How to Download Photos from iCloud to PC in Two Ways

iCloud is the popular platform to store your photos captured from your iPhone. If you permit from the settings and the Internet connection is on, it will automatically be uploaded to your iCloud account. But many people do not even know how to download photos from iCloud to PC! This article is for those who cannot know how to get their saved photos on the iCloud. There might be a handful of tools for retrieving your pictures, but all are not that user-friendly and easy to access.

Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery is the most recommended software for the novice as well. It is possible to recover your existing photo by logging into your Apple account through but recovering the old pictures will not be possible in this method. Therefore, you have to use a third-party tool like Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery to get the most accessed privileges from your iCloud backup. This tool will offer you the safest way from any third-party software. You can have a simple step-by-step instructional guide from this article to recover all your photos from iCloud to PC using the two methods described below.

Part 1: How to Download Pictures from iCloud Backup Using Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery

The most useful tool for downloading photos from the iCloud backup is the Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery. This is a very effective multi-platform-based data recovery tool that is widely available for both Mac and Windows OS-operated computers. It can help you to recover files from iCloud and iTunes easily and effortlessly. You need not worry about the protective measures of your data. This small but powerful tool lets you select your pictures one by one or all at once to recover from the iCloud backup. You can even recover all pictures from different applications, i.e. WhatsApp, Facebook, VLC, Messengers, calendar, etc. which cannot be recovered in any other way. This tool is a multipurpose app to use for your smartphone of both iOS and Android OS.

What other features are offered by this tool are:

  • Select and retrieve pictures from iCloud flexibly, safely, and easily.
  • Restore the backup and preview them to select your desired files.
  • This ensures the best security of your iCloud password by not remembering it.
  • You can export iCloud photos to your computer for printing purpose.
  • A wide variety of files formats and Operating systems of both PC and smartphones are supported by this powerful software.
  • Most recent iPhone 7 operating software iOS 10 is fully compatible with this great tool.
  • It allows all user to be user-friendly and easiest access to handle.

To use this excellent tool, you need to follow the following step-by-step instructions.

Make sure to follow them carefully for downloading pictures from iCloud to your personal computer.

#Step 1: Download and Install the Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery Tool

First of all, you need to go to the mentioned link here to download this necessary tool on your computer. You can download a free version, or you can click here to buy to explore this excellent tool to the full extent. Now, follow the simple installation process to install the tool successfully on your personal computer.

Get dr.fone – Recover (iOS)

#Step 2: Launch the Software and Check for Recovery Options

Once you have installed this tool on your computer, launch this software to continue the recovery process. As soon as you launch the tool, you will see a pop-up screen with three recovery options as follows.


Recovery from iOS device, iTunes, and iCloud. You can find these options along with option named ‘Data Recovery‘.

#Step 3: Signing into Your Account

As you are intended to retrieve your photos backup from iCloud only, click on the option ‘Recover from iCloud Backup Files‘ to continue. You can also use the other two options for your preference. However, the selected option will show you a login page asking for entering all details of your iCloud account. For your kind information, this process of signing your account is completely safe, and your password will not be stored anywhere. To log in to your iCloud account successfully, you should learn How to Turn Off Two Step Verification (Two Factor Authentication) firstly.

Download Photos from iCloud to PC with dr.fone

Once you entered your account details, a list of files available in your iCloud backup will be appeared to choose from. Now, you have to choose all the preferred photos that you need to retrieve and then click on the download button. You will find a new tab after that.

#Step 4: Retrieve & Download Photos from iCloud to PC for Backup

The above process by selecting those desired pictures from the iCloud backup folder will offer you to download them easily by clicking on the ‘Download’ button. After a while, you can have two folders opened with the list of pictures to restore them from iCloud backup to your personal computer. Once you selected your desired photos, simply click on the button for ‘Recover to Computer’ from the bottom right corner of the folder. This process will then ask for your permission for the location of downloading photos. Click on the Save button after selecting those pictures.

Download Photos from iCloud to PC

This is the so far, the most secure and reliable software to help you in retrieving pictures from the iCloud backup which was uploaded from your favorite iPhone. Make sure to follow all the instructions as mentioned to follow to download photos from iCloud to PC successfully.

Part 2: How to download photos from iCloud to PC Using iCloud Website

You might not have access to that useful software, or you want to avoid any third-party tool. You can simply go to and check for your backup to retrieve your pictures from there as you required or all the pictures at once.

If you want to download those pictures one by one as you desire, then follow the instructions described below.

#Tip 1: How to Download Pictures from One by One

  • You have to go to the iCloud official website using this link. Then sign in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password.
  • Go to ‘Photos’ section and click on this to search your pictures to find the desired photos from there.
  • Now select all the photos that you need to restore and click on the download option to save those pictures on your computer.

#Tip 2: How to download all photos from

You might need to download the photos you have on the iCloud backup. But there is no such option for downloading all photos at once from the iCloud website. However, you can use some tricks to select all photos to restore them at once if needed. Follow the below instructions to download all photos from in the easiest way.

  • Go to the iCloud official website again and log in to your iCloud account using the Apple account and password.
  • Now, go to ‘Photos’ folder and select the album ‘All Photos’.
  • Then you need to scroll down to the album bottom and click the button of ‘Select Photos’ on the top.
  • Press the ‘Shift’ key and click on the last photo in your photo album which will let you select all the pictures of the album.
  • Finally, click on the download icon to start downloading all the pictures from the on your personal computer.

Using the above methods, you have easily restored your photos from the iCloud backup and learned how to download photos from iCloud to PC. You can simply recover the existing pictures from the iCloud backup from But if you want to download all the deleted or old photos of your iCloud backup, you just need to use the Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery tool. To do this, you need to recover the complete backup and then download those old photos as required.