How to Delete iPhone Documents and Data in an Easy Way?

Most of all don’t know how to delete iPhone documents and data. However, it is an important skill to develop. In fact, with the aid of the right tools, it is a very simple thing, but you have to take some time to do it. We will go through all the details on how to delete iPhone documents and data. By the end of this document, you will know how to do it by yourself. If you are still wondering why you need this ability, let us start with some interesting information that will make you change your mind.

Part 1. Why should you Delete iPhone Documents and Data?

Mobile phones nowadays are a valuable tool. They are used to store our lives. Do you recall the time when it was best to learn by heart all your important telephone numbers? Now, this dull task is delegated to external memory. That is how the mobile phone started to take an important place in our lives, by remembering such things as telephone numbers.

However, it didn’t stop there. The next thing we know was that smartphones came by. The iPhone, in particular, marked a turning point in technological mobile devices. It became so much more than just a tool to store telephone numbers. The seamless capabilities of a smartphone started changing the way we live. Now, they store more information than we are regularly aware of. Furthermore, a smartphone can easily perform practically everything. You can use it instead of going to the ATM or bank to pay bills, check your email, and even work.

In the end, your smartphone is more or less like a portable computer. It can be used for anything and everything. But at the same time, it holds all your life, meaning that there is sensitive information. You must create awareness of this data that if falls into the wrong hands can cause serious problems.

And we don’t mean you to stop using your mobile device for managing everything in your life. However, you should learn how to delete iPhone documents and data and protect your sensitive information. There are different approaches, and we will give you some tips along with the tools you can use to get this task done in a seamless manner. Don’t wait until the damage is done, and prevent now!

Part 2. How to use Dr.Fone Toolkit to Backup and Restore iPhone Documents and Data

The first thing to know when it comes to iPhone documents and data is that you can preserve them. Even if you erase all of it from your mobile device, just using an app can be the answer to your backup needs. The best is to do the backup in such a way that restoration is something easy to do.

Dr.Fone Toolkit is a very useful program. With its iOS Data Backup & Restore application, you can do the following tasks:

  • Backup from your computer with just one click.
  • During the restoring process, you may preview each item and chose the ones you want to keep.
  • Get rid of what you don’t need anymore, selecting comfortably from your computer.
  • If you prefer it, restore your device 100% with the confidence that there will be no missing data.

Learn more about dr.fone

But there is more. Specifically, to erase sensitive information, there is another way to go. Your iPhone documents and data can be addressed with the iOS Data Eraser. With this other application, you may:

  • Erase from your computer with just a few clicks.
  • Select which is the iPhone documents and data that you wish to delete.

Beware while you use this application or other similar apps. Your information will be deleted permanently. Nobody will be able to recover it, not even you. Your private data will be safely deleted, but if it is something you need, make sure you have a backup in a safe place or other ways of recovery.

When you want to erase a device fully, the best is to use a specific app. The iOS Data Eraser is a great choice.

  • Erase all data with few clicks.
  • All your information will be deleted forever.
  • There is no possible recovery.

This is the best way to handle your old iPhone to somebody else. If you are looking for a specific transfer, backup and restore app, Dr.Fone has another app that is of most use. When you are using WhatsApp extensively, this can be a great choice. The dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer will let you:

  • Transfer all your WhatsApp iPhone documents and data to any other i-Device or even Android.
  • When you back up and export the information, you can also access it from a computer.
  • The restoration is done easily on any device.

If you rely on WhatsApp as your messaging application, this app will be very useful. However, there are other apps like Line, Kik, and Viber. Dr.Fone also has a special App for each of them. Check it out and never lose your conversations again.

Part 3. The Benefits of SafeEraser to Clean your iPhone Documents and Data

When you are just looking to erase your information, then SafeEraser is the kind of tool you were looking for. They are specialized in erasing data for real. This means that there is no possible recovery.

When you delete something, there are methods to restore the information. Some of the most advanced ways to restore information can even take out partial documents, which may have sensitive data. Knowing all that is at stake in your iPhone, you cannot risk it. Please chose a reliable tool like SafeEraser. With this tool even as you still use your phone, you are sure that:

  • The deleted files of your iPhone are not recoverable.
  • Your browsing history is clean when running the application.
  • You can protect your personal data so that it is not as vulnerable as it is now.

The worst that can happen with the information is that you become a victim of identity theft or other crime. Address the risk and limit your exposure by taking care of your sensitive information. You may address just your sensitive iPhone documents and data, or even erase it all in case you are handling the device to somebody else.

You may be thinking that a factory reset would take care of a full erase. However, it does it in an unsafe way. Even after a factory reset, there is information on your iPhone. It is not accessible by conventional means, but it is still there. With the right tools, it is traceable and recoverable. Think of it as putting a sheet of paper in the trashcan. Anybody can take it out and read it. If you put it in a shredding machine, then it is still traceable, but not as easily. Somebody could take out the pieces and unscramble the puzzle. Of course, that sort of recovery takes more time as does the recovery of iPhone documents and data after a factory reset, but it is possible. The only safe way to make sure nobody can read the information again is burning it, and so to speak, that is what SafeEraser does with your data.

Part 4. Erasing your iPhone Documents and Data Manually

If you are a tech guy and want to do the process manually, next, we will give you some tips and highlights on how to do it. Some of these techniques are used by applications like Dr.Fone Toolkit and SafeEraser. They just do it easy for you with an automatic process that consists of few clicks with a friendly user interface.

The way to erase any digital trace of your information is to rewrite something else on top. That way there will be no digital image within the device. What the automatic applications are doing is erasing the pointer to that bit of information, and rewriting “nothing”, which can be zero or another random character so that no trace of previous data is kept.

With the regular usage of your iPhone, you are actually doing the same process randomly. However, there is no certainty on which memory allocations are you using, and then it is not as safe as if you use a specific app.

When you want to erase information on your iPhone, the best approach is to connect it to your computer. Using iTunes, you may select which information to delete. This will delete the pointers so that you can rewrite more information on top of it. The information you should erase on a regular basis is the “other” iPhone documents and data standard category. This is where the cache of all applications is kept, and it is information you don’t actually need. However, it can be sensitive information that is kept unintentionally.

When you don’t have a computer, you may erase the cache memories of each app manually. The most important are Safari or any other web browser and your email.