How to Delete Songs from iPod or iPod Nano With Ease

For most iPod or iPod Touch users, it has become an issue and a huge struggle how to delete songs from iPod, especially if you need to remove multiple or a number of songs. You might say you can simply delete songs, but you can only remove one or two songs one at a time. Old iOS products such as iPod Nano, iPod, Shuffle, and iPod Classic are a few of devices that need a lot of effort and time how to delete music from iPod.

Have you been in this same situation where you have spent agonizing minutes and even hours organizing your iTunes playlist songs? But You have finally deleted music that you think you decide not to listen to anymore but unfortunately, once you connected your phone to other devices that were previously synced, all deleted files were all back in your iPod! The scenario seems sounds familiar? Well, that’s one of the flaws iOS devices we have to put off with before they even release a new product that has corrected that issue. Consequently, bringing back deleted transferred or copied files may cause your device to run and process slowly; or worst it can cause your memory space full. Meanwhile, until Apple has not yet released or have no plans correcting that issue, we can give you tips and tricks on how to address those issues.

You might have tried a lot of software online in an attempt to effectively how to delete music from iPod. This article will share with you two of the best from many music/song removing app around.

Part 1. How to Delete Music from iPod Manually in Three Ways.

Method #1: How to delete songs from iPod but has to save a copy to a computer or iTunes library?

As a rule of thumb, you must always copy your file to another or different device before deleting it. This way, you might protect yourself from losing valuable effort, money, and time in researching again previously owned songs.

It is a real-life struggle that iOS does not come with a feature that allows users directly and easily how to delete songs from iPod, despite the high prices of its products. You can only delete the songs you decided to remove from your iPhone list using a computer with iTunes.

This method lets you keep your deleted songs on your computer and iTunes storage for future reference and music playlist.

How to delete songs from iPod but still back it up to your computer?

  • Connect the iPod to computer
  • Run or open iTunes (if it did not open automatically)
  • Click the device mark of iPod
  • The, click “Summary”
  • Tick “Music and Videos” in options list
  • Choose “Music” at “On My Device”
  • Tick on the songs you want to delete
  • Finally, click “Delete” to delete the song from iPod

Method # 2: How to delete the songs from iPod, including those lists in iTunes Library for more space?

This method may seem absurd, deleting a file without safekeeping. Well, if you are quite sure that you may have no use for the future, you may delete all traces of the song, including from iTunes. You may remove songs from iPod or any iPod Touch which directly also updated deleted songs from iTunes as long as it is properly synced.

If you do not know about this process, refer to the next few steps to guide you on how to delete music from iPod:

Step # 1: Delete directly iTunes library using your computer.
Delete Songs from iPod with iTunes
  • Click on “Launch iTunes”
  • Click “Music”
  • Select ” My Music”
  • List your music as “Songs”
  • Select songs you intend to remove
  • Click “Delete” to finally erase song from your list
Step # 2: Connect iPod to Computer
  • Sync the music or song from your computer to iPod with iTunes
  • Warning! This step is not the safest and most applicable step to delete a song from iPod. This is
    often discouraged by most users who later were disappointed because of the possibility not be able to retrieve your song again. This will permanently delete your song from iPod, computer, and iTunes (unless you are sure to that you do not want to hear the music ever again). Make sure that when know how to delete songs from iPod, be careful to use this often may remove your files permanently which you cannot retrieve in the future.

Method # 3: How to delete the songs from iPod Touch directly

This is a classic iOS technology function. You may be allowed to delete music or song list from your iPod directly. But there is a hang-up, you can only do so by manually deleting each song file one by one or all songs from the settings of iPod Touch.

Option # 1: For iPod Touch with iOS 8.3

  • Open “Music App”
  • Choose “Songs”
  • Pick the songs you want to delete
  • Slide to right until you see the “Delete” button
  • Click “Delete” to remove the song you selected

Option # 2: For iPod Touch with iOS 8.4 and onwards

  • Open “Apple Music App”
  • Choose “My Music”
  • Click songs you want to remove
  • Tap on “…” beside the song name
  • Click “Delete” to remove the song you selected
  • And respond to the confirmation message

Option # 3: Delete all songs from iPod Touch

Delete music from iPod directly
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Choose “General”
  • Tap on “Usage”
  • Then click “Manage Storage”
  • Click ” Music”
  • Choose ” Edit”
  • Tick the red line icon
  • Then finally, click “Delete”

Part 2. How to delete songs from iPod and iPod Touch conveniently and effectively using AnyTans

With a consistent 5 – star review feedback for most of the users of AnyTans, this app tops in the most conveniently providing the best way to how to delete music from iPod (only unwanted songs) or any iOS devices such as iPod Nano or iPod Touch.

No more worries when you might have accidentally deleted your favorite song. Or issues you might have organizing your playlist because of tedious and inconvenient Windows for deleting songs is not friendly and an eyesore. AnyTans can manage iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle or iPod Touch well.

This is an app that has gained positive feedback from its users. It is convenient, user – friendly environment and has a lot of special features:

  • Provide a tool that can transfer music from iPod to computer
  • Good and pleasant window page for viewing files that needed to be deleted (You can select multiple songs you wanted to delete from your list easily)
  • Deletes unwanted songs (which you can easily figure out How to delete songs from iPod)
  • Sync new songs from computer to iPod without affecting or removing
  • Able to transfer songs from iPod or iPod Touch to new iPhone 6.

Step # 1: Download AnyTans. Then, after successfully downloading, install it on your computer (PC or MAC).

Step # 2: Connect iPod or your iPod Touch to a computer where you successfully installed the AnyTans using USB cable.

Delete Songs from iPod with AnyTrans
  • Click on “Audio” on main menu or main page of AnyTans
  • Click “Music Tabs”
  • And you are done! Easy!

AnyTans provides a quick and time–saving way not just to delete your song files, but it also provides a better way to organize your folders.

According to an online app review about AnyTans, they commonly shared how fast and efficient to operate the application. Because of the user-friendly environment/window of the app, they can easily manage and organize files without taking a lot of time to learn the procedure of how to use AnyTans. AnyTans user mention also reiterated the positive reviews of other users that the app is worth every penny they spent because of the ability of this to identify possible nearest multiple songs (the duplicate / same song). Thus, eliminating one of few reasons why device’ memory is always full for no apparent reason and the common cause of slow running of iOS or any Android device.

Part 3. How to delete music from iPod with ease and efficiently using dr.fone

Do you need to organize your song playlist as well as have issues with how to delete music from iPod or iPod Touch? Or perhaps, do you also need to manage phone contacts, messages, and other mobile apps? Would it be wonderful that you are able to do all? dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) can give you all functions:

  • Provided compatibility system with iOS 15 and as well as Android 10.0
  • Transfer and copy files from and to different devices
  • Easy search of files
  • Transfer Music from iPod to Computer
  • Manage your mobile apps and other software in one fitting location
  • Able to keep backup and transfer messages, photos, contacts, and a whole lot more apps installed on your iOS and Android devices
  • Eliminate iTunes function for all iOS (which often causes difficulty in how to delete music from iPod and other iOS operated devices) And to help you easily figure out.

How to delete music from iPod and other iOS devices

Step # 1:
Visit dr.fone site to download and install the app on your computer.

Get dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

Delete Songs from iPod with dr.fone

Step #2:
Run dr.fone, choose the “Phone Manager” function and link your iPod or iPod Touch using a computer.

  • Click “Music” icon located at dr.fone-Transfer’s Homepage
  • Select option of Music you selected to delete
  • Choose “Delete” button
  • Wait for confirmation message about then, select “Yes” if you are sure of removing the file
    dr.fone can be downloaded for free. A Complete version can also be bought at a reasonable and particle price. Visit dr.fone at their official website here
  • And you are done! Easy!

Reminders for iPod Music Deleting:

Just to be safe, every time you delete one of your favorite songs or any file you have to make a copy of it to a different storage device (another phone, computer, or any device). Technically, you anything you delete from your files digitally, you will risk losing files permanently.

You can use dr.fone as well to back up your song files and music playlist files.

How to Backup to dr.fone?

  • Highlight all or any music you would like to backup first
  • Click on” Music” tab
  • Then select “Export” page
  • From drop – down button, choose “Export to PC”
  • And you are done!
  • You can now delete songs that you need to remove from the list

And more: Additional tip to how to delete music from iPod or iPod Nano

You can delete by iTune Sync System

iPod Nano and other Apple and Mac products can be synced accordingly. You can do this by syncing iPod Nano to an empty library of another device (if not, you cannot delete by batch or by collection). Just a friendly reminder, be careful to click the delete button because you might delete all your songs on your iPod. So be extra careful. Just to be sure, you can always use a little more time evaluating each song on your playlist library and use the previous way to delete carefully.

Why dr.fone?

According to of thousands of users who have tried dr.fone, they all have high regard and positive feedback about the product.

From the website, one client said that she was trying to search a better alternative to manage her song list and other files on her Mac device and so far, she was quite contented and have pretty amazing experience with dr.fone!

Another fan user also commended his great experience with dr.fone stating that the app was able to help him transfer all his songs from iPhone 6 Plus to his iTune backup library without worrying of multiple or song duplicates that can take a lot of space.

You can find out more about dr.fone. Please check out the official website here.