Crystal Coral – Where to Find Them in Monster Hunter: World

Are you interested in collecting Crystal coral, which is one of the pretty common pieces in MHW? If so, this write-up is just for you. Knowing how to collect your MHW Crystal coral is immensely handy for any player, and this article explains it well.

When it comes to a game like Monster Hunter: World, you will find plenty of materials in different varieties. They differ from each other in many ways. Of course, some materials are more common than others, but some materials are incredibly rare. Even if that’s the case, more common materials can make your weapons weaker and disturb the armor building. Assume that you grind the Gems out after beating the main story. In that case, you will forget that you don’t need that many materials to proceed.

Crystal coral is a material that comes with that characteristic. In general, it is considered to be a pretty common crafting item. However, you will need to use so many weapons and charms, so you need an endless supply. For many users, finding that much crystal coral can be pretty difficult. We have created this article for those who want some help in finding this material.

Introduction to MHW

In simplest terms, MHW or Monster Hunter: World is an exciting action roleplaying game. This specific game is developed by a company called Capcom. It was initially released for gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That was in January 2018. Later on, in August 2018, they released a version for Microsoft as well. As per this gameplay, you are supposed to play as a Hunter. The task of this Hunter is to hunt down all the monsters roaming in different atmospheres. The Hunter can either trap those monsters or kill them.

If the Hunter (you) becomes successful, you will be awarded some elements. These elements are actually looted from the parts of the monsters you beat. Apart from that, there are other elements you can collect and farm with various quests and missions. You can use those elements to create weapons and upgrade them. Those powerful weapons can then be used to hunt more advanced and difficult monsters. As a result, you can get more powerful gear to proceed. You can either choose to hunt alone or as a group. A group of Hunters can consist of up to four players. That is done through the online multiplayer of the Monster Hunter: World.

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How can you find crystal coral materials in Monster Hunter: World?

You will not be surprised to know that you should go to the Coral Highlands to collect this material. But that’s not enough, right? You should know the exact place in Highlands to find this material. The exact purpose of this article is to explain how to do that.

To find your crystal coral, you can start mining for them throughout the Coral Highlands. They are considered to be an uncommon gather that is found in any blue mining spots. You can find these spots in the zone. So, if you want to grab those crystals, the best approach is to perform a Low-Rank expedition. You can then give your luck a try and see if you can find it.

The requirement is to mine the MHW crystal coral :

Therefore, you are supposed to go to locations that are found in Highlands. When you go, be sure to go with multiple mining outcrops. Such an approach will definitely maximize the chances of finding the crystal. You can see there are two mining locations if you visit Area 11. You can either sit near and start mining. If not, you can take the high route. To do that, you can consider a couple of places in area 20 and proceed.

There are some users who have both of those camping sites unlocked in the Coral Highlands. If you are one of them, getting around will be easier for you. Also, you can expect to gather plenty of materials for the game without much trouble.

In addition to that, you can consider getting crystal coral in the form of rewards. Well, to get them as rewards, you are supposed to take part in quests and complete them successfully. Those quests are available in the Coral Highlands region. Nevertheless, if you want a massive number of coral crystals in a small-time, quests are not the best way. Instead, you should stick to the expedition and mining to gather more crystals.

Why do you want crystal coral material in Monster Hunter: World?

Now that you know where to find crystals. Let’s learn why do you want to collect them. The purpose of collecting crystal coral material is to use them for weapons you will use in the game. When you play the game, you will need a massive number of weapons. Moreover, you will need to use some armor pieces that are high-level. In addition to that, there are many charms used in the game. All those items need crystals to deploy. So, that’s the reason for you to gather a large number of crystal coral materials.

MHW Crystal coral weapons

Do you want a weapon to be found along the weapon path called “Ore“? If that is the case, you should have a good number of Coral Crystals readily available. Every weapon type you will find on the path called “Ore” will eventually want some of those crystals. Those are required for one or more weapons that are used in the game. Well, it absolutely makes sense, and technically, the crystals are considered a type of an Ore.

By any chance, if you end up with no crystals in hand, what can you do? Well, you will end up in such a situation because you have used those crystals. And, you have used them to move with the weapon tree based on your choice.

MHW Coral Crystal armor

If truth to be told, Coral Crystals are not the most important aspect of armor. However, you will still need to collect those crystals, especially for some sets. For instance, assume that you need to get a Kirin (a low-rank one) to help you with the transition. This is often required in the second half of the gameplay. If you have faced such a situation, you will need some crystals. With those crystals, you will be creating a chest armor piece. That said, only two High-Rank armor sets use Coral Crystals. Alloy and Tzitzi are those armor sets for those who are curious about them.

MHW Coral Crystal Charms

When it comes to coral crystal material, they have many uses, as we mentioned before. This is another instance where you can use these crystals; you can use them to make charms. With crystals, you can create a wide array of charms on several different levels as well. If you are interested in learning what those charms are, we have prepared a list of them. You can go through this list and learn what those charms can be made with coral crystal.

● Evade Charm I

This is the charm that gives you the skill of Evade Window, just like the name suggests. With that, you can experience increased invincibility frames, especially when you dodge.

● KO Charm I

This is a charm that gives you the skill of Slugger. As a result, of creating this charm, you can give a boost to your stun power. This is an ideal option to use when you have blunt weapons in use.

● Windproof Charm I

This is another useful charm that can help reduce the effects created by wind pressure. This specific feature becomes an essential aspect for many variants found in Kushala Doara.

● Fitness Charm III

This specific charm can create constitutional skills for you. As a result, you will be able to minimize the potential stamina usage in the game. As mentioned, this is a Level III charm. It can lower stamina consumption by a whopping 30%.

● Ironside Charm I

This is a handy charm that can reduce the overall knockback and stamina consumption. That means the stamina consumption you use when guarding. You can consider using this charm with weapons such as Lance, Sword and Shield, Greatsword, and Gunlance.

So, you can notice that crystal coral becomes handy to create charms as well. Those charms become very useful to retain your power in the game and achieve various milestones.