Here are Cool Clan Names for CoD and CoC for You to Stand Out

It is needless to explain how popular the games like CoC (Clash of Clans) and CoD (Call of Duty). However, to experience the best of these games, the players should have cool clan names. If you are a diehard fan of these games and looking for cool clan names, read on.

Over the past couple of years, internet games have become incredibly popular. As of today, you can see a large number of internet games with superb versatility. The biggest reason for the popularity of these games is that you can play them as a team. You can build a team with anyone on the internet and play against another team or more. When you play as a team, you can communicate with each other, built trustworthiness, and enjoy it a lot. For many individuals, forming a team is not a hard task at all. But they get stagnated when it comes to finding a name for the crew.

Well, in most cases, players don’t need an ordinary name. Instead, they need cool clan names for their crews. When you have a cool clan name, you can highlight your team above the rest. If you take a look at the servers of CoD and CoC, you might find a plethora of team names. To stand out from the rest in an awesome manner in these servers, you definitely need a “Wow Name“. Well, for many of the players, finding a cool name for their clan is an uphill task.

Most of the players presume that all the cool clan names are already taken by someone else. However, we intend to provide some inspiration with this article so you can pick an awesome name.

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Why bother having cool clan names?

Coming up with an ordinary name can be done by anyone. However, when you play an awesome game like CoD or CoC, you shouldn’t settle for something ordinary. Instead, you should look for something unique, better, and catchy. The name itself should define how enthusiastic you are and how courageous you are. When you have a cool clan name, everyone will remember you. Your opponent will realize how much enthusiasm you have towards the game. A powerful clan name will make a solid impression of your team and its spirit. Your enemies will have your name remembers even before the battle against you.

Well, some of the gamers don’t bother under which name they fight. But the truth is that a lot of gamers prefer to play under a cool clan name. Those who are really into the game want a name that can defy the minds of their enemies. So, you can go through the list of cool clan names we have created for you.

We give away these clan names totally free, and you can use them even with modifications, if necessary.

  • 01. The Invincible
  • 02. Cyber Legends
  • 03. Super Vikings
  • 04. The Eternals
  • 05. Milky Way
  • 06. Slayers
  • 07. X Gen
  • 08. The Alpha Team
  • 09. Supremacy
  • 10. Commanders of Duty
  • 11. The Belligerents
  • 12. Maximum Overdrive
  • 13. Lion Hearts
  • 14. Blood Warriors
  • 15. Saints
  • 16. The Cyber Samurais
  • 17. Coldhearted
  • 18. The Coldblooded
  • 19. The TRex Force
  • 20. Fierce Fighters
  • 21. Rangers
  • 22. Godfathers
  • 23. Stingers
  • 24. Ultimatum
  • 25. Black Stallions
  • 26. Black Knights
  • 27. Ghost Attackers
  • 28. Tornado
  • 29. Hurricanes
  • 30. Merciless
  • 31. Mercenaries
  • 32. Megalodons
  • 33. Emperors of West
  • 34. The Ghost Clan
  • 35. Mighty Fighters
  • 36. Mega Fighters
  • 37. The Ultra-Force
  • 38. Conquerors from Future
  • 39. Ice-Cold
  • 40. The smashers
  • 41. The bad clan
  • 42. Dragon Warriors
  • 43. Martians
  • 44. Kingfishers
  • 45. Black Panthers
  • 46. Giant Slayers
  • 47. Teen-Wolves
  • 48. The Fight Club
  • 49. Solaris
  • 50. Not to mess with
  • 51. The Torpedoes
  • 52. Kings-men
  • 53. The Illusionists
  • 54. Supernova
  • 55. Bigfoots
  • 56. Phoenix
  • 57. The Aliens
  • 58. The Eternals
  • 59. Dominators
  • 60. Dynamites
  • 61. TNT
  • 62. Sagittarius
  • 63. Collectors
  • 64. Killer Whales
  • 65. Terminators
  • 66. The Undertakers
  • 67. Massacre
  • 68. Tomahawks
  • 69. The Demolishers
  • 70. The Eagles
  • 71. The Magnificent
  • 72. The Crushers
  • 73. The Controllers
  • 74. The Piranhas
  • 75. The Titans

The availability of Cool clan names for CoD

Are you totally new to a game like CoD (Call of Duty)? If so, you should get a name registered on the game’s servers as the first step. The servers have a system to check the given name against the already registered names. If the name you have select is available (not taken by anyone else), you can use it hereafter. In fact, this is exactly when you need to be really creative. Some of the names we have listed above might be already taken by the time you read this article.

However, you can do some modifications to the given names. For instance, if the name “The Piranhas” is already taken, you can modify it to “The Dominate Piranhas“. You can use your creativity, linguistic abilities, etc., and find a name that is unique.

When you come up with a name, however, there are some important tips to consider. That is particularly if you need to find a name that gives a unique impression.

Mentioned below are those important tips you should consider.

1) No matter what sort of a name you select, it must not exceed 20 characters. So, when you modify a name from the above list, consider this fact as well. If you come up with a new name, be sure to limit it to 20 characters. The services don’t allow any name that exceeds the maximum character limit.

2) You are not allowed to use special characters on your clan names (for instance, $ ! %, @)

3) However, if it is necessary, you can use an underscore ( _ ) as a letter within your name

4) We recommend you to be prepared with at least 05 names before registering your team. Since these games are immensely popular, the first name you select may not be available at the server. However, you don’t need to panic about this at all. Just because the first couple of names are already taken, you don’t need to come up with random names. Many individuals do this mistake. They panic after seeing that their preferred name is already taken. Then, they go for something that doesn’t make any sense at all. Remember; the name you select will be there as long as your team is there. So, get ready with at least five cool clan names and step into the registration process.

If you really love a name and someone has already taken it, make use of underscore. That means you can put an underscore sign somewhere in the middle of the name and see if it works. Adding underscore doesn’t change the meaning of the name. Instead, it just makes your name unique to the server of the game.

Once you are prepared with the list of names, you should proceed to the signing-up process. To do this, you can use any device. That means you can use Xbox, Wii, iPhone, or anything else. That is in addition to the online official registration option of CoD.

The availability of Cool clan names for CoC

If your intent to play the Clash of Clans but you don’t have a cool name? You can make use of the list we have provided above for that as well. You can pick any number of names from the list and check their availability. To do that, you can use any Android or iOS device.

To do this, you should first download the app of the game. This should be done on your mobile device and launch the app. You will then see the option of signing up. This is where you need to place the name you have selected. When it comes to Clash of Clans, the number of characters is further restricted. That means you shouldn’t go beyond 15 characters in this case.

Changing a name that is already selected for CoC

If you have come up with a name and you feel like going for another name, it is possible. To do this, however, you should contact Supercell by dropping an email. As long as you don’t go for an offensive or inappropriate name, changing the name is possible. Also, the second name you put must be a unique one.

Listed below are the steps to follow in order to change the name on CoC

  • Open the game app (CoC) on the smartphone.
  • Then, go to the “Settings” option of the game’s interface and navigate to “Help and Support“.
  • You can then select the option “Report Issue” and go to “Other Problem“.
  • You can then compose the email to Supercell. Please note that Supercell is the company that developed CoC.
  • When composing the email, make sure to explain your issue clearly
  • Within a couple of days, you will get a reply from Supercell, and your clan’s name is changed.

That is our list of cool clan names and how to select a name. We hope this article would provide you with some inspiration. Besides, here, you will learn more about how to hack words with friends, and The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past rom.