How to Convert EPUB to PDF or PDF to EPUB Efficiently

Are you in search of an easy and safe way to convert EPUB to PDF or PDF to EPUB? Wondershare PDFelement and Wondershare PDF Converter Pro are the best EPUB to PDF converter tools adept at completing your task effectively.

The EPUB format is essentially a file format for eBooks. It is a popularly used format that allows you to read all your favorite books and files present on your device.

EPUB is mainly written in two languages namely XHTML and XML. Therefore it works in most software types. It is also delivered as a single zip file in which all content and organizational files are archived. Platforms that use XML formats are easy to transfer to EPUB format. The files are easily readable even on small devices and reflowable too.

1. Why convert EPUB to PDF?

Most of the books published now are done in the paper as well as electronic format. This makes it easy for users who have a phone or Kindle reader. However, if you have an eReader that is incapable of reading the EPUB file or if you want to print any file, it is best to convert EPUB to PDF format.

And further you need prior knowledge to create EPUB documents whereas with PDFs you just have to use the appropriate software and from the file without the need for any real knowledge about programming. With PDFs, you need to understand the associated languages to be able to create valid files.

The PDF format is the ideal format that is universally acceptable. There are several tools that enable the conversion of EPUB files to PDF or vice versa. The tools help you in the conversion either online or on your device or PC.

With the appropriate EPUB to PDF converter tool, you can complete the conversion in a fast and accurate way. Some converters do not do a good job causing mangling of text rendering the book unreadable. But with Wondershare PDF Converter Pro and PDFElement, the layout of the page is well-preserved, and the formatting elements like CSS and HTML are well embedded in the file. Further, it is simple and quick to use. You need to just drop the files for conversion and click on the convert option. The software goes a step further and detects errors and also tries to correct the errors contained within the source file.

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2. Two Ways to Convert EPUB to PDF

Here is a guide on the best way to convert EPUB to PDF formats. It contains two parts.

Part 1. Step by step instructions to Convert EPUB to PDF by EPUB Converter

The appropriate EPUB Converter provides the advantage of converting multiple files at the same time using the Batch File option. This option allows you to do the conversion fast and in a simple way.

Here are the steps that will help you to convert EPUB to PDF.

Step #1: Visit the EPUB converter website and select the EPUB to PDF conversion option in the software interface present under the tab named ‘EPUB Converter’.

convert EPUB to PDF with Epub to PDF Converter

Step #2: The next step is the conversion of EPUB to PDF. Click on the option, ‘Add File’. Choose the EPUB file present on your computer. After selecting the file, click on, ‘Start Upload’ button. The conversion will be over in a matter of a few seconds. Now you can click on the PDF file for downloading the PDF file you have converted.

Part 2. Top EPUB to PDF Converter for EPUB to PDF conversion in Win/Mac

Wondershare PDFElement is an excellent EPUB to PDF converter software that allows you to read, convert, edit or modify your files. Here are the outstanding features of the software:

  • The EPUB to PDF Converter allows easy enhancement, accessibility, and sharing of documents.
  • PDFElement can be used on Mac or Windows device. It converts all the files you need to convert into PDF or from PDF to EPUB format easily.
  • It helps in optimizing all your documents. You can convert the files to an appropriate size according to your specific requirements including meeting with office requirements, printing or using the files better online.
  • The files can be protected with digital signature or passwords.
  • It is possible to add highlights, stamp or underline the files as per your needs.
  • The converted documents can be shared via email, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and Evernote.
  • Edit all the normal text & images; Annotate a document; Add highlights to the text; Resize your document.

Method to convert EPUB to PDF or Scanned PDF to EPUB

If you want to read a scanned PDF format of a magazine or book in the Amazon Kindle, you should convert the PDF to EPUB. You can find several software tools online that offer free conversion of PDF to EPUB file format, but mostly these tools are infected and do not offer guaranteed results. However, Wondershare has an incredible EPUB to PDF Converter. The two converters work wonderfully on Mac as well as on Windows. For a detailed step by step user guide, please refer to below video tutorial.

3. Why Convert PDF to EPUB

There is an ever-present debate on which file format is easiest to read, EPUB or PDF. Some support PDF files as they produce less strain on the eye and are esthetically more pleasing to read. Further, since they retain the original format of the source without an image, font size and other page adjustments they are much preferred. However, those supporting EPUBs maintain that it helps to adjust the size of the text to the dimensions of your ebook reader or tablet all the while keeping the original layout and format intact.

Irrespective of what type of format you prefer sometimes you may have to deal with devices that offer support only for EPUB format and not for PDFs. Further PDF format files are not acceptable in various situations where EPUB format is compatible. So, here is a guide that will help you convert PDF to EPUB formats easily with the help of Wondershare PDF software.

4. Two Ways to Convert PDF to EPUB

The two methods mentioned below help in easy conversion with the first method using PDFElement and the second on using PDF Converter Pro from Wondershare.

Method 1. Wondershare PDFelement for PDF to EPUB conversion

PDFElement from Wondershare is a versatile tool that does a lot more than just converting PDF to EPUB or any other commonly used format. It helps to create entirely new PDF files from Word documents, images, Excel sheets, PPT, and even web pages present in HTML format.

Any scanned documents you possess can be edited and copied with the help of the OCR option present in the converter software.

Here is a step by step guide on how the converter works:

Step #1: You need first to open the scanned PDF document. Now you have to launch Wondershare PDFElement. Click on, ‘Batch Process’ option present on the home screen of the converter software. This will allow you to choose the PDF document you wish to convert to EPUB format with the help of OCR.

If you wish to convert multiple PDF files to EPUB format in a single go, it is possible with Wondershare PDFElement. You need to just click on, ‘Add PDF files here’ option to enable the conversion of several PDFs simultaneously.

Step #2: The next step is the conversion of OCR scanned file in PDF format to EPUB. You have to choose, ‘EPUB’ option present under the output format menu. Customize page range as per your requirements. Enable OCR. Now click on, ‘Start’ option present at the right bottom of the software interface. This will launch the conversion process instantly.

convert EPUB to PDF with PDFElement

Method 2. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro for PDF to EPUB conversion

PDF Converter Pro from Wondershare is a full-fledged PDF converter that is compatible with an extensive file format range. The OCR feature in the software provides the additional advantage as you will be able to convert the text present in an image file you have scanned to an editable format once the conversion has been completed.

It is also possible to add the security of the PDF file with password protection using the PDF Converter Pro from Wondershare. This will eliminate any possibility of unauthorized access.

Step #1: Import scanned PDF

The first step is to import the PDF file you have scanned. To enable this, you have first to download the PDF Converter Pro on your system, install it and launch it. Now click on, ‘Convert PDF’ option present in the top portion of the home screen of Wondershare PDF Converter Pro. Choose the scanned PDFs. Drag the files to the interface of the program.

Step #2: Convert scanned PDF format to EPUB

After importing the PDF files you need, the software will launch OCR option automatically. In the OCR window that pops up, you will be prompted to choose the specific OCR language you need. Select a language of your choice from the list provided. Now click on, ‘Enable OCR’ option.

convert EPUB to PDF with PDF Converter

Alter the output file format to EPUB from, ‘Word’. If you want to include the Ebook’s cover too, you can do so by using the ‘Advanced Setting’ option. Finally, choose the ‘Convert’ option. This will launch the conversion of PDF file format to EPUB.

As you can see, Wondershare possesses two excellent PDF converter tools that enable you to convert PDF to EPUB or PDF to EPUB in a simple and efficient way ensuring your file is secure and intact as its source without compromising on the quality.


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