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Forgot iTunes Backup Password or Forgot iPhone Backup Password – Fixed

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What should I do if I forget iPhone Backup Password?

Earlier, you might have had a reason to panic when you forgot your iPhone backup password. However, now you do not need to worry even if you forgot all or some of your passwords. Nowadays, all of us have zillions of passwords to remember, and it is no surprise if we forget any of them. It is not possible for an average human being to remember all these passwords by heart and feel relaxed. You cannot even write these passwords somewhere for the risk of safety. So you can either keep all of them in mind or keep all the passwords identical.

Still, there is a chance that you will miss a password and end up sitting in frustration. When it comes to the security of our phone, we like to set up the strongest password possible. However, strong passwords are more likely to be forgotten. Passwords of Android phones can still be broken easily and recovered to be set again, but it is not so easy with an iPhone. iPhone does not give you a second chance to recover your password if you forget, like Facebook, Gmail, and other websites. You may lose all your data from your iPhone if you happen to fail at recovering your password.

The Best Way to Unlock Your iPhone Backup File if You Forgot iPhone Backup Password

If you forget iPhone backup password, you have all the reasons to worry, but not with Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker. Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker is a powerful program that works well with all the models of iPhone. If you have lost your iPhone encrypted password for the backup file, you can recover it using this software. You can recover your lost photos, contacts, videos, text messages, and much more such things. iPhone Backup Unlocker gives you a great opportunity to unlock your backup file even if you do not have the slightest hint about the password.

iPhone Backup Unlocker uses the GPU acceleration and decryption technology to enhance its performance. The software can decrypt your password for iTunes backup file and all kinds of iPhone models such as iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 5. If you do not want o initially invest in this program for its advanced version, you can download the trial version for free. You will be amazed to see how this program disables the password after you forgot iTunes backup password.

Step 1.
Download iPhone Backup Unlocker and install the software on your PC.

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Step 2.
Once the software is downloaded and installed on the PC, run the program.

How to Unlock iPhone without Password

Step 3.
Click the ‘Add’ button given on the homepage of the application. This button will lead you to import the file named ‘manifest.plist’. This is the Key Container File that is used to unlock the password for the backup file. You need to look for ‘manifest.plist’ as the extension of the file and this is the key to unlock your backup file for iPhone. When you click the ‘Add’ button, the software will automatically detect and locate the destination folder containing the required file.

Step 4.
On the same window, you will find three options to unlock your backup file. You can choose any of these options depending on your preference. You need to choose any one of these types of password attack and set it accordingly:

  • Brute- force attack: This type of password attack tries all possible combinations of your password. You can select this method when you are completely clueless about the password you had set. You do not have to adjust any settings for this password attack. However, this method takes a little longer than usual to find out your password.
  • Brute-force with Mask Attack: In case you have the slight idea about your password, you can choose this method. For example, if you know the length of your password, or a few characters, you can choose this method. You need to adjust the settings of this method by tapping the ‘Settings’ tab. You will be asked to enter your suggestions for password length, character set, and affix set. This method does not take much time to recover your password when you forgot iTunes Backup Password.
  • Dictionary attack: If the password of iTunes backup is the one that you use frequently, but you are not sure about it, you can use the Dictionary Attack method. You can use the built- in dictionary, which is the text file you need to import for this method. Along with the text file, the program will select a default dictionary. These dictionaries are meant for the note of this program.

GPU Acceleration: You can tick mark this option to improve the process of decryption with the GPU acceleration.

Step 5. How to decrypt your iTunes backup password
Click the ‘Start’ button given at the bottom of the window. The iPhone Backup Unlocker will begin finding your password. While the process of decryption is going on, you can tap the ‘Stop’ button if you want. You can restart the process when you return to your PC.

Step 6.
After a few minutes, you will be able to see a pop- up window that shows your password for iTunes backup file. You can use this password to unlock your backup file. If you find it to be incorrect, you can try recovering the password with the software again. When you have successfully got your password, you can use it to retrieve your messages, photos, videos, contacts, and more.

iPhone Backup Unlocker

If you forget iPhone Backup Password, you can recover it easily with the iPhone Backup Unlocker. You can share this software with your friends and show them how wonderfully it works, as iPhone Backup Unlocker also help you unlock iPhone without password.

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