ODT2PDF Converter | Easy Ways to Convert ODT to PDF

People without much technical expertise often tend to come to a blank when faced with the ODT file.

This is because people are more comfortable with the PDF file extension, which has been the go-to option for files since time immemorial.

The PDF file is a more secure file format that does not allow any external editing of the content. Plus it has more functionality as well. For this reason, there is a frequent need to convert ODT to PDF by users who feel that PDF is a better path to choose for their files.

In this article, we will bring in the most excellent program to convert ODT to PDF for your various uses. Follow the elaborate segments below to learn an easy and fast way to convert odt2pdf.

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PART 1: Best ODT2PDF Converter to Convert ODF to PDF

The PDFelement app is the most comprehensive program that can offer full odt2pdf conversion and editing techniques. It can provide the best conversion rates where the user can generate their own ODT and additional files to the PDF document format only with a few clicks of the mouse.

For your detailed knowledge, here are a few chief features and functionalities of the PDFelement software.

Best ODT2PDF Converter – PDFElement Key Features:

  • With the ODT2PDF Converter, the user is allowed to insert their digital signature into the particular PDF, Add Text to PDF File.
  • The user can also extract many pages or particular portions of the file documents and easily convert them into PDF format, also can Remove Pages from PDF.
  • On top of this, the user can also perform any number of annotated works on their PDF files, for instance, removing unnecessary things, highlighting or underlining some particular portions, or creating custom stamps. It can access, read and fill out the XFA-based PDF file forms without much effort.
  • The program can perform advanced editing on various graphics-based articles, for instance, rotating, cropping, mirroring, and so forth.
  • This ODT2PDF Converter is familiar with a total of nine popular languages like Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Japanese.
  • The PDFelement software is compatible with the iOS Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems for standardization ranging across organizations.
  • Wondershare PDFelement program is a unique app that can also support manifold file formats.
  • With this best PDF Combiner, the user can also slot in some fresh file pages and easily convert them by means of the available PDF files.

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PART 2: Step to Step to convert ODT to PDF

In this segment, we are letting our readers in on the most efficient steps to convert ODT to PDF, using the best ODT2PDF Converter – Wondershare PDF element program.

Step 1: Uploading the ODT File

It would help if you start by opening the PDF element program on the PC. To create your desired PDF file from ODT, you must directly drag your given ODT document into the application’s interface. Or otherwise, you can tap on the box named “Create PDF” in the program’s home window. Then browse and decide on a .odt format file for loading.

PDFElement odt2pdf Converter

Step 2: Editing the PDF file (Optional)

The chosen .odt file will automatically be formed and opened as a PDF file. You are allowed to edit the header, footer, text, images, and the like of the produced PDF file by tapping on the “Edit” button before saving. Just feel at ease while using all the tools labeled under this tab to modify your given PDF file (s).

Step 3: Saving the PDF file

After editing your PDF file, you will have to save it by tapping on the button of “Save As” inside the “File” menu. After doing this, your PDF document will automatically be saved on the PC.

convert ODT to PDF with PDFElement

These are the easiest and simplest methods to convert ODT to PDF by using the Wondershare PDFelement program. You can use these steps confidently on the next time you come upon an odt2pdf file conversion task. You can even help your friends and family make such easy odt2pdf conversions within mere minutes.

What is ODT File?

Before we extend any further, let us first understand the meaning of the ODT and the PDF files. The files with .ODT file extensions are the OpenDocument Text Document files. Such kinds of files are more often produced by the free-of-charge OpenOffice Writer word processor software. These files are comparable with the well-known DOCX file format used with the Microsoft Word document processor. These are both types of document files that can contain things, such as objects, text, images, and styles. Microsoft Word and Online Google Docs can access ODT format files online, where the user can edit the content as well.

What is PDF File?

On the other hand, the files with .PDF file extension are the Portable Document Format files. Created by Adobe Systems, the PDF files can hold text and images and interactive buttons, along with hyperlinks, videos, embedded fonts, and many more. One can often witness eBooks, product manuals, brochures, flyers, scanned documents, job applications, and all types of new documents to be had in the PDF file format. For this reason that the PDFs do not rely on the program that produced them, neither on any particular hardware or operating system. They look unchanged regardless of what device they are opened on.

Know More about the Powerful ODT to PDF Converter:

The PDFElement program is brilliant in this given odt2pdf conversion case. The program is pretty adept at converting and managing all your PDF files. It has all the necessary tools that you would need within its features list to modify and produce your perfect PDF file. The PDFelement program can cut the costs and complexities you would ever encounter for creating and editing your precious PDF files. It is a powerful PDF file reader and editor for the Windows and Mac operating systems and quickly replaces the Acrobat program.

Whenever you come across a dire need to convert ODT to PDF, the program can be your best go-to option for getting the right output from your files due to your specific file needs. While performing its functions on your computer, the program can give you a guarantee of zero loss in file data and exclusive of compromising on the PDF file’s formatting and style. You can now have privy to improved control over your PDF files.

The PDFelement 6 version has been out recently, with an improved interface design and a wide range of potent features. For making use of this remarkable program, the user must contain a memory space of 512 MB RAM or more, 500 MB or higher in on hand disk space, 1Ghz Processor or higher, and Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP Vista, Operating Systems.



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