How to Delete Contacts on iPhone 8, iPhone X Efficiently

The iPhone 8 device is a recently released model by Apple, which has newly introduced ‘augmented reality’ features. This has attracted a lot of attention worldwide. The iPhone X model has also been recently released, which has the most futuristic features like the super retina screen and intuitive gestures. Hence, we take to deal with the most recent iPhone 8 device and its intuitive features. Your contacts are obviously one of the most important data files on your smartphone. Through the contact list on your phone, you can easily access your contacts without having to keep in mind your immediate and important contact lists. This is why we have decided to take time out to teach you all how to delete all contacts on iPhone 8 so that you may sort all your prior and important contacts for your locating convenience.

For users of the iPhone 8 device, there are instances where it is almost impossible to wipe off some contact data on the device. It is most difficult at times to erase all data on an iPhone 8. This is because of its various memory caches and iCloud storage, which often keeps additional deleted data stored for safekeeping. In such an instance, the iPhone 8 device accumulates data and takes up extra storage space for such unwanted data files.

If you are one of the few lucky ones to have booked and bought the iPhone 8 device, you may have faced this problem too. Do not fret as we have the right solutions for your particular dilemma. We have discussed with experts about such a problem on iPhone 8 and have collected useful resources for your use. Below are well-researched tools and steps that you have to follow carefully to learn how to delete contacts on iPhone 8, along with a useful program.

Part 1: How to delete contacts on iPhone 8 selectively using dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

The Wondershare brand has introduced the dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) program as the most reliable tool for any iPhone 8 issues and functions. You can effortlessly use this program to transfer contacts from Android devices to iPhone 8 in an easy-to-use and efficient manner. The best parts of the program are its varied options provided for users, its interface, and quick results in data transfers.

The dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) tool is an all-around phone manager known for its 100% reliability in producing results. Using this, you can effortlessly transfer the essential files on your iPhone 8 too, like your images, audio and video files, contact list, and the like among different devices of your choice. In this case, you can easily use this as a tool that can show you how to delete all contacts on iPhone 8. We have further enlisted a few prominent features of the dr.fone program for your handiness.

Key Features of dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS):

  • It fully supports iOS 15, iTunes 12.x, and iPod.
  • This program can manage your contacts, videos, SMS or MMS messages.
  • It can easily make data transfers between different devices.
  • dr.fone can easily backup any songs, images, videos, contacts, audio files, SMS, Apps, and the like to the PC and perform restoring tasks.
  • It can easily sync your device.
  • It is the finest alternative to iTunes for managing iPhone image files.

Get dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

Follow the steps below carefully to learn how to delete contacts on iPhone 8 in easy and simple ways using dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS).

Step 1: Start installing and running the dr.fone program on your PC and then connect the iPhone 8 device to the PC. The dr.fone will mechanically recognize your iPhone 8 and display its screenshot as well.


Step 2: Next, proceed to visit the ‘Information‘ option on the main menu so that you may access the device contacts or choose to edit them.

Step 3: You will see your phone contacts stored in varied folders on the left side of the interface. You can use dr.fone to manage the local contacts from the ‘Local‘ option under ‘Contacts.’ At the same time, you cannot edit the contact data stored on other storage space akin to the ‘iCloud‘ storage button under ‘Contacts.’ After you have made your selection, the local contact list will be shown on the right-hand side of the interface.

how to delete contacts on iPhone 8 with dr.fone

Step 4: At this time, you can automatically select your contacts manually, which you want to delete from your iPhone 8.

Step 5: You can tap on the ‘Delete‘ button on the interface toolbar and affirm the pop-up box by tapping on the ‘Delete‘ icon for the second time.

The chosen contacts will then be erased from the iPhone 8 device. Then again, you can also use dr.fone to add fresh contacts, locate replica entries, or edit on-hand contacts.

Part 2: How to delete contacts on iPhone 8 directly?

If you have used an iOS phone, then it is obviously known to you that you can directly erase contacts from iPhone 8. However, it is less used because it is a more prolonged process, where you would need to delete each contact manually, one at a time. To learn how to delete all contacts on iPhone 8, follow the steps below carefully:

Step 1: To begin with, you must go to the ‘Contacts‘ folder on your iPhone 8. You can find this option on your iPhone 8 home screen.

how to delete contacts on iPhone 8 directly

Step 2: This option will open the entire list of contacts on the iPhone 8 device. You can choose to click on the contacts, which you wish to erase.

Step 3: After accessing your contact information, you must click on the ‘Edit‘ icon, which can be found in the upper-right zone.

Step 4: After this, you will be provided with a list containing all linked accounts along with a range of other options. You must then go down and click on the ‘Delete‘ button.

Step 5: You must affirm your selection by clicking on the ‘Delete Contact‘ icon displayed on the next pop-up box.

Having followed these steps, you can erase all your saved linked accounts from respective contacts as well. You can similarly go over a similar process for deleting your other contacts too.

Also, if you are experiencing the iPhone contacts missing names issue, here are the top solutions for you.

Part 3: How to delete all contacts on iPhone 8?

If you need to reset your entire phone memory or do away with your entire contact list on iPhone 8, you can use the following method to do so within seconds. Follow the steps below on How to Delete All Contacts on iPhone 8 for your easy convenience:

Step 1: To start with, visit your iPhone 8 ‘Contacts’ from the ‘iCloud‘ located under Settings ‘[Your Name]’ option. This is so that you can open entire accounts, which are associated with your iPhone 8.

Step 2: Next, you will need to switch off the contacts selection on each account manually.

Step 3: To cite an example, when you need to switch off iCloud contacts, visit the iCloud account and slide the ‘Contacts’ icon to the left. If the option is already switched off, you can turn it up and switch it off again.

how to delete contacts on iPhone 8 via iCloud

Step 4: You are then required to affirm your option on the pop-up box and select to erase your entire contact list from the iPhone 8 device.

Step 5: In the same way, you must take the same action on other accounts. If your Gmail account is connected to the iPhone 8 device, you are required to access the account and switch off the ‘Contacts‘ button.

You can efficiently and easily learn how to delete all contacts on iPhone 8 and switch off the contacts selection on all your linked accounts through these steps.

If possible, if you desire to conserve your energy and time while organizing your iPhone 8 along with its data, you should definitely opt for the dr.fone program. It is a perfect tool for conducting such operations. dr.fone is the top substitute to iTunes, allowing you to move any number of desired and valuable data among different devices. You can also utilize the tool for performing direct device-to-device transfer, since this tool is mostly loaded with a plethora of such other features. You can try using dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) at least once for conducting easy data management on your phone.

After having completed these parts, you can aptly learn how to delete contacts on iPhone 8 & how to delete all contacts on iPhone 8 in one click using the right tools and steps. Click here if you have a problem with contacts disappeared from your iPhone.