How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone X Freely

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X devices are the latest and most up to date models, freshly released by Apple. These devices have charmed a large and all-encompassing customer base of all age groups over the globe, due to their restructured technology and a whole batch of new and desirable features, such as super retina screen, the new augmented reality, all-screen display and a lot more.

We are thus catering to the new task needs on the iPhone X device, and providing our online readers with efficient and simple ways on how to download YouTube videos on iPhone X, as well as How to Download Facebook Videos on PC. To make our reader’s task easier, we are proving a pretty useful YouTube video downloader for iPhone X, as well. In present times, the YouTube app is, without a doubt, the most prevalent video sharing location in all parts of the world.

If you are seeking some good ways to enjoy your favorite videos on YouTube in an offline platform, we have got just the answer for you. We have shown in elaborate step by step instructions on how to download YouTube videos on iPhone X, through the use of an all-around YouTube video downloader for iPhone X, known as the KeepVid Pro software. This program can be easily used by you to download desired YouTube videos on the PC. To do so, there are three particular methods available to fulfill your task at hand.

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Before starting to use any one of these methods below for your YouTube video downloading, you will first have to download, install and then launch the YouTube video downloader for iPhone X- KeepVid Pro software on the PC, after which a range of options will be shown to you on its interface. Follow the segments below:

Download Keepvid Pro for Windows  Download Keepvid Pro for Mac

PART 1: How to download YouTube videos on iPhone X using Copy & Paste URL

Step 1: Searching for the desired video on YouTube and copying its URL

To start with, you must go to the YouTube website through your browser, and access your favorite video, which you want to download, and then copy the video’s URL.

Step 2: Downloading the video on YouTube using the desired resolution.

Now you must revert back to the YouTube video downloader for iPhone X – KeepVid Pro interface, and tap and paste the video URL on the left-hand side corner at the top, to which a setting dialog box will appear on your screen. You will visibly identify which resolutions are accessible on the video file along with the size of each video. You can properly select the appropriate options that you need. In addition, if your original video contains subtitles, then you are allowed to download the subtitles as well, along with language options. The KeepVid Pro will soon recognize your system’s language by default and put it up as your subtitle language.

Having done these, you can now click on the Download icon to initiate the downloading of the video.
Side Note: Before your download, you can save your settings in the default option by confirming on the ‘Set my choices as default and don’t ask me again‘ option. Now, the KeepVid Pro software will start to download your preferred YouTube videos, using the same settings on the next time, and will not display the dialog box again. Above and beyond, to recover this pop-up dialog box, you can visit the ‘Download‘ option from the ‘Preferences‘ menu and switch off the ‘1-Click Download Mode for YouTube‘ option.

Step 3: Checking the video status and finding the video

Once you have started downloading your video, the file will be saved inside the KeepVid Pro’s Downloading library. You can also constantly view and monitor your download progress.

Side Note: At this point, you can choose the ‘Turbo Mode‘ icon to switch on the Turbo Mode and start to download the YouTube video with three times faster-downloading speed.

After your download is finished, you can choose to check the file in the program’s Downloaded library. You can right-click on your video file and choose the ‘Open File Location’ option from the ‘Downloaded’ drop-down menu, where you will easily locate the video file on the PC.

Side Note: MP4 is the by default video file format, which you can choose to convert to other types of formats by tapping on the ‘Add to Convert List’ icon to include it among the ‘Convert’ section. In addition, you can later transfer your YouTube video file to any phone by simply tapping on the ‘Add to Transfer List’ option to put it inside the Transfer section.

PART 2: How to download YouTube videos on iPhone X utilizing Browser Plugin

Step 1: Installing the browser plugin

For the Windows system user, the YouTube video downloader for iPhone X – KeepVid Pro software can be used on Firefox, Google Chrome, or (IE) Internet Explorer browser plugins. Your initial two browser plug-ins will be automatically installed if you have already checked the ‘Install Video Download Plugin’ option during the installation of this YouTube video downloader for iPhone X. However, Google Chrome plugin must be manually installed. For the Mac system users, the YouTube video downloader for iPhone X is compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox, browser plug-ins, which must all be manually installed.

To install a browser plugin manually, visit the ‘Extensions’ option from ‘Preferences’ and separately tap on the ‘Install’ icon, for IE and Firefox browser plugins. However, for a Google Chrome plugin, the program will directly go to the guide page to get more instructions, which are totally safe and devoid of the virus.

Step 2: Downloading the video on YouTube through the desired resolution.

Condition 1: In case of IE, Safari or Firefox, you must move the mouse to your video, where the Download icon will be displayed in the browser. Tap on it and choose your preferred resolution on the following menu to initiate your download.

Condition 2: In case of Google Chrome, Download option will already be displayed in the browser. Tap on it to initially start the downloading.

Step 3: Checking the status of your video and finding the video.

You must visit the section of Download, and you will find the video inside the Downloading library, where you can also note the downloading progress. After downloaded, your video file can be located inside the Downloaded library.

PART 3: How to download YouTube videos on iPhone X utilizing its Built-in Browser

Step 1: Visiting the YouTube web browser with the built-in browser.

You must first visit the Online section, and tap on the YouTube button, so as to enter your YouTube website.

Step 2: Finding and downloading the desired YouTube video.

You can locate and play out your favorite video, and then shift the mouse over the video so that the Download icon gets displayed on the upper-most right angle of the YouTube video. You must then tap on it and choose the preferred resolution through the next available menu and initiate your download.

Step 3: Checking your video download status and finding your video.

To do this, you must visit the Download section, and your video file will be available inside the Downloading library, where you can also check the process of download. After the downloading of your video, the file can be found in the Downloaded library.

Important Tips: How to download YouTube videos on iPhone X in Batch

It is already a known information that the YouTube app offers all sorts of channels and playlists. The KeepVid Pro software can enable you to make downloads of all the video files in the whole channel or playlist at a time. Therefore, downloading the videos on YouTube in a batch is possible as well.
These are apt ways on how to download YouTube videos on iPhone X. Also, the KeepVid Pro is an apt YouTube video downloader for iPhone X, which can be used with the utmost ease. There are further features on its interface, which can be explored by you to perform more tasks. Also, you can find out how to put a YouTube video on repeat and Is It Legal to Download YouTube Videos with ease.

Download Keepvid Pro for Windows  Download Keepvid Pro for Mac

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