Completed Convertri Review in 2021

To make an online business successful, an impressive page is the key to that. It is really difficult to design a page if you do not share any design ability. Such people cannot design an effectual page without weariness. This makes it truly significant to look for the best page editor in the world.

With great page editor, you can place the elements wherever you feel like. This advanced tool helps you to create designs, which is not quite possible with other simple editors. In this Convertri review, you will know about such a sophisticated tool like what we have discussed so far.

So, keep on reading this Convertri review to find out some amazing features of this innovative page editor.

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Overview of Convertri

  • Creator of the tool: Andy Fletcher
  • Name of the program: Convertri
  • Released on: October 31, 2017
  • Official site:
  • Refund Policy: 30-day Money Back Challenge

What is Convertri?

A complete funnel builder, Convertri brings everything you need to seize the prospect from a sale to lead to a visitor. In 2017, Convertri got a hold of 3461 users during its initial release. In that year alone, this incredible tool created 41381 pages and 15293 websites.

Convertri is not just a page editor but a lot more than that. Here, you receive Mobile Editor, Funnel Planner, Shopping Card, Page Builder, Thorough Analytics, and Fast Secure Hosting in just a single program. So, what else you need than that!

Know More about the Creator

As stated above, this impressive tool came into being after the discovery by Andy Fletcher. Fletcher is a brilliant software creator and digital marketer. Most of the experts encourage the products designed by this marketer from all over the world. The list of these experts includes Video Traffic,, and Secret Internet Assets, and many more.

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Convertri Review

After knowing about what Convertri is, it is time to move on to the Convertri review. Here, you will get to know the pros and cons of this tool along with its innovative features. Not just that, but you will get the idea of how to make use of Convertri to design surprising pages. So, let’s move ahead with our Convertri review!

Unique Characteristics of Convertri:

  • With Convertri, users can create highly developed sales funnels.
  • This tool comes with an intuitive page builder.
  • It allows you to develop mobile-specific pages for unbelievable conversions.
  • Convertri helps you in building astonishing fast-loading websites.
  • With this amazing tool, users can track the conversions accurately.
  • Using its incorporated shopping cart, you can design trials, set-up subscriptions, and one-click upsells.
  • Convertri offers stunning templates with complete flexibility.

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Convertri Features

Now, it is time to read all these features in detail. By doing so, you will know whether this tool will serve your needs or not. So, let’s get started with its features! For Printly Review, please click to switch.

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1. Build Professional Sales Funnels

Convertri allows users to create every kind of funnels they like. Under these options, you have Info, Webinar, Software, Free-plus-shipping, etc. Unlike regular builders, users are not just constrained to terminal funnels. Using Convertri, you are free to design and create numerous upsell chains so as to satisfy every client of yours.

2. Intuitive Page Builder

If you like to make changes to some text, it is so much easy with Convertri. Here, you can edit pages by just tapping on the “Edit” button. Not just that, you can even move this button from left to right and vice versa. For this, just pick the tab and move it further right.

Here, the drag-and-drop interface makes you feel like coding and restrictive templates belong to the past. Within a few minutes, you can build a page based on your needs.

3. Mobile-Centered Pages

As you know, the net traffic remains somewhat more than 50 percent on cellular. So, no one likes to design a limited mobile version. With Convertri, users can adjust their page for the mobile version in the way they like to.

This impressive tool helps you to place elements the way you like to display them. In the same way, you can decide on what all elements you like to show on the mobile version. So, enjoy creating a mobile-centered page with the same freedom as a background page.

4. Develop Fast-Loading Websites

Convertri allows its users to develop a website other than pages. This incredible tool allows you to place multiple pages under a single domain. In this way, you can bind them on a website for the business. It does not take much time to load these pages as if these pages were there all the time.

5. Keep a Check on Conversions

It really irritates me when it shows that you just got 107opt-ins out of 75 clicks. Here, Convertri could be of real help to you. The tool uses the monitoring system “SnowPlow” to track down accurate conversions. This monitoring system gives users precise analytics available in real-time.

Dollar Shave Club and Bauer Media utilize the exact same monitoring system. The only difference is they pay $5000 per month as a service fee, where you get this system inclusively here.

6. Trade Unlimited Products

The incorporated shopping cart of Convertri helps users in creating set-up subscriptions, one-click upsells, trials, and use hit offers so as to obtain your funnels. So, the whole system works as if designed especially for you based on your terms. For this, you just have to put in the information of your Stripe. Once done, you are all set!

7. Create Pages Effectively

There are various page builders out there, which create tedious pages. The moment you land on a site, you can tell the person has used these boring editors. It is so because of the fact that all of these pages look kind of the same.

On the other hand, you have Convertri that allows you to build personalized pages. Here, you can create pages in the same way they look in your head. So, enjoy complete freedom with this innovative program.

8. Develop Pages Faster

With this unique editor, users can develop a webpage within a couple of minutes from scratch. Not just that, but Convertri helps you to choose from dozens of page and funnel templates. So, you are all set if you do not feel like designing yourself.

9. Accelerate Businesses

If you got more leads, you got more sales. Convertri provides users with conversion increases due to the unbelievable page speeds. Here, you even get inbuilt split testing along with other advanced tools like 2-step opt-ins and countdown timers. Hence, you will surely derive optimal results that will make your competitors moan with resentment.

Convertri holds the capability to build and clone pages in a lot easier way. With this exciting tool, you are no longer required to go for scaling.

10. Effortless Funnel Builder

At Convertri, you are not just restricted to linear flows. The funnel builder of this tool allows users to plan out the whole thing from opt-in to check out. Drag-And-Drag technology allows you to link all web pages. Once done, you can share the created funnel among your peers.

So, all these impressive features make Convertri a great tool. It would not be wrong to claim that this tool stands as the world’s highly-developed page editor.

What makes Convertri unique?

Other editors keep on saying that they let you develop a webpage the way you like it, but Convertri means it. Here, you do not have to deal with rows, sections, or columns. Just drag the element wherever you want to and set it there effortlessly. In other programs, you do not get mobile-responsive features. But, Convertri comprises a mobile editor to meet up your all needs. The mobile-designed editor is what you need the most for mobile versions.

  • This incredible tool offers an innovative system when it comes to layers. This system enables users to achieve another new level in the market industry. It does not work like other regular funnel builders, where you have access to a specific element set. Here, you enjoy the whole freedom.
  • The other thing that makes Convertri better than other programs is its complete API integrations. Using these inbuilt integrations with favorable services, you can join your webinar and autoresponder accounts within a few seconds.
  • Not just that, but Convertri comes with HTML-form integration. This feature helps you to incorporate anything that is not up there in the given list. So, make use of everything with 99% of autoresponders.
  • Convertri offers simple yet powerful publishing features. With just a single click, you can make your page go live on the network of Convertri. It is not any network, but your funnel will draw in benefits from a customized CDN, which is as solid as Fort Knox and as fast as F-18.
  • The tool comes with another great feature called dynamic text replacement. This feature allows you to make changes to the copy based on the present keywords in your advertisements. Hence, you can easily boost the conversions and eventually, your profits.
  • With Convertri, you can create sub-accounts. Just in case, you are running several businesses, make your clients enjoy their very own integrations. The “sub-accounts” feature is what you need to do that. In this way, you can offer your web-design and funnel-creation services to all clients. So, set them automatically to ring-fence everything.
  • With the feature “Page Importer“, you can import your webpages on the program. For instance, if you have some live webpages, do not waste time in recreating each one * of them. Using this importer feature, import pages in an instant.
  • The best part about Convertri is that you can enjoy its free trial for up to 14 days. So, try out all the amazing features of this tool without paying anything for the first fourteen days. With Convertri, you can beat all the big players out there really easy.

Who should use Convertri?

Convertri is designed especially for people who like to create a professional website. It is a perfect tool for those who want more sales, more leads, and more sales on their page. If that’s the case, you should use Convertri. This tool works effectively for all businessmen, marketers, product sellers, and freelancers.

This software does not entail any product creation, product research, coding, or writing. Hence, it does all the things itself, which saves money and time on your part. In the end, let’s know about some advantages and disadvantages of this program.


  • Create good websites
  • Unite pages with funnels
  • Create and publish pages individually really quick
  • Put in Shopify tabs on pages
  • 30-day Money Back Challenge
  • Unlimited insertion of domains


  • Require installation of the WordPress plugin

How much does it cost?

Convertri offers various packages to meet up needs of every individual. The different packages include the following:

Convertri Funnel Builder, $297 a year

  • Create funnels, trade products
  • Infinite A/B test
  • Build pages swiftly
  • Upgrade on-click upsells

Convertri Agency, $97 a month

  • Websites and funnels for customers
  • Sub-accounts with 25 features for creating sales pages
  • Additional integrations and temples to drive more traffic

Training by Colin Theriot, One-time payment of $250

  • Copywriter of Facebook
  • Copy group comprises of 2,700 cultists
  • A combo training pack for video and copy

So, you know what all benefits this tool can bring to you. Convertri comes with trending products, which remain in demand all the time. With this program, host the funnels like never before. One can even take up of the stepwise training to make things a lot easier. Grab this interesting tool and take your business to new heights.

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