Everything About iPhone Disabled Fix without iTunes

After you enter an iPhone’s passcode more than three times, it’ll temporarily disable itself. For about 5 minutes the iPhone will be unusable, and you’ll have to wait until the stopwatch finishes before you can attempt to enter a passcode again. You might be lucky enough that your iPhone ignores this security feature, but that rarely occurs. For this reason, you might have to look at iPhone disabled fix without iTunes.

By using Face ID or Touch ID you can prevent these kinds of problems, but forgetting your passcode is a common occurrence for many iPhone owners. So, if you need to unlock your iPhone after you accidentally disable it, here’s what you need to know.

Fix #1 – How to Reset iPhone with iMyFone LockWiper Permanently

Only the best programs will get you the results that you want. iMyFone LockWiper is definitely a top contender for that spot, and we have no doubt in our minds that you’ll agree with us shortly. Some key features of this program include:

By simply having access to features like those above, fixing your ‘iPhone disabled fix without iTunes’ can be a lot easier. We’d like to prompt you to download the free version of iMyFone LockWiper to experience it hands-on and see how it’s beneficial.

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Guide to Using iMyFone LockWiper

After getting a good look at what the best iPhone Unlock Service – iMyFone LockWiper is, the different features that come with it, and realizing it’s the best program for the job, it’s time to get to work. Use the short guide below and in no time at all you’ll have access to your iPhone again.

Step #1 – Start this method by downloading and installing your copy of iMyFone LockWiper. You can either purchase it or use the free version (both will work fine).

Step #2 – Connect your iPhone using the correct lightning cable and launch the program.

Step #3 – Quickly read the information that is shown and press “Start” to begin.

Step #4 – Various informative infographics will appear on your screen. Depending on your iPhone mode, select a tab from the top of the screen and follow the steps that appear.

Note: DFU Mode is crucial for this solution, so don’t skip this step or the solution won’t work.

Step #5 – After you have your iPhone in DFU Mode, iMyFone LockWiper will automatically detect the device mode and will move on to the next menu display.

Step #6 – Some of your device’s firmware information will be shown on-screen now. Confirm that it is the correct details and hit the “Download” button to proceed.

Step #7 – Click on “Start to Verify” and after the verification is complete, click on “Start Unlock”.

Step #8 – For the final step, type “000000” into the box and click “Unlock”.

Nothing about this guide is difficult! Anyone, regardless of tech-knowledge or experience, can jump in and fix their iPhone disabled fix without iTunes. Before you know it, iPhone disabled fix without iTunes will be at the back of your mind. You can even use this program to fix any other iOS problems you experience.
PS: click to unlock disabled iPad easily if your iPad is Disabled.

Fix #2 – Reset iPhone Using Find My iPhone

Even though the Find My iPhone service is meant for data protection if an iPhone is stolen, you can use it for this issue too. All you’ll need is your iPhone, an internet connection, and a computer to sign in to iCloud.

Step #1 – Open a web browser on your computer and head over to the iCloud dashboard.

Step #2 – Sign in using your iCloud account. This account should be the same one that you use with the iPhone you are fixing.

Step #3 – After successfully signing in, click “Find My iPhone” and at the top of the screen click on “Devices”.

Step #4 – Choose the iPhone that you want to unlock which will display the different options.

Step #5 – For this solution, click on “Erase iPhone”.

Step #6 – You may have to confirm your actions but after doing so, Find My iPhone will erase the device, and it will no longer be stuck.

A few things might prevent this from being a viable solution. Perhaps you don’t have access to the iCloud account that is on the iPhone or maybe you don’t have an internet connection. Of course, if there’s nothing in your way, then it’s worth considering.

Fix #3 – Using Siri to Reset iPhone (iOS 8 to iOS 11)

Siri is one of the iconic features that represent the iPhone. As one of the first virtual assistants to popularise among smartphones, Siri adds a lot of helpful features to our iPhones. But, in the event that you accidentally disable your iPhone, you can abuse a glitch to regain access.

Follow these steps to fix iPhone disabled fix without iTunes & access your iPhone and keep your data secure safely.

Step #1 – Either hold down the Home button or say, “Hey Siri” to initiate the Siri feature.

Step #2 – Ask Siri a question such as “What time is it” and tap the Clock app icon.

Step #3 – The Clock app will now open. Tap on the plus symbol and type the name of a clock that you don’t already have on your device.

Step #4 – Instead of searching for the clock to add, tap next to the text and then on “Select All”.

Step #5 – From the various options which appear, tap “Share…” and select “Message”.

Step #6 – On the “New Message” page, tap on the “To” entry and type anything. Instead of selecting a contact, tap the plus symbol again.

Step #7 – Another window will now show on your device. Tap “Create New Contact > Add Photo > Choose Photo”.

Step #8 – Lastly, don’t choose a photo from your photo library but instead press the “Home” button and the main menu will appear.

A lot of steps are involved in this solution to be effective, but nonetheless, it’s easy. For iPhone disabled fix without iTunes, Siri can be more useful than you might think at first. Remember: this solution only works with iOS versions 8 to 11. If you don’t get positive results, then your version of iOS may include a firmware patch.

Fix #4 – Fix iPhone with iCloud

Do you use iCloud instead of iTunes? Admittedly, this might be the right choice. Lots of iPhone users experience problems with iTunes and iCloud seems to be excelling right now. It can take automatic backups of your device’s data and organizes it on the iCloud dashboard for you to view.

Thus, as you might guess, iCloud is great for fixing an iPhone after disabling it. Unlike the previous that we showed you above, we aren’t going to use the Find My iPhone feature. Follow these steps to discover what to do.

Step #1 – Go to your computer, launch a web browser, and open the iCloud dashboard page.

Step #2 – Click the Settings app icon and select the “Restore Files” tab.

Step #3 – Select the most recent backup that is available. Each backup has a timestamp so that you know which was taken most recently.

Step #4 – After you choose a backup, click on “Restore”.

Step #5 – The remote data restore will start now, and before you know it, iCloud will remove your passcode, and your iPhone will be accessible once again.

Most iPhone users aren’t aware of how helpful iCloud actually is. Aside from Find My iPhone, it also provides users with these kinds of data management features. However, any data that you save after the timestamp won’t be available once you restore the backup.

Fix #5 – Resetting iPhone with dr.fone – Unlock in 1-Click

Similar to iMyFone LockWiper, dr.fone – iOS Unlock is specifically for unlocking devices which are dysfunctional. Using this program will ensure that there is no damage inflicted on your device while at the same time, fixing the problem you’re trying to deal with.

As well as being a solution to accidentally disabling an iPhone, it can fix virtually any iOS lock screen problems. Some notable features include:

  • Remove the passcode from any iOS device without assistance from iTunes.
  • Works with any Apple device and all of the most recent iOS versions.
  • Resolves recovery loop, black screen, and many other iPhone problems.
  • Millions of iPhone owners trust dr.fone – Unlock.
  • Available for use on both Windows and Mac computers.
You won’t struggle to use dr.fone – Unlock. It is a very simple program to use and won’t be time-consuming at all.

Get dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)

Guide to Using dr.fone – Unlock (iOS)

With the help of the steps we’ve written for you below, start using dr.fone – Unlock right now, and you can remove the passcode from your broken iPhone & fix iPhone disabled fix without iTunes.

Step #1 – Install dr.fone – Unlock and launch the program to start going.

Step #2 – Click on the “Screen Unlock” feature on the main menu and connect your faulty iPhone.

Step #3 – It may take a few seconds for dr.fone to detect your iPhone. After detection, read the on-screen briefing and click “Start” to move on.

Step #4 – Select either “Other Devices”, “iPhone 7/7 Plus”, or “iPhone 8/8 Plus/X” from the top of the program. Different steps are shown for each iPhone model so choose accordingly.

Step #5 – Follow the steps in order to put your iPhone into DFU Mode.

Step #6 – After successfully entering DFU Mode you must check the validity of the details shown.

Step #7 – Click the “Download” button when you’re certain they are correct and wait while the firmware downloads for reinstallation.

Step #8 – Click “Unlock Now” and enter “000000” into the box provided. Press the “Unlock” button and wait for the process to complete.

dr.fone is a leading piece of software and comes with various other iOS tools that iPhone owners will find useful to fix iPhone disabled fix without iTunes & other issues. iOS Repairs, data recovery, and iOS Switch are just a few examples that spring to mind.

To Conclude for ‘iPhone disabled fix without iTunes’

iTunes isn’t always necessary to fix iPhone issues. As you’ve seen from above, fixing an iPhone isn’t the hardest of jobs. When you need an iPhone disabled fix without iTunes, you can try as many of the above fixes as you want without further problems arising. Ideally, you should consider either iMyFone LockWiper or dr.fone – iOS Unlock. They are by far the best programs to use for repairing an iPhone, and whatever issues you see arising, one of them will fix it for you. Check both programs out and see how they can greatly benefit you – it’s not something you’ll regret!


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