Best Eight Excel Password Breakers in 2021

Microsoft Office is an undeniably useful software package. It is most popular for including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, but over the years other programs have been added. OneNote, Publisher, and Access are just a few that come to mind. Each program that Microsoft Word provides has a plentiful selection of features, and in recent versions, this includes password protection. With this addition, there has been an increase in Microsoft Excel users seeking an Excel password breaker.

Protecting an Excel file with a password is a great way of limiting access. Unless you share the password with other people, then you’ll never have to worry about prying eyes seeing private information. But if you forget the password, this means that you’ll also be unable to view the file’s contents. So, if you find yourself in that situation, try one of the password breakers below.

What is an Excel Password Breaker?

A password breaker can mean many different things. Some of them will use password cracking methods to obtain the password while others simply remove the password altogether.

Excel password breakers are no different. Some of the programs that we’re going to list work by running a password cracking algorithm to determine what the spreadsheet’s password is. Others just remove the password for you. There are benefits to both approaches, but that’s the gist of how these tools work.

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Why Use an Excel Password Breaker?

Obviously, the purpose of using a password breaker is to bypass the file’s password. However, to help you envision the practical situations for using these tools, here are a few examples.

  • You Forgot the Password. Simple human error is the main reason people want to break an Excel password. Having so many passwords to remember and protecting so many spreadsheets makes it difficult to remember all of them. So, if you can’t remember what you set the password as an Excel password breaker will be necessary.
  • You Aren’t the Creator. Perhaps someone sent you a spreadsheet, but they forgot to remove the password protection. In that case, either you can contact them and wait for a response, or you can use a password breaker.
  • The password isn’t Working. We’ve all had experiences where we attempt to sign into an account or unlock a file, and the password just doesn’t work. No matter how certain you are that it’s the right password, and it may well be, it isn’t being accepted. If so, you can remove the password and set it again once you get access.

There are plenty of other reasons, and whatever yours is, using an Excel password breaker will solve the problem.

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Excel Password Breakers

So, without further ado, here are the eight best password breakers to consider for Microsoft Excel and some details about them.

1. Passper for Excel

Kicking things off is Passper for Excel. This impressive tool is one of the newer solutions and has already proven to be effective. When using this program, you can remove passwords that prevent you from opening the file altogether, or you can remove editing restricting password. Either way, it’ll provide you with full access.

When it comes to removing an Excel file’s password, you can choose from 4 professional recovery methods. All you do is choose one, and within minutes, the password will be shown to you.

Psssper Excel password breaker


  • Supports Excel files created with version 95 onwards
  • Very easy password removal program to use
  • Can be used to remove workbook passwords and to edit restrictions
  • Has four password cracking methods to ensure every Excel file is unlocked
  • Works in any situation
  • Similar Passper versions are available for other filetypes (e.g., Word documents and PDF files)
    You don’t have to buy this program; a free version is available.


  • Nothing so far!

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2. Passware Excel Key

An Excel password breaker that goes the extra mile is Passware Excel Key. With this tool, you can bypass any Excel passwords you see and quickly access a spreadsheet with protection. Similar to Passper for Excel, this program includes multiple recovery modes, and it won’t impact the file’s data.

Passware Excel password breaker


  • Capable of unlocking files from any Microsoft Excel version
  • Can remove any type of password protection from an Excel file
  • Utilizes all of your computer’s hardware to speed up the password removal
  • Uses various password recovery methods to ensure any file can have its password removed


  • Although a free trial is offered, this only provides you with the password’s first three characters
  • Outdated user-interface making it less visually appealing

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3. Excel Password Recovery Wizard

You might prefer to go with a very basic option, in which case Excel Password Recovery Wizard is what you’re looking for. This tool is free to use, to an extent, and can remove passwords from Microsoft Excel and Word.

Excel Password Recovery Wizard

After you choose an Excel file, it begins running an extensive dictionary of passwords until it detects a match. Since most people use a very basic password, this approach is usually enough.


  • Great for any passwords of which you already know a few of the characters
  • Removes Excel and Word passwords
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Free if you have the most recent Excel version


  • If you are cracking a long or complex password, this isn’t the best tool to use
  • Cracking files from earlier versions of Excel will require you to purchase the full version


Online tools are also viable Excel password breakers. One site, in particular, is which, to some extent, is free to use. All you do is upload the file, and within minutes, the password is removed.

While the site imposes certain limits (e.g., how many passwords you can remove and upload file sizes), it is still a fantastic solution. There are also paid services available which you can use to view a file’s password.


  • Doesn’t require you to install any software
  • Unlocks Excel files free of charge
  • Capable of unlocking files from any Excel version
  • Can remove an Excel file’s password or the editing restrictions


  • After you use this site to bypass ten passwords, you have to pay for more
  • There is an upload limit on the file size of the Excel file you want to access

5. Password Genius Standard

Another Excel password breaker which caught our eyes is Password Genius Standard. As you’d expect it can unlock Excel files which have passwords on them. But the more impressive capability is that it can also remove passwords from other Microsoft Office programs too.

Password Genius Standard

Once you download the free trial, you can try it out for yourself, but after unlocking three files, you’ll have to upgrade to the full version. In contrast to the other password breakers, this program lacks the ability to remove editing restrictions. As a result, it is at a slight disadvantage.


  • Isn’t limited to just unlocking Excel files
  • Easy to use for beginners and professionals
  • Utilizes hardware to accelerate the password removal process


  • Only free to unlock your first 3 Excel files
  • Can’t be used to remove Excel editing restrictions

6. eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery

eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery is a professional tool which has an incredibly high password removal success rate, and it doesn’t fail to impress.

eSoftTools Excel Password Breaker

With the brute force approach, this program can quickly analyze the Excel file and remove the password in a matter of minutes. It walks you through the process, is very easy to use, and works for Microsoft Word files too. If you already know a few details of the password, then this helps speed up the process.


  • Very simple for all users to use and unlocks Excel files in minutes
  • Includes features to unlock Word files as well
  • Uses a brute force attack method to ensure all files are unlocked
  • Unlocks Excel files and removes worksheet restrictions


  • Doesn’t offer a free trial to try before you buy
  • Costs more than some of the other password breakers
  • Has an older user interface design

7. Straxx Excel Password Remover

With this Excel password breaker, you can’t recover the password, but instead, it is simply removed from the document. This might seem like a downside, but if you’ve forgotten the password, this saves you the hassle of removing it to change it anyway.

Straxx Excel Password Breaker

Setting that aside, there are two versions of this tool. If you have older versions of Excel, such as 2007 or 2010, then the free version is perfect. But if you are using Excel 2013 or 2016, you’ll have to pay for the PRO version to unlock the file.


  • Easy to use and has a straightforward process
  • Users are shown steps to follow throughout the password removal process
  • The data inside of the workbook does not get affected by using this tool
  • Free to use if you are unlocking an older Excel file


  • Unlocking newer Excel files require users to purchase the PRO version
  • This tool only removes the password, which will alert whoever the file owner is

8. Advanced Office Password Recovery

Last up is Advanced Office Password Recovery, a tool that can recover the password from any file that was created using Microsoft Office. This includes Excel files, but also Word, Publisher, and a lot of other filetypes.

Advanced Office Password Recovery

Although the user interface makes the tool look older, don’t let this mislead you. It is incredibly effective, and you have the option to unlock files using a variety of attack methods. From the standard dictionary attack to the more aggressive brute force, you can be certain that this Excel password breaker will get past the password.


  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Suitable for breaking virtually any password
  • Uses the computer’s GPU to speed up the password recovery/removal process
  • Can also recover other MS Office files


  • Several versions are available although all are very expensive

More About Passper for Excel

At the top of our list is Passper for Excel. It never fails to impress us and doesn’t require a lot of effort from the user. Not to mention the other versions of Passper for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and various other filetypes.

So, before we wrap up this list, we’re going to explain how to use Passper for Excel quickly.

Remove Password from Excel with Passper

Whether you have the free trial version or have paid for the full version, follow the steps below to unlock a Microsoft Excel file with this program.

Passper Excel Password Breaker

#1 – Download and install Passper for Excel on your computer, then launch the program.

#2 – On the main screen, select “Recover Passwords.”

#3 – Next, click “Add” and use the window that appears to select the Excel file.

#4 – Choose a password recovery method from the list on the right. Click “Next” after doing so.

#5 – Depending on how complex the password is, Passper for Excel takes a short while to determine the results.

#6 – After the program finishes the password recovery, you’ll be shown it on your screen. You can now open the Excel file and enter the password.

In other words, you install the program and load your Excel file; then the Excel password breaker gets the rest done for you. You can also use Passper for Excel to remove editing restrictions making it even more useful.

Try Passper for Excel

To Conclude on Excel Password Breakers

Amongst the various Excel password breakers out there, these are the best. Every Excel file can be broken into, and their password can be bypassed with ease. Topping our list is Passper for Excel, the solution that we recommend the most. It simply won’t disappoint you and can unlock Excel passwords and also remove editing restrictions – both without the need for a password. We hope that one of these fantastic tools can satisfy your needs and unlock Excel files for you!