How to Delete Header in Google Docs With Ease?

Do you wonder how to delete the header in Google Docs? If yes, this is the perfect article for you to read on. Apart from learning how to remove the header in Google Docs, we reveal some other information about Google Docs.

In general, getting rid of a header or a footer in word processing software is pretty simple. However, when it comes to Google Docs, things can be pretty difficult. For a very long period, many users are disappointed with Google Docs emphasizing the difficulty of removing headers. In fact, such sophisticated, handy tools like Google Docs should have an easier way to get rid of headers. But that doesn’t mean that removing the header in a Google doc is impossible. We will explain a practical way for those who wonder how to delete header in Google Docs.

Well, as the first step, it is better to take a look at the available options.

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Do you need to remove the header or delete the information?

Have you performed a Google search related to the issue of deleting the header of a Google Doc? If yes, you might have come across a large range of articles claiming that they resolve the issue. However, the truth is a bit different. Most of those articles that explain how to remove the header in Google Docs are deceptive. You should first realize that deleting the information of the header and removing the header are two different things. If you want to delete the text but not the header, you can do it very conveniently. All you have to do is to place the cursor on the text and delete the phrase or word. You can either select the text and hit backspace or delete key.

When it comes to removing or deleting a header in Google Docs, things are different. In fact, this means that you should get rid of the entire heading instead of leaving a blank heading. There are some random add-ons to use if you prefer to do so. However, the success of these add-ons cannot be guaranteed.

Besides, there is another solution for you to try if you wonder how to remove the header in Google Docs. That is to copy the text part only from the document and paste it on a new one. Since there is no header in the new document by default, it’s a practical way to overcome the issue. However, even this issue sounds like a random solution but not a professional one. So, you should be looking for a different solution.

So, how to delete header in Google Docs correctly?

Well, let’s get an idea about the most practical way to remove a header from a Google Doc. As you might have already realized, there is no direct option to remove the header. However, we will be using a different method to accomplish the task. To do this, you should first go to the File menu and then select the option called “Page Setup“. Then, toward the right side of the window, you can find a section called Margins. Select that and then go to the option called “Top“. You should then see that the default value is set to 1”. Make sure you change the default value to 0 instead of 1.

If you have a footer on the document and need to get rid of it, the process is simple. Just follow the previous process with the “Bottom” option instead of “Top“. After pressing the “OK” button, you will see that the header is gone for the good. Well, if truth to be told, the header space will remain in the document. However, the header or the text will not be visible to you. When considering the default settings, this process is pretty convenient and reliable. This process can be pretty handy particularly when you have to print the respective Google Docs.

Can you reduce the size of the header small in Google Docs?

Well, this is another handy feature you should know if you deal with headers in Google Docs. To change the size of the header, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

Go to the “Format” menu on the menu bar and select the option “Headers & Footers“. Then, type in the size of the header you expect (in the header field). Although the default value is set to 1, you can make it 0 and get a smaller header.

Is Google Docs the right solution for you?

Now you know how to remove the header in Google Docs, let’s see if it is the right solution. You can go through the list of benefits and drawbacks associated with Google Docs and learn about it. Listed below are the benefits and drawbacks of this powerful online tool.

Benefits of Google Docs

Ease of access

When you use Google Docs, the accessibility is limitless as long as you have an internet connection. That means you can access the respective document from wherever and whenever you like. This is a great feature that increased the overall productivity and efficiency.


Google Docs can be shared among multiple users effortlessly. All those users can access the document simultaneously or whenever they like. More importantly, the person who owns the document can decide who can edit the document. This is a superb option as it lets users contribute with their inputs in real-time regardless of their location. By applying restrictions, you can protect the originality of the document. Also, it lets users comment online.


Google Docs is designed to be really user-friendly even if you are a novice user for word processing. With a very little amount of effort, you can explore all the features of this tool. Those who have previously worked with word processing tools will find Google Docs to be incredibly convenient.

It is totally free

With all those impressive features, Google Docs doesn’t charge you a penny. This is a great alternative to expensive word processing tools, therefore.


Google Docs doesn’t give any trouble when you need to import or export elements. It has very minimal compatibility issues as opposed to installable software.

Drawbacks of Google Docs

It works solely on the internet

Being a cloud-based software, Google Docs work based on the internet. Without an internet connection, you cannot access this software at all. Apart from the person who creates the doc, the other users also should have the internet to access this tool.

Poor presentation ability

Many users have various complaints about the presentation program of Google Docs. It is known as Google Slides, and it is definitely not a strong contender among the other presentation tools. It lacks themes, templates, and even slides transitions. This can be a huge drawback when you compare it with an option like PowerPoint.

Conclusion on Delete Header in Google Docs

Now you know how to delete the header in Google Docs, you can expect better productivity from it. In general, we believe that Google Docs has more benefits to offer for a user who prefers flexibility. Despite a couple of drawbacks, Google Docs is a superb tool for any individual. It saves a lot of time and increases your overall productivity in managing documents.