How to Break Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock Easily

Smartphone users often get perplexed and clueless when the “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” message in red color gets displayed on their screens when their Android device is turned on. The error generally takes place on the screen where the device’s model or logo is displayed but refuses to boot up after this point.

However, such phone lock issues can now be countered by ready-to-use solutions. You can conveniently get access to your phone contents and unlock your phone device, even in situations where your phone gets locked. These fixes are now available for your use in the form of new software updates. A most popular example is dr.fone software. It is the world’s first data retrieval software and is an excellent tool for recovering your phone system.

It is important to remove and bypass the FRP lock so that you could access your device and employ it effortlessly. If you have experienced this phenomenon, this advice column is apt for you. We have asked expert technicians for professional advice and prepared this article to help fellows in need. Read on to know more about the “custom binary blocked by FRP lock” error along with its sources. Switch to it if you wish to know how to perform an FRP lock bypass, Fix Odin Mode in a Samsung Phone & unlocks any Android device.

The article has been divided into two parts for your reading convenience.

Part 1: Understanding the meaning of “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” error

The term ‘FRP‘ means Factory Reset Production. The FRP Lock, which is also called Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock, refers to a recently fresh feature detected on Android 5.1. This shield feature on Android devices does not allow factory reset and illicit program tampering to pass through unless the original user’s permission is granted. Therefore, this issue generally takes place after having rooted your device to display fresh firmware/ ROM or having changed essential inner settings on the device.

The FRP lock gets displayed on the screen to refer to the occurrence of a formerly logged in a password and Google ID, which requires being fed over again, so as to activate your device after resetting it. When you start to set your device again, you will be prompted for your Google Account. In case you have altered Stock Firmware, you will receive the error mentioned above.

Regardless of the number of times you try restarting your phone, the FRP Lock error prompt will be continually displayed on your screen. You can follow the advice displayed on our next part to learn how to unlock the “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” using easy and most useful methods. Also, try more Samsung FRP tools as well as the best fingerprint screen lock apps.

Besides, here is everything about the Rootjunky FRP bypass for your reference.

Part 2: Learning to unlock the “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” error

The “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” has become a widely known problem for most Android users and thus a number of unlocking methods have recently come up to solve this error through mutual discussion and sharing. For your r benefit, we have taken up a Samsung phone along with listing all methods written below, which are useful in tackling the error displayed on your phone screen.

1. Force restarting the device

Restarting the Samsung phone device is simple and very less time-consuming. It can serve to fix the temporary program error, along with stopping every background operation performing on the phone.

You need to follow these steps:

Force Restart to fix custom binary blocked by FRP lock
  • Push down on Power On/Off switch together with the Volume Down switch for at least five to seven seconds on your Samsung device.
  • Be patient till the device reboots and normally starts again.
  • You will notice that the “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” message will stop popping up on your screen.
  • In case the issue continues to persist, follow the next set of instructions.

2. Factory resetting through the Recovery Mode

The Factory Reset option is an alternative method you can use to unlock the “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” error. This can be used when you boot into Recovery Mode.

You need to follow these steps:

  • Push down on Power On/Off switch together with the Volume Up and Home keys. This will produce a screen showing varied options for you.
  • Next, make use of the Volume Down button to go down and select the ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’ option through the use of the Power On/Off key.
  • From this point onwards, you must wait till the procedure is completed and your device restarts again in a normal fashion.

It is noteworthy to remember that you would be bereaved of your entire settings and data kept on the device after using the Hard or Factory reset option. You must be ready to set up the device from the beginning after the procedure is completed.

Besides, you may want to know how to fix the Samsung keyboard keeps stopping and how to bypass Android lock screen using emergency calls with ease too.

3. Flashing the Stock Firmware using Odin

In case the tips given to you in the above parts are not successful in solving the “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” error, you may opt to flash Stock Firmware on the device. The entire process may seem to be a tiresome undertaking. However, this method has reportedly solved the issue nine out of ten times and is worth trying. You just need to cautiously follow the steps provided below to initiate flashing the Stock Firmware on the device. And you must make sure not to skip any step or hurry through any of them.

Please follow these steps:

  • To start with, you need to download on your computer a most up-to-date edition of Odin.
  • Next, you can start downloading Stock Firmware in support of the phone and enter your proper model number, nationality, along with some particulars from SamMobile.
  • Then, start entering the ‘Download Mode‘ on the Samsung device by pushing the Volume Down button together with the Pose On/Off switch and the Home button for three to four seconds. When your Download screen is displayed, push the Volume Up switch to go ahead.
  • Finally, start launching the Odin tool on your computer through the right click. Then choose ‘Run as Administrator‘.
  • The Odin window should now display on your device. While following this method, utilize a genuine Samsung USB cord for connecting your device to the computer.
  • Instantly, you should see Odin recognizing the device and adding the phone device on the main window of the computer.
  • Next, tap on the ‘CSC‘, ‘AP‘, ‘CP‘ options and choose their particular file types through the previously downloaded firmware.
  • When you have successfully added entire file types, tap on the Start key to start flashing.
  • Once your flashing procedure is completed, the Odin box should display the ‘Pass‘ message to which your device will start rebooting.
  • You should then be prompted to set-up the Samsung device.

Final Words

These steps provide you with the best solutions on how to break the “custom binary blocked by FRP lock” message error displayed on your Android phone. Dealing with the FRP lock is not an easy feat, as it is a protecting feature that is designed to prevent needless tampering and resetting on your phone’s software. However, the steps provided in this column have been explained very articulately, and they do the job at hand effortlessly and straightforward. These steps have been used and examined by a lot of Android consumers who have found them useful. Hence, we bring this advice column for you to learn how to break the “custom binary blocked by FRP lock” error displayed on your phone device.

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