How to Download & Export Text Messages from iPhone

“I used the free trial version, and it could preview my iTunes data. After I purchased the full version, it downloaded text messages from iPhone easily. It is definitely what I needed!”
– By Andre McGill

Why Need to Export Text Messages from iPhone to Your Computer?

Mobile phones were invented to serve as a communication tool. The cellular phone has been probably one of the most innovative and the biggest game-changer of all technology. People from far places, distant as far as content, ‘still are able to communicate. People were able to conquer boundaries despite thousands of miles away, we all can speak with each other. And best of all, we do not have to wait for the next few days or even (worst) wait for months to be able to receive a mail just to know what is going on to the other side of the world. That is where SMS messages were added to the main function of our cellular phones, which we all enjoy now.

Receiving and sending text messages has become either business or personal. From simple text messages from someone special, keeping a well-cherished message; to saving an important text message from a business partner that you are going to meet for a business meeting. All of those text messages have a different level of meaning and significance that we need to keep. But most of the time, nightmares come. What we accidentally delete those most cherished and important text messages without a backup copy? Or perhaps you do not have a choice but to delete some messages since your text message folder memory is all full. No space for new messages.

Don’t you wish can make a copy to a different device to back up our text messages? Or perhaps being able to download text messages from iPhone and export text messages from iPhone? Although iCloud was able to do that, that would still need extra effort to export text messages from iPhone to iCloud. You have to have a stable internet connection to possibly do that or perhaps some people do not want to save personal messages online. Even though iCloud has a privacy feature, saving files on a centralized public database makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

Introducing – iMyFone iTransor Lite, a reliable text message backup software that lets us download text messages from iPhone to local computer safely and safely without having to worry that personal text messages will be exposed publicly.

iMyFone iTransor Lite Functions:

  • Secured export text messages from iPhone
  • Easy download text messages from iPhone
  • Convenient viewing of multiple types’ data on iPhone
  • Flexible way to export data from iPhone / iPod / or iPad
  • Convenient Preview of text messages before and after transfer/backup
  • Organized data transfer
  • Safe and Secured data from loss or data damages
  • iCloud ready transfer text messages and other data backup
  • Compatible app both Windows, MAC, and all iOS users
  • Allow back up to unreadable files (for future use)
  • Provide backup capability for iTunes without restoring iOS
  • Allows data extract, rather than copying the whole file
  • and best of all, you can download iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter for free!

Download Text Messages from iPhone to PC using iMyFone iTransor Lite

This is a step-by-step guide on how to download text messages from iPhone or export text messages from iPhone. You would not have to worry anymore that you won’t be able to retrieve your text messages once you deleted them.

Just follow these simple steps:

Step # 1 – Download iMyFone iTransor Lite

Download the iPhone Data Exporter firstly. You can enjoy the free iMyFone iPhone Data Exporter program, but you may download the complete premium version to enjoy all the special features and exclusive functions fully.

Get iMyfone iTransor Lite

Step # 2 – Install the downloaded iMyFone iTransor Lite to computer

Double-click the setup file to install. Follow all the simple instructions by clicking next and accepting the agreement. The installation setup is user–friendly enough that users can follow each installation step.

Step # 3 – Launch the downloaded iMyFone iTransor Lite from computer

Once installation iMyFone iTransor Lite has been successful, run the software by clicking the desktop icon of iMyFone iTransor Lite.

Step # 4 – Start download text messages from iPhone or export text messages from iPhone

Once you launched the iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter, the main window page of the app will appear. You are now ready to download text messages from iPhone to computer

  • Click on “Start”, found in the middle of iMyFone iTransor Lite app.
  • Then, a header “Choose what you need to export? Will then appear on top most of the page.
  • Tick choices on “Message” (if you only want to export text messages. Other options include, “Contacts”, “Call History”, etc. you can include other data to be backed up, just tick the box beside those options.)
  • Before going to the next page, make sure to connect your iPhone to your computer in order to export text messages from iPhone; using USB cable.
  • Then, click on “Next” button

Step # 5 – Scan the device – iPhone messages

  • Upon clicking on “Next”, expect that your computer recognized your connected iPhone (remember the USB cable you used earlier to connect your iPhone and computer?)
  • Then, click on “Scan”
  • Wait for few seconds (or it will take some time, depending on the amount of messages you are trying to export/ download text messages from iPhone.

Step # 6 – Start export text messages from iPhone

  • After scanning of messages from iPhone is done. Once all messages from iPhone are detected; Now, click on “Export” to save messages
  • Select location or folder where you wanted to save your exported/downloaded text messages.

Step # 7 – Congratulations, your export or download text messages from iPhone has been successful.

Reviews about iMyFone iTransor Lite

iMyFone iTransor Lite has been helpful to all kinds of mobile users. The app’s multi-functional capabilities able users to save and retrieve cellular phone data in the worst-case scenario, one could ever think of.

Based on a blog site that publishes online product reviews and feedback on recovery software and other apps, iMyFone iTransor Lite, as described as one of the quickest ways to backup or recover data with just a minimum manual effort.

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Few others are very satisfied with iMyFone iTransor Lite after buying the premium iMyFone iTransor Lite app. They are all in unison about how well the tool has delivered what it has promised to do best – backup messages, contact, call history, photos, and other files/data from their iPhone. It was able to recover and retrieve important files without having to execute difficult technical procedures. Just a few clicks and you can export or download text messages from iPhone to your local computer.

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