How to Delete Skype Messages Completely

If you have the latest iPhone models in hand, you can have access to a large array of features and memory space. If you are into video chatting with your friends and family, you can download and install the Skype app, in addition to the FaceTime feature on the iPhone device. We are thus catering to the wider audience and their needs and have encompassed a wide range of step-by-step instructions on how to delete Skype messages from your device in easy-to-use ways.

Skype is a handy application that can provide you with the opportunity to chat with friends, family, and acquaintances residing in any portion of the globe and make voice and video calls to them in addition. While making a video or voice call using the Skype app, there is no record of history kept by the program. However, the chat made while using the Skype app is accumulated on the PC or the iPhone device. While this cannot be of a big concern to you, if you happen to be the only one utilizing the PC or iPhone device; it can become a bit of a problem if you sometimes tend to share your device with a range of other people as well.

Any person having access to your device is capable of viewing the chat history on Skype and can hence compromise your privacy. This is why in order to make sure that no other person except for you gets to check your messages on Skype, it is always important to regularly delete Skype messages on Skype. We have, thus, brought you a well-encompassing advisory on how to delete Skype messages. Also, we have also added an efficient third-party program as a recommendation for your easy handiness.

Part 1: How to Delete Skype messages

The Skype app can offer you the opportunity to choose whether or not you would like to clear out or keep your chat history on Skype. You will need to follow the simple steps below if you wish to delete Skype messages:

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Step 1: You can start by clicking on the Tools icon situated on the menu tab in the program window of Skype and then select the ‘Options…‘ button found on the drop-down menu list that appears next.

delete Skype messages

Step 2: In the next step, you can tap on the ‘IM &SMS‘ preference located on the left-hand side of the program window and select the ‘IM settings‘ option from the next drop-down menu that materializes. You must tap on the ‘Show Advanced Options‘ icon when your screen starts loading on the right-hand side of the program window.

Step 3: Then, you must tap on the ‘Clear history‘ icon that is situated near the ‘Keep history for‘ option.

You will soon see a drop-down menu sandwiched by the ‘Clear history‘ icon and the ‘Keep history for‘ selection. You can choose to elect the time duration for which you wish to erase your chat history on Skype from this menu.

By selecting the ‘no history‘ selection from the drop-down menu, you can make sure that no history of your messages is maintained and that the entirety of your Skype messages is obliterated after they get delivered.

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Part 2: How to entirely delete Skype messages

Even though the technique for cleaning your chat history offered by the Skype app can aid you in deleting your Skype messages, the method cannot entirely ensure that your messages can never be recovered back through the help of an appropriate data recovery tool.

To make certain that your Skype messages have been really deleted entirely and can never be salvaged in any way, you would need to make use of a data erasing tool yourself. Such a third-party tool is capable of rubbing out your entire data files stored on the PC storage and can aid you in erasing your chat history on the Skype app eternally.

Despite the fact that there are a number of such tools on the internet, a lot of them are simply scams and do not bring the essential results. Hence, we are recommending the Stellar BitRaser for File program that is the solitary data erasing tool to delete Skype messages from a chat history successfully without leaving any trace behind.

The Stellar BitRaser for File program is the finest data erasing tool in the sea of market apps. This is owing to the wide-ranging list of characteristics that it offers for its handlers, and we have made a list of a few features below:

Stellar BitRaser for File Features

  • Permanent erasing of data: The Stellar BitRaser for File program is able to easily erase all types of data files from the hard drive permanently. From your folders, files, to even the volumes, you are capable of erasing the lot with the use of this data erasing tool. This erased data can in no way be got back by the use of any data recovering tool.
  • Erases entire traces of activity on the Internet: This data erasing tool can delete your browsing history on the Internet, regardless of what browser type you use. It makes certain that nobody is capable of accessing your private browsing information on the Internet. With the Stellar BitRaser for File program, you can erase all hints of your browsing goings-on for good.
  • Erases the chat history of message application: If you avail any type of chat messengers for conversing with your family members and friends, then the Stellar BitRaser for File program can aid you in getting rid of its chat history. Regardless of whether you are making use of Skype or Yahoo Messenger, this data erasing tool can make certain that your entire text messages that have been sent to your contacts get removed and cannot be viewed by anybody again.
  • Supports many erasing standards: The Stellar BitRaser for File program supports numerous erasing standards and algorithms. You can make use of any one of these for removing the folders, files, or chat history of your wish.

Follow the steps below to learn how to use the program to delete Skype messages:

1: Start by downloading Stellar BitRaser for File on the PC and launch the program.

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2: Then, visit the ‘Application Trace‘ icon and choose the ‘Chat application’ choice.

3: Tap on the ‘Skype‘ icon and hit the ‘Chat history‘ icon to process.

delete Skype messages Using BitRaser for File

Step 4: Finally, tap on the ‘Erase Now‘ icon to begin to delete Skype messages history completely.

A solitary pass is sufficient to erase the chat history on Skype from the PC permanently. Still, if you aren’t persuaded that the Stellar BitRaser for File program has completely erased your entire Skype messages, then you can also take some more passes in order to clear your hesitations. After three passes, there are no hints left of your messages on Skype, such that nobody would be capable of recovering them ever.

Hence, the Skype app is a suitable software package, which can allow you to converse with other people residing in other parts of the globe for free. Nevertheless, the messages that you send from Skype are saved on the PC in your chat history that can be opened by anybody who can get access to the PC.

You can erase your chat history on Skype by utilizing the feature of clear history provided by Skype. But using this feature cannot erase the chat history completely. With the aim of deleting Skype messages completely, such that they are not recovered, you will need a tool like the Stellar BitRaser for File program to effectively clean the messages on Skype from your PC and make certain that no other recovery tool can get them back.

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