How to Delete Snapchat Story by the Best Snap History Eraser

Are you curious to know how to delete Snapchat story? If yes, the best choice you’ve got is a good Snap history eraser.

Snapchat is among the leading social media platforms in the online world today because Snapchat users are sharing more videos and photos on Snapchat, much more than the videos and photos shared on Instagram and Facebook combined. But, users must be extra mindful of their data security and privacy every time they use a reputation-destructive photo application like Snapchat.

Why is Snapchat considered a reputation-destructive photo app? This is because numerous privacy leak scandals have been recorded with the platform for the past few years. So far, the most prominent are the 200,000 leaked celebrity nude photo scandal that happened way back in October 2014, which was then captioned as Snappening.

This incident taught everyone that if only the celebrities bothered to manage their Snapchat security and history appropriately, this scandal would have never happened at all. Thus, it could be quite risky if you will take your Snapchat history and security for granted, and worse, it can even lead to some serious leaks of things that should have been kept private. This is why an ideal approach to ensure that there will be no form of leaks is to learn how to delete a Snapchat story in the most secure means.

Part 1. Why You Need the Best Snap History Eraser

As mentioned earlier, Snapchat is the most used and most popular app used for sharing photos today. Almost every person on this planet are using or have used Snapchat at certain times of their lives. There is no doubt that this is a one of a kind app which gives users a state of the art way of sharing photos and reaching their loved ones.

But, Snapchat has its own set of issues which are usually overlooked. One of these problems is the concern on privacy. Even though this is no longer a new thing, with the majority of social media apps suffering from privacy problems, Snapchat has its very own kind of controversy as a whole.

Part 2. A Concern for Snapchat Safety – Will It Lead to Privacy Leakage?

Safety is the foremost issue that surrounds Snapchat. This is in because there is vagueness on whether or not the photos being limited after a certain period are really deleted or if they just stay in the system.

Forensic research has found out that the photos which are received or sent through Snapchat are not in fact deleted. What happens instead is that the app merely alters the label of the photos so that these will no longer be detected by the particular operating system.

Thus, you can safely assume that these photos are merely being reconstructed before being traced back to the user who happens to be the originator of the pictures. Thus, these photos could be retrieved and worse, used illegally.

Part 3. iMyFone Umate Pro – Professional Snap History Eraser

Considering the dangers that are associated with Snapchat, it only makes perfect sense to practice some precautionary measures so that you can stay safe from those unwanted privacy infiltrations. Since Snapchat is a very famous app, it is not a surprise that it is a favorite target for criminals and hackers alike. So, what can you do to make sure that your privacy will not be compromised whenever you use Snapchat? So far, it could be a very tricky thing to do to delete photos which the operating system itself cannot detect in the first place. The truth is, it is almost not possible to delete these pictures given the traditional ways of deleting.

Having said this, the answer to such a hard question all lies in the use of a specialized application or software which will give you a convenient way of erasing private files in just a few clicks with no hassle at all. The best example of such an app is none other than the iMyFone Umate Pro. The iMyFone Umate Pro is trusted and professional tool for erasing data which can erase your Snapchat photos in the most convenient way. iMyFone Umate Pro has served many iPhone users for many years in protecting the privacy and limiting possibilities of accumulating junk files, browser cookies, temporary files, needless and useless files on their iPhone, and some iDevices.

How to Delete Snapchat Story Completely by iMyFone Umate Pro

If you want to erase all traces of your Snapchat on your iPhone, there’s a need to delete the embedded traces of data and files in Snapchat history from your iPhone to avoid privacy leak as well as humiliations that come with it. However, the only effective way is through which that can be done through downloading. Using and installing a powerful Snap history eraseriMyFone Umate Pro.

iMyFone Umate Pro can be advantageous in managing the Snapchat history and the general iPhone privacy protection through these ways:

Permanently Erase Snapchat Data

  • It can erase all your Snapchat data permanently. Its erasing mode can erase your personal data on iPhone permanently including deleting iPhone Snapchat histories such as videos, photos, messages, and so on, making your device totally a new one. When the data erased, they’re unable to be retrieved even using any data recovery software.
  • It can erase some private fragments of your Snapchat data permanently. The incomplete private fragments are produced when using Snapchat. The data fragments remain on your iPhone even if you clear the Snapchat history, worst of all, some professional tools can Recover Snapchat Photos or other data. However, iMyFone can completely delete any trace of private fragments, hundred percent unrecoverable. It’s also the safest way.

Thoroughly Clean Snapchat Junk and Temp

  • It can delete Snapchat junk files for free of charge. iMyFone Umate Pro has the features to wipe out Snapchat caches completely along with your iPhone logs within a particular period. After getting rid of Snapchat caches, which is a storage space hog on your iPhone, you’ll have extra storage space to store your essential data and files.
  • You can also clear up temporary files using this Snap history eraser. The temporary app files including Snapchat aren’t important in operating Snapchat app on your iPhone, and they’re most often left idle once saved within the temporary folder on your iPhone. However, deleting temporary files from your device doesn’t have any detriment on the phone, yet helps to make storage space on your iPhone. Thus, with the use of Umate Pro in clearing temporary files from your iPhone is a must thing to do when recovering your storage space and get rid of the risks of privacy leak.

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Other Features of iMyFone Umate Pro

As a primary means on how to delete Snapchat story, iMyFone Umate Pro is packed with several exciting features:

  • iOS Tune-Up: Some unnecessary files including temporary files, junk files, app caches, etc. may be deleted by batch for you to save a particular amount of storage space and optimize the performance of your iPhone.
  • Erase All Fragments: Through iMyfone Umate Pro, you may delete all other App’s fragments along with private and incomplete fragments with a couple of clicks. Moreover, you may erase the corrupted app files so as to ensure that your iPhone is very safe.
  • 100% Unrecoverable: Its robust and unique features enable you to delete the photos in a jiffy to ensure complete safety and privacy. The erased photos as such are unrecoverable.
  • Trusted by lots of users and featured by renowned media across the globe.

This Snap history eraser has easy to use interface, which makes it a utilitarian software in the industry and allows you to perform various tasks with ease.

Steps to Fix “How to Delete Snapchat Story” by the Wonderful Snap History Eraser

1.Run the Umate Pro and connect the device to your computer.

iMyfone UMate Pro - Connect iOS Devices

2.Select the Erase All Data option and choose the Erase Now button. If you wish to delete private Snapchat fragments, consider going to the tab of Erase Private Fragments.

iOS Data Wiper

snap history eraser
3.Type in the word “delete” to confirm and choose “Erase Now“. The software will begin deleting your Snapchat data.

how to delete snapchat story with iMyfone Umate Pro
The Story feature of Snapchat is a good way to share what is going on in your life today with your friends. The only issue is that since this is integrated with the regular messaging of Snapchat, it’s easy to post a Snap to your story that was meant for somebody particular. Obviously, this may get embarrassing. But, by learning How to Delete Snapchat Story by the Best Snap History Eraser, you won’t need to regret anything in the long run.

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