Fillable DA Form 31 for Leave (Da 31 Fillable)

The DA Form 31 or Request and Authority for leave is a form that is usually used by the Department of Army. A member of the Army must need to use this form if they want to request leave for traveling, vacations, emergency leave for illness, and so on.

A fillable DA 31 form requires personal information and information about the requested leave. If you can’t include all the required information properly, then this could result in your request being denied. Follow our tips to fill out your DA form 31.

Da Form 31 Fillable Tips:

Steps to Fill Da 31 Fillable Form:

First Step for Da 31 Fillable Form:

Section one at the highest right of the form:

  • This will provoke your control number

Second Step for Da 31 Fillable Form:

This part is basically talking about personal and leave information. Proceed by filling in blocks two through eight as follows:

  • Name (last name, first name, MI format)
  • Social Security number
  • Rank
  • The date the application is made
  • Leave Address (include town, state, and postcode at the location wherever leave will be taken)
  • Type Of Leave ( check the box acceptable to the sort of leave which will be taken such as ordinary, emergency, or others)
  • Origin Station and signal (it’s important that you simply do offer a signal at the station wherever the leave are taken)

Third Step for Da 31 Fillable Form:

Leave out “Number Days Leave” and move to blocks fourteen through sixteen. This may need the signature of the approving authority. Fill in:

  • Date (you should file the dates of arrival at the situation you’ll be throughout your leave)
  • Time ( of arrival at your destination)
  • Move to the last row and provide:
  • Date (of come from leave)
  • Time (of come from leave)
  • On each line, prime, and bottom of this section, you need to acquire:
  • Name/Title/Signature Of Departure Authority
  • Name/Title/Signature Of come Authority

Fourth Step for Da 31 Fillable Form:

Move to half all – Dependent Travel Authorization. If you are traveling with dependents, you need to complete blocks twenty-five., a.,b.,c. and d.:

  • Dependents (list in surname, first name, MI format)
  • Relationship (to the listed individual(s)
  • Dates Of Birth (for every dependent)
  • Passport Numbers (for every dependent)

Fifth Step for Da 31 Fillable Form:

Meet up with your individual authority for authorization.

  • Should you need to change your destination while you’re on leave, you need to appraise your commander like a shot

When it’s time to come back to your duty station, you need to come back no later than 2400 hours on the last day of your leave.

In the event, you discover that you simply will require medical treatment throughout your leave you need to report back to and acquire medical treatment at the closest medical facility

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