How to Do WhatsApp Recovery in 1-Click by PhoneRescue

Are you curious to know how to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages? There are times when you might accidentally delete your WhatsApp messages, many of which are probably important to you. Thankfully, there are tools like PhoneRescue which makes WhatsApp recovery easier and more convenient.

Why Need to Do WhatsApp Recovery?

If you accidentally deleted the history of your WhatsApp chat on your iPhone device and you lost many important attachments and messages, well, there is really no need to worry. All you need to do is follow this short guide so you can scan your deleted WhatsApp chat then recover all of the important attachments and messages in WhatsApp.

By nature, iPhone devices are always at risk of getting lost, stolen, or damaged. The same thing goes for your iOS data. For recovering your mistakenly deleted or lost messages, photos, and other data on iPhone devices, you can always download PhoneRescue for scanning all your WhatsApp chat history then recover any deleted WhatsApp message and attachment from your iPhone or backup when you finished reading this short tutorial.

Similar to other apps for instant messaging, WhatsApp has made it possible for all iPhone users to share the most interesting things with all their family and friends by just sending them instant messages, videos, photos as well as other forms of attachments. When you browse the history of WhatsApp chat on your iPhone, it will be easy for you to find something worthy of treasuring and interesting, whether it is a simple sentence or just a few minutes of a video.

Part 1. Do WhatsApp Recovery from iPhone directly by PhoneRescue

There are instances when you may lose of these precious attachments and messages in WhatsApp when you try to free up some space on your device. Read to know how to proceed with WhatsApp Recovery to retrieve your important attachments and messages directly on your iPhone.

Recover Your WhatsApp Attachments and Messages on Your iPhone

iMobie PhoneRescue provides you with a total of four WhatsApp recovery modes to recover your lost WhatsApp attachments and messages on your iPhone. This tool makes it easier to retrieve all of your important files in the easiest and most convenient way possible. Below are the steps to directly recover your attachments and messages in WhatsApp from your iPhone. And the in-depth Phonerescue review for you.

1. First, download PhoneRescue. Install this and launch it on your computer.

2. You have to connect your iPhone to your computer then choose the Recover option from your iOS device. Allow PhoneRescue to start scanning your iPhone by clicking on the button found on the bottom right corner.


3. Once PhoneRescue has finished with scanning, just click on WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachments so that you can see the deleted chat history that you would like to recover. Click on the button that states Recover to Computer. For this, you have to take note that when your WhatsApp messages have been overwritten, you will no longer be able to use the method for recovering them. In such cases, you can just try to retrieve the deleted history of WhatsApp chat from iCloud Backup or iTunes Backup.

WhatsApp Recovery Using PhoneRecuse

The truth is that you can try the different recovery modes available from PhoneRescue in order to scan the history of your WhatsApp chat. And in case you are encountering certain issues when you use PhoneRescue for recovering your WhatsApp messages on your iPhone, you can always get some support to help you out.

Part 2. Do WhatsApp Recovery from iCloud by PhoneRescue

If you’ve deleted your WhatsApp messages unintentionally and you like to recover your WhatsApp messages through the iCloud backup, it is never impossible. All you have to do is to follow the right procedure properly for you to succeed in recovering WhatsApp messages from your iCloud backup successfully.

Download the wonderful recovery tool for you to restore your lost files on iPod touch, iPhone or iPad after reading the steps on how to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages from the iCloud backup.

WhatsApp is basically a cross-platform IM app that enables users to chat with family, friends, and workmates anywhere and anytime. Users will be able to send photos, messages, audio, contacts, and videos, and share location, and all those functions listed will bring you much enjoyment to communicate with other people. Nevertheless, for some reason, some of you might delete important conversations with your workmates or friends by mistake.

When you’re stuck in this type of situation, you might get back deleted WhatsApp messages at the soonest time possible. If you’ve created backups for your WhatsApp messages on iCloud, you may retrieve such WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup. So, is it really possible?

You can easily retrieve WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup manually or by PhoneRescue in 1-Click and you should follow these:

1st Part. Restore WhatsApp Messages Through iCloud Manually

  • First and foremost, go to the Settings of WhatsApp. Proceed to Chat Setting and Chat Backup to verify that there’s an iCloud backup for the chat history of WhatsApp.
  • Delete and consider reinstalling your WhatsApp from Apple App Store.
  • Verify phone number and follow the prompts for you to restore the chat history on your WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Recovery from iCloud

Just remember that your iPhone number for restoration and backup should be the same. Once you restore the WhatsApp messages this way, you have to reinstall and uninstall your WhatsApp, and after that, recover your WhatsApp messages from the iCloud backup. Apart from that, you may only require small part messages from your iCloud backup rather than all of them.

The second part will show you the ways on how to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages in one click from iCloud and you do not need to uninstall the WhatsApp from your phone.

2nd Part. Restore Your WhatsApp Messages from the iCloud in 1-Click Using PhoneRescue

Before you proceed with the steps to restore WhatsApp messages with PhoneRescue, you have to know about this software first.

PhoneRescue is a great software that you may use to retrieve deleted data on iPad, iPod, and iPhone. With this, you may recover WhatsApp messages on iPhone from iTunes or iCloud backup or the devices directly. You may also preview and choose to download the WhatsApp messages selectively and other attachments including videos and photos you need from the iCloud rather than all of them. Other than WhatsApp messages, it can also recover Skype messages and attachments, text messages, and so on.

After you have learned about PhoneRescue, you may use this to retrieve WhatsApp messages from iCloud.

1. Consider downloading and installing PhoneRescue. Run it and choose Recover from iCloud. You may also sign in with Apple ID.

2. Take a few minutes to download the backup, which contains WhatsApp messages you like to recover. Then, click the right arrow for you to scan backup.

WhatsApp Recovery from iCloud Using PhoneRescue

3. Choose WhatsApp and attachment to start WhatsApp Recovery. After that, choose and preview messages you like to recover. Once done, click on the button “To Computer” for you to download these to your PC or Mac.

Bottom Line

Aside from WhatsApp Recovery for messages, you may use PhoneRescue to recover lost files including videos, photos, reminders, notes, call history, and much more from iTunes, iDevices, or iCloud backup. For questions you want to ask, you only need to contact the support team through email.

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