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It is so popular these days that the users want to download the Dailymotion videos and other content of Dailymotion apart from just watching it. It is not always possible to stream videos online at every moment, which creates a problem as Dailymotion does not have this feature of downloading the videos. Dailymotion does not allow the users to download the content of the site. Users can just upload, share, and stream the content online. The only solution to your problem is iTube Studio Dailymotion downloader and Dailymotion converter, which helps you to download your favorite movies, videos, and music.

The characteristics of the iTube Studio Dailymotion Converter & downloader are as follows:

  • By just one click, you can download videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitch and many other online applications.
  • You can batch all the videos of different playlists like Youtube and Vimeo in one place.
  • Convert the videos to different formats in order to play them and import them to other devices.
  • Record the videos of sites such as Hulu, Netflix, and more, which does not allow downloading.
  • This application helps you to convert the downloaded videos from Dailymotion.
  • It is highly secured with a PRIVATE MODE, and you can also protect the downloaded videos with a password set.

With iTube Studio Best Video Dailymotion downloader and Dailymotion converter or Twitter video downloader, you can download your favorite videos and convert those files to other popular formats as well. It becomes necessary sometimes to download the Dailymotion content as for sharing it with your friends offline and for watching the videos offline yourself as it is not always possible to stream the content online every time. It can be done in two ways. This guide will help you to download files in just a few simple steps. The two ways of performing this task are given below.

Part 1: Download & Convert Dailymotion Videos via the Best Dailymotion converter on Win/Mac

To download your favorite Dailymotion videos on your Mac and Windows PC, you can use the iTube Studio Dailymotion converter. With just one click, you can get your favorite Dailymotion videos on your computer. The iTube Studio Dailymotion converter is one of the best platforms to download the files as it is not only restricted to just Dailymotion but also allows you to download files from the different 10,000+ online media sites.

Now, let us look at the simple steps for downloading your videos from Dailymotion to your Mac or PC.

Step 1: Install Dailymotion video downloader

The first step is to download the iTube Studio Dailymotion downloader and install it. After installing the application, open it, and it will get installed automatically on your computer.

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Step 2: Start downloading your favorite videos

After the installation, you can download your favorite videos in two different ways. You can download the videos either by clicking on the download button or by copying the URL of the same videos.

Download videos using the download button

In order to do so, open the ‘Safari‘ browser and go to the dailymotion.com site. After doing this, search for the Dailymotion videos you want to download. When you play the video, a download option will appear on the left corner of the page. Click on the download button to start downloading the Dailymotion video.

Download videos using URLs

You can alternatively save the video by copying the URL of the Dailymotion video. For this, you need to paste the copied URL to the Dailymotion downloader by clicking on the ‘Paste URL‘ button or by simply dragging the URL to the dock icon of iTube Studio. After this, you can choose the desired resolution and format in which you want to save the video. The Dailymotion downloader will analyze the URL and start downloading the video.

You can run this Dailymotion downloader in the background and keep saving your favorite videos. You can keep adding the videos in the download queue and start downloading them on this Dailymotion Downloader.

Step 3: Convert Daiymotion videos to mp4 and other formats

You can watch your favorite videos on iPad, PSP, and other devices by simply converting their format. Dailymotion converter allows you to convert your videos in the desired format such as mp3, mp4, and so on, which is compatible with your mobile phones.

To convert the video, go to the downloaded tab in the Download menu and select the video you want to convert. Click on the ‘Add to convert list‘ icon for converting the Dailymotion video. Then, go to the ‘Convert‘ tab and click the ‘Convert‘ button. Choose the desired format to start the conversion process.

Step 4: Play and manage the downloaded Dailymotion videos

You can easily watch the downloaded videos in the downloaded tab and manage accordingly. And you can play them by double-clicking on the video, and it will start playing automatically with the inbuilt video player.

You can import these downloaded videos to your hard drives and other devices very easily by going on the File menu section and click on the import option available there.

Part 2: Download Dailymotion Videos Online with other downloader sites

There are many downloader sites available on the internet today, and you can use these top 5 downloader sites for downloading your favorite Dailymotion videos. The five other downloader sites other than iTune Dailymotion downloader, which can be used to download the Dailymotion videos, are mentioned below.

1. savefrom.net

Savefrom.net Dailymotion Converter

This is an online site, which helps you to download your files free of cost. You can simply get your videos downloaded by copying and pasting the URL of the video in the search menu and click enter. The video will be saved in the desired format and resolution. There are some drawbacks of using this site, which is that the pop-up notification will keep bouncing on your screen to download the savefrom.net helper and the other one is, the maximum resolution is just up to 720p.

2. savevideo.me

SaveVideo.me Dailymotion Converter

This is another online tool to download your videos for free. This Dailymotion downloader is quite complicated to use. You can download the files by copying and paste the URLs in the search column of this site. It has to be bookmarked in your browser bookmarks, and it will also automatically generate the URL for the video. There are no options on this site to customize the resolution and format.

3. convert2mp3.net

Convert2mp3 Dailymotion Converter

This online Dailymotion downloader tool allows you to download the Dailymotion videos and convert those videos into mp3 format. In order to download the videos, you need to copy and paste the URL of the Dailymotion video and choose the format. Click on the ‘convert’ button and the file will get downloaded. There are also other formats to choose from. The larger files will take some time in order to be downloaded.

4. dailymotionmp3.com

DalymotionMp3 Dailymotion Converter

It is one of the best online tools to download Dailymotion videos. It is totally free of cost to use. You have to copy the URL of the Dailymotion video and paste the link on the box provided for the same on the website. Using this Dailymotion converter, you can even download the videos in HD resolution apart from mp3 and mp4 formats. It is user-friendly and very easy to use.

5. dailymotionfile.com

Dailymotion File Dailymotion Converter

It is also one of the best websites to download your favorite Dailymotion videos. You just have to copy and paste the URL of the video in the space provided for the same on this website. Click the ‘get direct link‘ after pasting the link in the search box and then, save the video by clicking on the ‘save link as‘ option.

Conclusion on Dailymotion Converter

The above-mentioned Dailymotion downloader and Dailymotion converter help the fans of the Dailymotion to download the videos, movies, and music on their Mac and PC, just like the Tunee Music Downloader & iPhone MP3 Downloader. Dailymotion has worldwide popularity and fans of the Dailymotion videos are many in number. Mostly, people get upset when they find out that the Dailymotion videos are only for streaming and cannot be downloaded from its main site. So, the Dailymotion downloader sites provide an easy solution to this problem faced by many people.

In order to watch the Dailymotion videos offline, it is always better to save them on your Mac or PC. The options provided above are many to choose from. If confused, which one to choose then simply goes for iTube Studio’s Dailymotion downloader and Dailymotion converter. It is the best online site to download the Dailymotion videos on your computer for offline purposes. You can also go for the paid sites to download the Dailymotion videos. It is better to go for these ones as the quality will be much finer of these videos and the downloading will be free of any advertisement interruptions.

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