How to Double Space in Microsoft Word Effortlessly?

You are reading this article probably because you want to know how to double space in Word.

We should emphasize that creating a double space within lines in Word is very easy. If you know the correct way, double-spacing in Microsoft Word can be done within seconds.

As you may already know, Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software. This specific software is widely used for both personal and commercial uses.

Moreover, Word supports various other software programs seamlessly. You can import word files into other software and use them for various purposes.

Also, various other file formats can be imported into Word without any trouble whatsoever. Be it the preparation of a one-paragraph letter or a complex project report; Word is a perfect solution.

The purpose of this article is not to explain all the features of Microsoft Word. Instead, this article explains how to double space on Word.

So, if you are a beginner at Microsoft Word, this article is a great resource for you. If you read this article (tutorial) until the end, you will be able to perform double spacing with ease. In order to make the best use of this tutorial, you can practice the methods while reading.

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Why Should You Learn How to Double Space in Microsoft Word?

The process of double spacing in a document becomes very handy in order to make the document look good. When the lines are placed so close, the document may look cluttered. As a result, the reader will find it pretty difficult to read the respective document.

The requirement of the line spacing of a document will depend on the type of document you prepare. In other words, different types of documents demand different types of spacing. For instance, double spacing is required for academic documents.

When it comes to regular writing, however, the spacing should be adjusted depending on the requirement. That means some users require default spacing while others may prefer 1.5.

Why should you learn how to double space in Microsoft Word

You will also want to know how to double space on Microsoft Word to make the documents look neat. In certain cases, the documents require different spacing in different sections just for them to look better.

Once the proper spacing is added to documents, they are easily readable. That means the readability of the respective document is exceptionally high when proper spacing is applied.

Advantages Associated with Microsoft Word

There is no shortage of advantages related to Microsoft Word. We will explain all those advantages in this section.

01. In the latest versions of Microsoft Word have plenty of innovative features included. For instance, the latest versions of Word are compatible with smart art functionality as well.

In fact, Word Art and Smart Art are two different objects. In Word Art, you get the chance to convert text into various artistic formats. Then, you can display the modified Word Art as an enhancement on the document and give it a better look.

However, when it comes to Smart Art, it has specific actions as opposed to Word Art. SmartArt is considered to be a business modeling tool that can assist even in representing financial projections.

Line Spacing on Word

02. Word is compatible with charts as well. If you need to display some complex data in a readable manner, these charts become immensely helpful. When you use charts in Word, it integrates with Excel as well. The charts are created as an Excel element within the Word document. You can edit the respective chart by double-clicking on it.

When you double-click on it, you will see that Excel opens within Word. You can then adjust columns and rows accordingly. Also, it has a variety of charts to display, depending on the type of data you represent.

03. There are various analytic tools included in Microsoft Word. All these tools are capable of making your document a clearer and more accurate one. For instance, you can use these tools to count the number of words, check spellings, grammar, autocorrect, etc.

As a result, you will be able to make your document a very efficient, clean, and neat one.

04. Microsoft Word also has an option called mail merge. With this technique, you can configure and send bulk emails and regular mail to large databases. With less effort, you can use mail merge to send the same letter to different addresses or email addresses.

Such an approach can be very handy, particularly when configuring a mail campaign. It can be used for both professional and personal use.

05. It also has interactive headers and footers as well. With the assistance of headers and footers, you can create professional Word documents. These headers and footers can be customized to match any of your requirements, be they personal or professional. If you need to add a special text, logo, tagline, company name, etc., to the document, use this option.

Also, you can even add a page number using this option. Adding and customizing a footer or a header is pretty convenient. You need to double-click on the footer or the header area and add the content you need.

06. Another handy option associated with Microsoft Word is to find and replace. This option becomes incredibly useful, particularly when you are dealing with a large document.

As per this option, you can easily find a word or a phrase within the document. Regardless of the number of words in the document, this tool will find the Word within seconds.

Also, you can use the same tool to replace a word you have already typed several times. For instance, you have typed the name of a person wrongfully, but you need to rectify it.

Finding the name manually and retyping it can be tedious. However, if you use this, find and replace option, that would be very easy.

07. Microsoft Word also has an autosave option. With that, you can expect the program to save the document automatically frequently. As a result, you will not lose any data even if you shut down the computer without saving the document.

Besides, Microsoft Word allows you to save the document in various output formats depending on your requirement. For instance, you can save a Word document in PDF format.

How to Double Space in Microsoft Word

Now, let’s see how to double space in Microsoft Word. The steps are indeed very simple to follow, and there is no rocket science in them. Nevertheless, for more convenience, we emphasize the process in a step-by-step format.

  • 01. You can find the line spacing option within the main ribbon on the Microsoft Word screen. The icon appears with a two-sided arrow (pointing up and down) with several lines.
  • 02. After locating the icon, you will be able to activate it using a click.
  • 03. Once the icon is selected, you will see different types of line spacing. These options will range from 1.0 (Single Line Spacing) to 3.0 (Triple Line Spacing). You can choose the best option that suits your document.
Line Spacing Options on Microsoft Word
  • 04. If you click on the ‘Line Spacing Options‘ you can open up various other options as well. With that, you can change even the ‘Indents and Spacing.’
  • 05. Once the settings are applied, you can click on OK. Once the OK button is pressed, you can complete the process. With this, you can change the indentation, spacing, etc. to make the document look professional.
how to double space in Word

Apart from using this method, you can use other ways to change the line spacing of the document. For instance, you can use keyboard shortcuts as well.

If You Prefer to Use the Keyboard Shortcuts to Create Line Spacing, You May Follow the Steps Mentioned Below.

  • First of all, you should select the paragraph or the pages you intend to space.
  • Then, on your keyboard, press the Ctrl key with the number 5 key. If the numeric keypad doesn’t work, use the numbers in the main keyset (just below the functional keys).
  • Now, your line spacing would be changed to 1.5.
  • If you need to double the line spacing, press the Ctrl key with the number 2 key.

As we believe, using keyboard shortcuts is much easier for many users. However, the problem is that there is no keyboard shortcut key to apply triple line spacing.

But, for those who wonder how to double space on Word, the shortcuts will work. Just choose the method that works for you and put that into practice.

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So that’s about how to double space in Word. Spacing lines in Word is a straightforward task, as you have witnessed. We hope you will use all this information to make your document look professional and neat.

Please leave us feedback in the comments section below if you find this article useful. Also, please let us know if you have further questions.



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