What is the Best Free Green Screen Editor Software?

Video editing has become exceptionally complex and advanced these days because of the high-end demands of the clients. As a result, incredibly sophisticated software programs are introduced for the use of professional video editors. However, video editing programs that can perform advanced tasks are generally rated too expensive for a regular user. For instance, a tool that has a green screen editor may cost a couple of hundred dollars at the least. Another issue associated with such an advanced green screen app is the complexity they possess.

That said, what if we mention the fact that there are ever free green screen software programs? The purpose of this article is to explain some of such green screen editor apps. These apps would be immensely helpful if you intend to edit some home movies and enjoy your editing skills.

Best free green screen software to consider

As mentioned in this article, we emphasize the best free green screen software in this section. In fact, we have 10 options to present to address this issue.

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#1. Free Green Screen Software – VSDC Free Video Editor

Free Green Screen Software - VSDC Free Video Editor

This is a free green screen software that comes with a variety of features to impress video editors. It comes with various drawing and selection tools and other tools for lighting corrections as well. In addition to that, it has some very useful filters transitions, audio effects, and various other options. You can consider it as one of the best green screen editor tools that come for free.

Features of VSDC Free Video Editor

  • It is a highly professional green screen editor, although it comes for free.
  • It requires a steep learning curve.
  • Lightweight program.


  • You can import material to make a green screen.
  • Create shaped masks in order to create PIP videos.


  • Complicated user-interface

#2. Free Green Screen Software. iMovie

Free Green Screen Software -  iMovie

iMovie is included in every latest Mac edition. With this software, you will be able to make professional video outputs. In addition to that, it comes with plenty of video editing functions. For instance, cropping, rotting, splitting, trimming, and various other features are included. The timeline of these respective software is simplified. It comes with built-in sound and animation options. The overall user-friendliness of the software is pretty impressive. It comprises a large range of easy-to-use effects, and a green screen is one of them.

Features of iMovie

  • Popular green screen editor that comes for Mac.
  • It works on iPhones as well, so it is a cross-platform tool.


  • User-friendly software with green screen feature.
  • Can be used to make animated titles and movies.


  • It comes with the latest OS versions only.

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#3. Free Green Screen Software. VirtualDub

Free Green Screen Software -  VirtualDub

This is another free and open-source video editing software that comes with the ability of editing green screen. It works faster than many other video editors, and it comes with plenty of features as well. It doesn’t come with exceptionally powerful options, though. Nevertheless, it can be used to perform some basic editing tasks. It can trim clips, adjust audio, swap tracks, and perform other basic tasks. There is a basic green screen option included in this software.

Features of VirtualDub

  • Add plugin to create green-screen videos.
  • Stable operation.


  • Excellent compatibility.
  • Lightweight.
  • Works with a large range of formats.


  • It is not the ideal option for professional users.

#4. Free Green Screen Software. Wax

Free Green Screen Software -  Wax

Wax is developed, focusing the simplicity and it can be used for both personal and professional use. It has plenty of special effects that enable users to produce nice videos with good creativity. It can be used as a green screen app as well in addition to 3D effects. You can use it either as standalone software or a plugin of the main video editor.

Features of Wax

  • 2D and 3D plugins.
  • Compatible with all the popular video file formats.
  • Powerful graphics acceleration.


  • Can draw shapes and use them as masks.
  • Can import 3D models into it.
  • Supports 3D text.


  • Works with Windows 98 to Vista only.
  • Outdated interface.

#5. Free Green Screen Software. ZS4 Video Editor

Free Green Screen Software - ZS4 Video Editor

This is an advanced video editor that comes with more than 150 video effects as presets. It supports the chroma key perfectly. In addition to that, you can adjust the height and width of the videos without any issue. Besides, there are various other features included in this program.

Features of ZS4 Video Editor

  • Advanced video editing software with various options.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • It comprises of over 150 built-in effects.
  • Powerful controls.


  • Doesn’t work with QuickTime format.

06. Lightworks

Free Green Screen Software - Lightworks

This is another fine free green screen software with quite a bit of history. Lightworks is in the industry for more than two and a half decades. It comprises of various features with advanced functionalities. If you are familiar with the concept of video editing, this is a good choice.

Features of Lightworks

  • Professional and powerful green screen app.
  • It is ideal for professional projects.
  • Renowned for more than 25 years.


  • Uploads videos directly to video sharing websites.
  • Convenient and simplified timeline.


  • Not very user-friendly software.

07. OpenShot

Free Green Screen Software - OpenShot

OpenShot is another powerful and free green screen editor that comes with some handy features. It is compatible with FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Also, it works cross-platform It has a relatively intuitive interface as well.

Features of OpenShot

  • It is a cross-platform software.
  • Rich video effects are included.


  • A simple but powerful tool.
  • It can create slow-motion effects.


  • Not the friendliest interface for novices.
  • Occasional crashes can occur.

08. OBS Studio

OBS Studio

This is another green screen app that supports Mac, Linux, and Windows. It is an open-source video recorder. Although it works mainly as a screen recorder, it has some chroma effects as well.

Features of OBS Studio

  • Free on all platforms.
  • Can record screens.


  • Supports multiple scenes.


  • It is mainly developed as a screen recorder.

09. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express

This is another free green screen editor that comes for free. This tool comprises of several creative tools to make different videos. It comes with the ability to create green-screen videos. Also, it has over 140 different video effects.

Features of HitFilm Express

  • 2D and 3D compositing.
  • Unlimited tracks and transitions.


  • Supports green screen video feature.


  • Users should spend some time on learning.

10. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve

This is a professional and powerful tool that works as a green screen editor. There are plenty of advanced features in this software to make beautiful professional videos. It can create keyframe animations as well. There are plenty of transitions and other creative effects to use within this software.

Features of DaVinci Resolve

  • Handy keying feature (Delta, Chroma, Ultra, and Luma keyers).
  • 2D and 3D effects.


  • Multi-camera editing.
  • Green screen effects.


  • This is a professional level editor that requires some experience in video editing.

11. Use Wondershare Filmora Scrn to record screen and edit

Wondershare Filmora Scrn is considered to be one of the best screen-recording programs in the industry. You can record games, webcam, PC screen, and even audio using this software. Also, it doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to recording length.

In addition to recording videos, you can use Filmora Scrn to edit videos as well. The editing interface of this software is exceptionally handy, and it allows you to edit videos with convenience. Also, it allows you to add plenty of effects to the video.

Features of Filmora Scrn

  • Records screens of games, PC screen, and even webcams.
  • Can be used as a handy video editor.
  • Can record PC screen and webcam at once.
  • Compatible with more than 50 file formats.
  • Import images, videos, music, etc.
  • Ideal for recording videos and games that run at a fast pace.
  • Export MP4, MOV, GIF, etc.
  • Picture in Picture feature.
  • Can record a part of the entire screen.

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Editor’s pick – Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

When it comes to finding the best software to make greens screen videos, Wondershare Filmora is a superb option. In fact, we consider Filmora to be the best to edit videos. Well, there are many reasons to call this software as the best option to edit videos.

The user-friendliness of this software is exceptional. Even if you are an absolute beginner to video editing, Filmora will make things super-easy for you. Moreover, it is developed to be compatible with all the video formats.

Main Features associated with Filmora Video Editor

Now, in this section of the article, let’s take a look at the main features of this software.

  • There are various special effects included in this software, including green screen, face-off, etc.
  • It comprises of more than 3000 video effects that help you to be more creative.
  • Special video effects that let you create videos under various themes.
  • Animated titles with different appearances to make your videos more special.
  • Advanced video editing power to give reverse playback, video stabilizer, and zooming features.

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How to make green screen videos using Filmora Video Editor

Now that we know the capabilities of Filmora Video Editor. Let’s see how to create a green screen.

01. Get video into the program

As the first step, you should get the video imported into the Filmora interface. To do that, you should go to click on the option called ‘Import Media Files Here‘ option. Then, import the videos into the program by browsing them. If not, you can even directly drag and drop the video clips and save time.

02. Edit the video

Now that the video is imported, you should add videos to the timeline through the drag-and-drop method. Make sure that the video with the green screen should be placed on the top of the track. Then, you should right-click on the greens screen image or video. After that, you should choose the option called ‘Green Screen.

Once the editing panel for the green screen appears, you will see that the green background is removed completely. Now, you can configure the offset, tolerance, thickness of the edge, feature, and various other effects.

03. Export Video

After finalizing all the details of the image and getting the required appearance, click on ‘Export.’ In this, you can even upload the respective video directly to YouTube.

When importing clips, you should import both the green screen background video and the main videos. Then, you should place the video on the video timeline and the green screen video on the other timeline. Then, highlight the green screen video clip and perform a double-click on the green screen video (on the timeline). Video editing timeline will then appear as the top option.

Creating a green screen video using Fimora is an exceptionally convenient process. You can go through the above steps and get the job done precisely.

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So, those are the best green screen editor tools we present to you. You may go through the list once again and pick the best option. If you are looking for a versatile tool that can record and edit videos, Fimora Scrn is the best.