iSkysoft Data Eraser – Easy Way to Erase Message on iPhone

Sometimes your phone is filled up with either private or much useful information which you don’t want to share with others. Being a personal device, your phone might have valuable information regarding passwords of your account, information related to your bank account, data related to your work or some very personal information. You might want to delete them permanently as if it goes in the hands of someone else, then it will be a great problem for you. Also, there might be a chance of theft of your iPhone that will lead the other person to have access to all your information thus, it becomes quite important to delete the message from iPhone on a regular basis.

You might not know that by using delete button to delete the message from iPhone can lead to the removal of the message from the folder, but it is not permanently removed and can be recovered later on. Thus, if you do not want these messages on iPhone and should be removed permanently, you should use certain applications that will help you out. iSkysoft Data Eraser is the solution to your problem. It is the best iOS data eraser that erases your important data from your iPhone on a permanent basis.

By deleting data not only it provides security to your iPhone and personal data from data criminals or robbers, but also it leads to the removal of unwanted junk information that might have slowed the operation of your phone and eating up huge space on your iPhone. Therefore, by deleting such useless information you will provide speed to your iPhone and free up additional memory that can be used for other constructive purposes.

Major attributes of this unique iSkysoft Data Eraser

  • First of all, it deletes all the data on a permanent basis from your iPhone. Thus, you have the security of your data not getting recovered later on.
  • It is compatible with all the new and upgraded versions of iOS and android.
  • It provides you with the security of the data that you would not want to get shared with others and thus saves you from the theft of your identity.
  • The process of deleting the messages through iSkysoft Data Eraser is very simple and unique. With a single touch, you can clean your iPhone from all the junk data and needless background processes that might slow the speed of your iPhone.

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Step by Step Procedure to Erase Message on your iPhone

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Step 1 – Install and Initiate the iSkysoft Data Eraser

First of all download and then install iSkysoft Data Eraser on your computer. After it is installed click on the icon to initiate the application. After the application is launched, connect your gadget or iPhone with your computer with the help of a USB. After the computer identifies your iPhone it will display the information of your iPhone in the interface of the program.

iSkysoft Data Eraser

Step 2 – Choose from many data erasing options

After your computer displays the information of your iPhone then on the homepage of the software you will find many options for erasing data. From that select “Erase Private Data” option and press “Start“. After that, the software will start the scanning of your iPhone.

Step 3 – Delete message from iPhone

After scanning is done, then all the private data of your iPhone will be displayed on the interface. After that, you need to tab on the “Message” option and after that press “Erase Now” option. A window will now appear on your screen that will ask you to enter “delete” in order to confirm and initiate the process of deletion. After typing the word “delete” select “Erase Now” option to initiate the deletion process.

Optimize your iOS gadget – iSkysoft Data Eraser

With the help of iSkysoft Data Eraser, you can optimize your iOS gadget by freeing its memory from unwanted and useless data.

Step-by-step procedure

Step – 1. Select “iOS Optimizer“(“Express Cleanup” on Mac) option from the main interface of the program.

Step – 2. After that a new window will open, in which you can find that the data of your phone has been classified into System data and User data by means of 6 categories. From the 6 options available select the one you want and tap on “Start Scan“, after which iSkysoft Data Eraser will start the scanning your iPhone.

Step – 3. After scanning is completed, all the junk data will be visible on the interface. Now by selecting “Cleanup” option you can free the space from your iPhone from worthless and needless data.

Step – 4. When the cleanup is finished, you can see that now your iPhone is completely optimized and the speed of its performance has been enhanced greatly.

Note: One important thing during carrying out this process is that your iPhone should remain connected to the computer throughout the complete process.

Erase Deleted data from your iPhone

Step–by-step procedure to delete the already deleted data from your iPhone

Step – 1. In case to get rid of deleted data from iPhone, select the “Erase Deleted Files” alternative from the interface. After that once again the software will start the scanning data available on iPhone.

Step – 2. As scanning will take some time, after which you can see the entire files that have been deleted. After selecting the data that was deleted for erasing it permanently, select “Erase Now” option.

Step – 3. After that, a pop-up will appear to confirm the delete command by asking you to enter “delete“. After you have typed “delete” then enter “Erase Now” to initiate deleting the selected data.

Step – 4. Once the data is deleted you will get the message that confirms the deletion of data. After that you can press “Home” button to go to the home page to perform other actions.

Thus, iSkysoft Data Eraser is a useful program that helps you to offer security to your iPhone by providing you with the advantage to delete the message from your iPhone. Also, it helps you to optimize the functioning of your iPhone by freeing up space acquired by unwanted and worthless data.

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