Hack IG | KidsGuard Has Outranked the Spying Market to Hack Instagram Account

Part 1. Hack IG on Android or iOS

KidsGuard Pro is an efficient application to hack IG (hack Instagram) that features several features including spying on anyone’s smart device. KidsGuard features a simple yet informative website and always provide its customer with the best customer support services. It is certainly the best option for people looking forward to tracking their loved ones or kids’ smartphone activity.

In simple words, one must install this app on the target’s mobile device or enter the appropriate information to the apps module to get a complete analysis of the user’s activities. It allows monitoring all the data of targeted smartphones including messages, call logs and related information. After discussing the key features of KidsGuard, let’s discuss how KidsGuard cares about its customers.

Features of KidsGuard

As we already discussed, KidsGuard gets tons of information from the target device, so let’s take a thorough look at its features.

Device Status and Location

KidsGuard provides the status as well as the location of the target device on its main page. These details incorporate GPS information, mobile model, battery level, and network details of the targeted device. Furthermore, you have full access to track phone location. You can also access the recent routes the device has traveled.

Personal Data

KidsGuard lets you spy text messages, access all the detailed call logs, and saved contacts within minutes. That’s not all of it. It also allows you to monitor the complete call log history including detailed information like phone numbers, contact names, types of calls (if they’re incoming or outgoing or missed or rejected ), and call duration. You can even track the top 5 most frequently contacted contacts from the target device.


Already been impressed by KidsGuard? Well, let me tell you this amazing best Viber Tracker and Instagram Stalker also rings all the photos taken and saved on the smartphone while also getting information of all the other applications installed. You can not only spy line chat, get full access to these apps but also download photos and videos from the installed apps. Plus, the user has full access to the saved bookmarks and browser history of the target device.

Customer Support

KidsGuard has already provided its users with excellent customer support. Customer service has always been an important factor in a successful business. There are a number of monitoring applications and websites on the internet that works well but are not as responsive as KidsGuard. KidsGuard offers 24/7 support services, submit your problems and get the most appropriate answers, suggestions, and solutions within a short turnaround time.


KidsGuard is compatible with all major operating systems including iOs, Android, MAC, and Windows. You can access all the features this app has to offer without rooting your Android device or jailbreak on your iPhone. Customers are free to monitor on iPhone or Android through the KidsGuard or get all the information via the KidsGuard desktop website. Just log in to your KidsGuard account and get all the relevant data right away.

Security and Privacy

Obviously, tons of personal data are at stake; it is totally normal if you think if your data is secured. According to KidsGuard’s terms and policies, all the account and personal data are secured, and KidsGuard obeys privacy strictly. Special advanced encryption technology is used to avoid any data leakage.

Customers are 100% assured that all the data is protected from any sort of privacy leak.


There may be a number of reasons why you intend to hack someone else’s Instagram account in the first place. For example, consider yourself as a parent who wants to monitor his son/daughter’s social media activities. Instagram is one of the leading social media sites, seeking everyone’s attention as well as time, mostly children. People post photos, videos, events, and other social stuff on this site. Therefore, no matter what is the reason being you want to hack an Instagram account, the question is, how you can accomplish it.

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How to hack an Instagram account?

This is probably the most asked question in terms of social media from the past few years. You may fiddle through a lot of posts concluding the same old yet fake methods to hack IG. As there is already enough trash on the internet, I will try to submit a legit and step-by-step guide to hack an Instagram account using KidsGuard.

hack ig with KidsGuard Pro

Most people think of hacking social media requires a lot of overwhelmed and complex codes with high-grade knowledge of the IT sector. But the truth is, you are not trying to be a professional hacker and don’t require to be a dedicated spy or a computer programming geek to get into this.

There are many spy applications, websites, and programs available for both iPhone and iOS available on the internet. But none of them offers such liability as you find using KidsGuard. KidsGuard offers a lot of effective features as well as a great method to hack an Instagram account. Has made it easy to spy on your loved ones or children’s social media activities and track all the data that goes in or out without the use of root or jailbreak.

Using KidsGuard, you can hack certain social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, Kik, Hangouts, Twitter, Line, etc. Also, KidsGuard doesn’t require you to root your own or target’s mobile device.

Also, here are the funny Instagram Bios for your info too.

Hack Instagram using KidsGuard

Before getting to the point, let us discuss some features you can use to hack your Instagram account.


Using this feature, one can capture and save screenshots from the target device – taking adverse information from the target’s social media platforms.


This allows you to read sent and received messages from social media apps. This also allows viewing deleted messages.


Keylogging is the most important and major feature where you can keep track of the keys pressed on the target device. This is highly efficient as you can easily detect Instagram’s login credentials and hack an account. Keylogging is certainly the best option to hack Instagram in a few clicks.

Here is the step by step guide to hack Instagram account in just a few clicks:

1. The very first step to Hack IG (Hack Instagram) account is sure to register a KidsGuard account.

Register KidsGuard Account

Sign up KidsGuard to hack ig

2. After receiving confirmation and welcome automated mail from KidsGuard, visit the KidsGuard control panel following the welcome link. Sign in to your account.

3. We have described a detailed guide on how to set up the KidsGuard app on the target device above. In case of further questions, feel free to contact us.

4. You must be able to access the target device through the control panel after setting up the KidsGuard app.

5. Following the above guide, you might have already been aware of tracking the target device through the control panel

6. In this way, KidsGuard lets you access pictures and messages through a special Instagram feature. This feature is not enabled by default. It is recommended to enable this feature manually.

7. Also, the keylogging feature described above allows you to keep track of keys pressed on the target device – making it easy to access an Instagram account.

hack ig with KidsGuard Pro Keylogger

Part 2. Hack IG using InstaHack

InstaHack provides you an excellent way to access someone’s Instagram account without the account login credentials you may have encountered a number of fishy yet fake websites claiming to hack your Instagram account in seconds. As there is already enough trash on the Internet, let us describe an authentic method to hack IG using InstaHack.

1. Visit instahackgram.me and click on the “Start Hacking” button right away.

2. Enter the username of the Instagram you want to hack in the new window. After this, InstaHack will start fetching the required information along with the password of that account.

3. InstaHack ensures that all data including the hacker’s account is encrypted and secured. Therefore, all information is deleted afterward.

4. After several steps, InstaHack will show a message that the account has been hacked. Clicking on the Continue button will take you to another page, letting you download the password file.

Part 3. Hack IG using Instaleak

Follow the below method to Hack IG using Instaleak

1. Go to instaleak.net

2. Similarly, click on the button “Start Hacking” to begin the process.

3. Enter the username of the Instagram account you want to hack

4. Click on “I agree and Continue.”

5. After the hacking process is complete, Instaleak will simply lead to a page to download the password file.