How to Free Download Music on iPhone by Keepvid Music

iOS users who love to listen to their favorite songs for free can now make the most out of Keepvid Music to download everything they want easily and conveniently.

Today’s Apple devices provide one of a kind audio experience to users because of the high-quality sound hardware and management. At the iTunes Store, you will find an extensive array of music that covers various genres, countries, generations, and artists. You will also be able to find almost all songs which include all the contemporary and latest hits. Sadly, there is one catch here. Many of the songs on the iTunes Store are actually paid, and you can find only a few songs that are available for free download on iPod and iPhone. Now, isn’t that disappointing?

Good thing that there is now something that will let you download as many songs as you want all for free. Here are some steps to help you achieve just that:

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1. Use Keepvid Music to Download Music for Free on Your iPhone

Video and music sharing sites such as Spotify, MTV, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, and others are wonderful places for discovering all of your favorite videos and songs for free. Many of you will definitely want to play these songs on your iPhones and iPods.

Unfortunately, there is no way for you to download these songs on your Apple Devices directly. The ideal way for downloading music on iPhones is by saving them first on your computer before you export these to iTunes. Thankfully, Keepvid Music is nowhere to let you perform a direct download o the audio versions of videos with no restrictions.

Here are the steps you should follow:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

1First, you have to install Keepvid Music onto your computer. You have to open the program then connect your iOS device to your computer. Click on Get Music then Download wherein you will be prompted with the download bar. You have to copy the playlist link or music link then paste this on the download tab.

KeepVid Music

2You are going to see the music list at this point. Choose MP3 to start the download.

Download Music on iPhone

3You can now start exporting the downloaded songs to your iPhone or iPod. To do this, you can open the songs you downloaded by clicking on the iTunes Library that you can find on the upper part. Right-click the music then choose “Add to iPhone“. The downloaded music can now transfer to your iPhone directly.

Add Downloaded Music to iPhone

Once you have installed the software, you will see different options on its primary page. One of the options you can find on Keepvid Music’s front page is Get Music. This is the part where you can record, download and discover the music from the software or get this from YouTube. In the Discover tab, you can look for the music you want. There are other choices such as Playlists, Artists, Genres, and Toplists which lets you choose songs from any of the above then start the download of the ones you chose.

Meanwhile, the iTunes Library or the Music Library tab is the place where you will be able to find the videos or music downloaded with the use of KeepVid Music and all iTunes stuff like Playlists, Movies, Music, and others. You can sync these with Keepvid Music, or you can also delete them if you like.

At the Device tab, you can connect your iOS, Android, or Windows device. It lets you view all content on your device and view the available choices for transferring them.

Tool Box

It’s something really beneficial. Tool Box enables you to perform different functions like restoring or backup iTunes if you’re worried about losing downloaded data, rebuild iTunes Library, remove DRM, and transferring the data from iTunes to the device, and so on.

To set the toolbar, there are several options you should look into. With the use of setting toolbar, one may log out and log in, switch over the accounts, if you’ve gone for a licensed version, you may check with your license status, set the default language as well as default download music format, and default path to save your data.

2 Ways to Get Music for Free on iTunes from Your iPhone

Method 1

It’s one of the tedious methods out there, and you have to follow the steps below properly to ensure results.

1. Tap the iTunes Store from your iPhone’s home screen.

2. The screen will show the list of Music. Once the screen shows any information, tap on the Music button at the screen’s lower part for you to access the list.

After those steps, the next thing you should do is to scroll down for you to reach an option known as Single of the Week. Tap on the song for you to access the page of that particular single. This feature is up to date with the new song every week. This means you may add four songs to your library every month. There’s also a separate category known as Singles where you may find more free music downloads for your iPhone.

Method 2

For the second method, follow these steps below:

1. Open your iTunes app on your iPhone or iPod. You have to keep scrolling down until you see the section free on iTunes. Tap on an option for you to open the interface to free the music.

2. You will also find an option called See All next to the list of songs. It will give you all free songs that are available on iTunes.

3. After you’ve chosen a song to download, you can tap on a button beside the song to get it. Hit “Get Song”. You have to sign in with the use of your email and password on iTunes if you have not done it already.

3 Know the Other Ways to Enjoy Free Music for iPod and iPhone

Aside from the listed methods above, you may also use several 3rd party apps and sites to get your free music for the iOS device.


SoundCloud began its journey as a platform for starters to host their work. Over the past years, this has grown to accommodate a big number of contemporary artists, musicians, performers, and bands from across the globe. The website contains unlimited songs that can be accessed through an official app on the Apple device. However, for you to download the tracts without any limitation, you require an app like SoundCloud. You may also download songs for free of charge and generate a playlist of preferences. It has a free trial and a more advanced paid version complete with features.


Freegal app for iOS allows you to download and browse over seven million songs in mp3 format through subscribing library or local library. You may also download this app free of charge from the iTunes Store. You may also acquire free music on your iPod including the songs from the top daily artists, retrospective collection, and worldwide collection. The best thing about this app is that it’s completely free and legal.

Like Keepvid Music, those simple software will also help you do more and enjoy free music whenever you want to if you have an Apple device.