Complete Guide: How to Crop a Video on iPhone by Filmora Video Editor

iPhones are becoming more powerful, and capable of shooting 4K video or highly intensive tasks. So, if you are looking to crop or edit your iPhone videos like great-looking video, you should choose a professional-level video-editing tool. In this article, we will introduce you to a great featured professional tool, and you will know how to crop a video on iPhone.

Filmora Video Editor:

Wondershare Filmora is powerful video editing & video cutter software that will let perform for both beginners and professionals. By using this MKV file Editor program, you can quickly create a good looking video & fix the issue on how to crop a video on iPhone with just a few clicks.

You can import your iPhone videos and edit them in a highly intuitive environment. You can crop iPhone videos, arrange them around on the timeline, or add several transitions effects to make a stunning video.

Aside from that you can apply several filters, and add new themes to the video. While many other features, Filmora allows you to share your videos directly with your social media groups and other platforms like YouTube.

Filmora is definitely one of the best software to edit your iPhone videos or to fix the problem on How to Crop a Video on iPhone, and you should definitely check all of its features.

How to Crop A Video on iPhone with Filmora Video Editor:

Please find below simple step on how to crop a video on iPhone by Filmora Video Editor for you.

1. Open Filmora Video Editor on your system, it’s found in the Application folder.

2. When you open this Editor, you will be greeted with the screen to import videos. You can drag and drop the iPhone videos you want to crop from the list of videos sorted by date.

You have another option to add videos, simply click on “Import Media Files Here” from the menu bar.

3. Now you can start cropping your imported iPhone video while placing this video on the timeline. Filmora video editor gives you incredibly standard features to crop video quickly. With so many gorgeous and easy-to-use UI, you can adjust video position, resize, rotate and fill the background with colors.

Use “Scissor” button to crop iPhone video. Before clicking on this button, select the appropriate part you want to crop.

4. Once you can set the range to crop the video and finally apply the “Crop” command.

5. Save every change and click “Export” to save the cropped iPhone video to PC or iPhone. Filmora Video Editor also allows you to upload it directly to YouTube and Facebook.

That’s it. It’s easy to fix the problem on how to crop a video on iPhone.

Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

Different Video Editing Modes:

Filmora Video Editor is really great for either beginners or professionals as it has two different video editing modes – Easy Mode & Full Feature Mode. In addition, you can enable two different skin colors in Full Feature Mode; light skin and dark skin at the top right corner of the app.

However, Easy Mode allows people to edit or create movie easily as it’ll provide you various built-in themes and you have several options to choose the best scenes of your work. On the other hand, Full Feature Mode is pretty much advance where it comes with all the fully-customizable timeline editing features to arrange scenes, edit clips, and add polish to your movie.
You can expect a classic video editing style while using this mode like many other professional video editing software.

Spice up Your Movies with Creative features:

This Video Editor has a ton of wonderful features such as adding filters to your videos and typical sepia tone of overlay including color correction, object transformation, object filters, transition effects, adding text and more.

In addition, it features beautiful and fashion effects, royalty music, sound effects and other visual tools to enhance the look of your videos.

Supported File formats:

Filmora allows you to import and export video files in almost all existing formats like MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPEG, GIF, etc.

It supports 4K resolution videos including all audio and image formats.

This excellent video editor also allows you to export files in HD or DVD formats and upload directly to Video sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

Basic Video Editing Tools:

With Filmora, you can edit several basic things such as noise removal, social import, frame by frame preview, reverse, precision speed control, color tuning, camera shake etc.

You can also edit videos with aspect ratios of 1:1 or 9:16 without having a black frame. There are no complicated tasks but very simple to use yet still allow you to create great video.

Advance Video Editing tools:

In addition, to fix the issue on How to Crop a Video on iPhone, this software has multiple advanced video editing features, such as Picture In Picture (PIP) which allows you to layer many video clips.

As the best MKV Editor, it also features audio mixer, Green Screen (change the background and create the special effect), screen recording, split screen, 3D lut, Advance text editing, etc. You can use Auto Crop/ Resize tool to crop iPhone videos or resize your photos automatically so that they can fit the aspect ratio of your video project.

With many other advanced features, you can experience great professional video editing software where you don’t have to face for lack features.

Video & Audio Controls:

The overall quality of a video almost depends on the audio track. The noisy or unwanted sound isn’t expected to anyone.

Using Filmora, you can edit GoPro videos & edit both video and audio and remove these noisy sounds easily. It has all usual video and audio controls like rotate, trim, crop, merge, contract, Equalizer, Split etc. Aside from that, you can change aspect hue, ratio, brightness, saturation, etc. It also allows adjusting the speed, volume, fading in or out, and pitching settings

Effects Store:

Filmora video effect store is an amazing and unique source of video effects such as filtering, animating elements, blockbuster and explosions that can make wonderful videos within few minutes.

In addition, Effect store is updated everything each month, and you can buy stunning effect that is bundled in the categorized collection.

User Interface of Filmora Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora Video editor comes with a very clean and easy interface which is understandable to everyone. The Easy mode allows people to edit simple videos from the very simple interface, considering it’s geared toward users trying to edit videos without much effort.

While many video editors seem too complicated for their messy interface, Filmora’s full feature mode comes with the extremely clear interface. Every feature is available at the right front. You can add music, transition effect, different text, filters, overlays, and many more. You can drag and drop different effects from the options and make an amazing video quickly.

From the top bar of the interface, you can import media on social sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram. You can record screen and export this recorded file with your favorite formats. You can export your files directly to the social sharing site after that.

Comparing several video editing software, this program has a fine-looking fashionable interface which is extremely user-friendly. Aside from that all of the options are arranged in an easy manner that actually perfect for those people who are simply entering into the professional field of video editing.

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As said before, the video joiner app – Filmora comes with two different modes and the two aspect ratios. You have to choose any of them in your first startup. The easy Mode comes with very simple, convenient features and indeed, it’s astonishingly straightforward, and while editing a video, you’ll love the mode’s simplicity. You can make an awesome video simply by choosing a theme onto your media file. You can add music or some other effects and then preview the video file. Once you complete these processes, you can export your edited video in numerous formats easily.

You may have detected from the interface that full feature mode is not so complicated, and once you take into account the advanced options, it is mentionable that the developer’s of this program has succeeded in making so user-friendly and best video editing features. With different stunning effects and ordinary features like Chroma Key, picture in picture and Tilt-Shift, that makes program this one of the best video editing software. Whereas it’s all smart, the software may be slow occasionally, in case you import and export files in a number times. But your device or system can also be responsible for this.

Pricing and Availability:

Filmora Video Editor is available in a free trial with all the features with a watermark. You can use it in Windows or Mac.

Just get a subscription starting at $39/year while it’ll give you the full version. Another option for a single computer is lifetime license starting at $59.