is that by doing so, all of the data which is stored on your device will be cleared too. However, if you are looking to clear up some space on your device, this can help to get rid of any junk file build-ups which occur.

I think it’s clear that in comparison to the first method, this method is a lot more convenient and allows you to delete messages a lot faster.

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Part 3. Know More about iPhone Data Eraser – FoneEraser

The iPhone Data Eraser – FoneEraser program is one of the most useful programs out there and if you have a mobile device, it’s definitely worth having this program by your side at all times.

The majority of mobile phone users don’t clear Facebook messages on iPhone regularly, or at all. By not clearing your device’s data, you are allowing junk files to continuously build up and take over more space than necessary on your mobile device. This leads to less storage for you to use for photos, app data, and pretty much anything that you’d want on your phone. With iPhone Data Eraser – FoneEraser, you are able to clear the junk files and make more room for you to fill up with the data that you want.

Below are some of the other features which iPhone Data Eraser – FoneEraser consists of.

  • No Advertisements. Simply put, advertisements are incredibly inconvenient when you are trying to get something done. With the iPhone Data Eraser, there are no advertisements so that you can get straight to the data clearing.
  • Getting Rid of an Old Device. If you are getting rid of an old mobile phone due to purchasing a new one, then it is vital that you take the time to thoroughly clear the data from your old one. If you don’t do this, you are leaving the data vulnerable to hackers who may take advantage of the fact that they have access to your personal data. Avoid this by completely wiping the device.
  • All Data Types. No matter what type of data it is that you’re looking to have cleared, with iPhone Data Eraser you are able to have it cleared. Some programs are limited to the data that can be cleared, but not this one.
  • Free Version. If you aren’t sure on whether the program is for you, or perhaps you simply don’t have the money to purchase the program at this point in time, don’t worry about it. A free version is available for you to use the basic features of the program without having to worry about going out of your pocket. While this version is limited in terms of features, it provides you with an insight to what the program has to offer.
  • Irretrievable Data. If you remove data manually from your device, it is never truly irretrievable. The data can be retrieved unless it has been overwritten, although when you manually remove data this is usually not the case. When clearing data with the iPhone Data Eraser, you are assured that the data which is cleared is completely irretrievable and thus, you can pass the phone on to others or even sell it, without having to worry about your personal data being put at risk.

As you can see, this program is fully capable when you want to clear Facebook messages on iPhone or Android and has more to offer than what simply meets the eye.

To Conclude…

With all of these features taken into account, it is definitely worth making a small investment into the program that is the iPhone Data Eraser, especially when you are looking into how you can easily clear Facebook messages on iPhone or Android.