How to Convert HTML to PDF or Convert PDF to HTML with Ease

Wondershare’s PDFelement and PDF Converter Pro both are the best HTML to PDF converters to convert HTML to PDF or convert PDF to HTML easily. On this page, let’s find out how to use them step by step.

Know More about HTML

In the introduction of the Internet in the late 90s before (for commercial use) the first common URL of most websites often ends in .html. So what is HTML? Basically, it is a shortcut name for Hypertext Markup Language. To give you further understanding, let us define:

What is Hypertext?

This is a system where you can go to different web pages using text lines or what we call “hyperlinks” which connect us to another website or page. Basically, HTML are scripts (simple programming codes) written in texts but as the description says these are hypertexts that tags (marks) page.

What about Markup?

Markup is marking and tag that tells the scripts or (simple term for) texts what to do and where to go. Thus, the name Hypertext Markup Language was called.

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Why would you need HTML to PDF Converter?

HTM is the website’s page being saved into your local computer’s memory. More like a web cookie. On the other hand, HTML is the extension file where web cookies are saved on your local computer.

It is the copy of the website’s page window, how it exactly looks like; which includes the texts, pictures, method buttons, and everything you see on a website. Imagine clicking your Print Screen (PrtScr) button on your keyboard and pasting it on the paint editor app. That is how HTM looks like except HTM separated photos with texts and other images/icons.

Simple. There are times, more often than not, you have to use the website as a reference, or the website has valuable information that you might need for your research or presentation. It will save you time if you are going to use HTML to PDF Converter, instead of copying the whole website and editing it on a word processor or paint editor (which restricts you to make changes in texts).

Check out the simple and made easy steps that would allow you to convert a file into different existing files and be ready for edit and re-design purposes! We are going to show you a trick that will make it easy for you to do all these, by using the most efficient HTML to PDF Converter – Wondershare’s PDFelement and PDF Converter Pro.

We break down a few Methods and steps so you can easily choose how to convert HTML to PDF and vice versa.

1: Use PDFelement to convert HTML to PDF using MAC and Windows

Introducing, the best software file converter Wondershare’s PDFelement.

PDFelement’s main function is to convert PDF to HTML file and convert HTML to PDF file. But its key function features do not stop there. It can do other made simple re-design and editing tasks.

Wondershare PDFelement for Windows is an all-around editing app that can make design, research, and edit tasks faster, and smarter. The ability of software to convert HTML to PDF files, and convert PDF to HTML in the same way, also can save a lot of trouble and trim down editing time.

This is an innovative app that will change the life of most office workers, freelance advocates, and academic people to do more by spending lesser time in designing and editing documents, numerical ledgers, graphs, images, and others.

MAC Users are not left behind. Wondershare is able to provide the same intuitive and revolutionary software same way PDFelement 6 for Windows. With the same name brand PDFelement 6 for MAC, it can also perform wide and unimaginable functions editing software can do.

Wondershare PDFelement (Both for Windows and MAC OS) Excellent Features:

  • Document Smart Edit feature (Word, Excel, etc.) for fonts size, type, and style
  • Provide detailed OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Spell Check capability
  • Autofit typescript technology
  • Data extraction function for forms, images (from scanned photos and texts), templates, graphs, and Excel files
  • Powerful PDF Combiner tool to merge various file types (lists, splits, regrouping, Bates numbering, etc.)
  • Convert PDF to HTML and Convert HTML to PDF effortlessly (batch, edit, extract, etc.)
  • File sharing and protection features (password, text/image hiding, authorization/user access restriction)
  • Includes edit and update detail features (comments, reviews, mark-ups, among others)
  • Supports Smart tool for HTML to PDF Converter
  • Most of all – it is reasonably priced!

You can initially download the free PDFelement to try the app use of HTML to PDF Converter here. To further enjoy all the powerful function features of Wondershare PDFelement, download the completed full version. You can now effortlessly use HTML to PDF Converter.

Get PDFElement

Next, How to Convert HTML to PDF using PDFelement

Easy steps to convert as steps one, two, and three!

Step 1 – Saving your HTML File as a PDF

For Window Users

  • Drag and drop HTM file to WonderShare PDFelement
  • Or Click “Create PDF”, then select HTM file to convert into PDF

For MAC Users

  • On WonderShare PDFelement Main Page, Click “Create PDF”
  • Then, select the HTM file to convert into a PDF file

Step 2 – Edit your File

For Window and MAC Users

  • Click “Edit”,
  • Modify file using different function keys like “Edit Text”, “Edit Objects”, etc.

Step 3 – Save your File

Both Window and MAC users

  • Click “File”
  • Then, “Save As”
  • Choose / type name file

And alas! You have successfully converted HTML to PDF.

2: Use PDFelement to Convert PDF to HTML using MAC

Still, with the use of Wondershare PDFelement, you are also able to maximize your editing and design skills. You can use this Smart design software to convert PDF files to document files.

Now that you know how to effortlessly convert exactly your HTM to other files you most likely prefer to work with, you can also do this in documents as well.

Try PDFElement

Check Out the Stress–Free Way to Convert your PDF to HTML on MAC OS

Step 1 – Launch the PDF file

  • Start by downloading MAC compatible Wondershare PDFelement
  • Run Wondershare PDFelement program
  • Click the “Open File” button
  • Choose the PDF file you want to convert

Step 2 – Option to Edit file

  • Click “Edit”
  • You can select any design or editing task you want to do such as “Add Text”, etc.

Step 3 – Convert and Save to new HTML File

  • Once editing and the new design are complete, click ” To Others”
  • Then, click “Home”
  • Choose conversion file type, select “Convert to HTML”
  • Expect a confirmation message window
  • Click “Settings”
  • Then, “Save”, and you are done!

3: Use PDF Converter Pro to Convert PDF to HTML or Convert HTML to PDF

There are more file types that a file can be converted in many ways, we wanted to show you another way. You can also convert PDF files to HTML 5, as well using PDF Converter Pro.

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro can provide basic (and often / widely used file) multiple conversion types such as any file to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image, EPUB, HTML, and more! Wondershare PDF Converter Pro also provides a password and uses restriction security to protect files.

Get PDF Converter Pro

Follow simple steps to see how to convert PDF to HTML as an example:

Step 1 – Import PDF file

  • But first, download Wondershare PDF Converter Pro
  • Install and launch
  • Add PDF file on “Add PDF Files”

Step 2 – Identify File convert

  • Choose file type conversion, “HTML”
  • Or you can convert through “Advanced Settings” for more added features and settings

Step 3 – Convert to HTML

  • When all are properly set up from PDF to HTML option
  • Click “Convert”
  • And now your PDF File is now in HTML successfully!


Powerful Tools from Wondershare Software
Wondershare has launched different Smart and intelligent software in order to aim one purpose – to provide products that would simplify everyone’s life.

With documents and presentation materials now in digitized formats, all tasks are faster and more accurate to accomplish. Making every office paper works better and more efficiently.

With Wondershare PDFelement (both for MAC and Windows) and Wondershare PDF Converter Pro, all can be downloaded for free at the given website below. To completely enjoy all the special features of the product just click on Full versions for a minimal fee.

Product # 1: Wondershare PDFelement

Smart Functions of PDFelement:

  • Edit Capacity for all Office Documents and other Files (OCR, bookmarks, and more)
  • Data and Form Extraction / Conversion (create forms/templates, export doc to different file types, etc.)
  • Organize files (quick add, delete, split, Bates number, among others)
  • Convert files to different (batch, extract, or split document conversion)
  • File and other Document Protection and Security (password, user login, reduction, file-sharing ability)
  • Edit/update tags (allows edit annotation, comments, markup, review, shapes, stamps, and tags)

Product # 2: Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

Easy PDF Converter Pro Utilities:

  • Convert PDF or Other Document Files into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image, EPUB, or even HTML
  • Unlocks password protected converted, and scanned, documents
  • Create PDF, and other Office Document
  • Allow batch Conversion
  • Enhanced Converter features: Intelligent app to retain original files
  • Merge documents / other files together
  • User–friendly application window
  • Speedy Conversion
  • Partial, Full, and Batch Conversion
  • Business Ready Software


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