How to Delete Photos from iPhone in Batch Effortlessly

After having a mobile phone for so long, there comes a point in its lifetime where there is no longer any space for you to take more photos, download more games, or install more applications. At this point, we want to clear out some of the data that we already have on our mobile phones, and that’s completely natural. However, how do we decide what we want to delete and furthermore, how do we delete photos from iPhone quickly so that we aren’t there all day simply removing data?

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Checking Data Usage

Before removing any data from your iPhone, it’s a good idea to check out what’s taking up so much space, and that’s very simple for you to check. On your iPhone, the first thing to do is direct yourself through the following options:
Settings > General > About
In the ‘About’ section, you will see a lot of information about your iPhone, and more specifically you will be able to see the ‘Capacity’ of your iPhone (the total space that your iPhone has) and the ‘Available’ of your iPhone (the total available space that your iPhone has). Before you start deleting data, it’s important to check out this to make sure that deleting photos from your iPhone isn’t a pointless process. If you have a lot of space available, take advantage of it! If deleting data is necessary, then direct yourself through the following options:
Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Storage > Manage Storage
Here you will be able to see exactly how much space each utility and application is using up on your iPhone and delete the data as you feel necessary.

Delete Photos from iPhone Manually

Using our mobile phones as a regular photography camera has become a standard for many people due to how a lot of smartphones provide incredibly high-quality photos, and there are no issues with doing that. However, by using your iPhone to take pictures as if it were a regular camera, your phone fills up pretty quickly and soon you aren’t able to take any more pictures.

Deleting photos from iPhone manually is simple, but can take a lot more time than the next method. Go to your iPhones photo gallery and click on the ‘Select‘ option, which allows for you to select the photos of your choice and choose what you’d like to do with them. Again, this method can take a very long time and if you click on the wrong thing, you’ll have to go back and select all of those photos once more.

Delete Photos from iPhone with iSkysoft Data Eraser Easily

Using the iSkysoft Data Eraser allows for you to easily delete photos from iPhone in just a matter of minutes and in just a few simple steps.

Step #1 – First, download the Data Eraser program and install it accordingly.

Get iSkysoft Data Eraser

Step #2 – After the program has installed, run it and wait for it to fully load up.

iSkysoft Data Eraser for iPhone

Step #3 – Once it has loaded up, connect your iPhone to your computer and select the ‘Erase Private Data‘ option on the left panel.

Erase Private DataStep #4 – Take a moment to read all of the features of this option, and click ‘Start‘.

Step #5 – After clicking start, the program will analyse your iPhone and depending on how much data you have on your iPhone, this could take a while.

Scan iPhone Photos

Step #6 – Once the analysis has completed, you will be shown a categorised list of all of the data that is on your iPhone (including your notes, text messages, your photos, and much more).

Step #7 – To delete photos from iPhone, click on the ‘Photos‘ option.

Step #8 – Take a few minutes to scroll through all of the photos that you have stored on your phone, and select any of the photos that you would like to be deleted from your iPhone.

Step #9 – After selecting the photos, click on the ‘Erase Now‘ button and let the program do its thing.

Delete Photos from iPhone in Batch

Now you’re done! A huge benefit to this method is that it can be a lot more efficient than simply deleting your photos manually as well as the program offering you a lot more options such as the ability to completely remove all of your data from the iPhone.

Backing Up Photos

As mentioned above, we take a lot of photos, and some of those photos are ones that we don’t want to lose. If you take a lot of photos using your iPhone and you don’t want to delete photos from iPhone, then consider simply backing up all of your photos to either iCloud or your computer by TunesGo – iOS Device Manager, and wiping them from your iPhone. This way, you are able to continue taking a lot of photos with your iPhone while knowing that all of your other photos are safe and accessible at any moment in time!