How to Edit DA Form 4856 / DA 5500 Effortlessly

For years PDF files have been troublesome to edit. Whether you’re reading a PDF e-book or a file that you’ve been sent for work, it’s never been easy to edit PDF.

So, when you want to edit a DA Form 4856 (DA 5500) & Fillable DA Form 31 for leave,  you might find yourself looking at some advanced PDF editors such as DF Editor.

With PDF Editor, you can easily edit PDF files regardless of whether they have been protected.

Any protection is removed so that you can edit the file, enter the details that you need to, and save the file with your changes made.

Why Use a PDF Editor?

Some people will print off their forms, including DA 4856 (DA 5500), but this isn’t always convenient. Sometimes it’s simply easier to edit your PDF forms on a computer and below are some of the reasons to do so.

Did not get a Printer?

While in the past it was standard to print forms off and send them to the intended recipient, this is quickly being overruled by online submission. When you don’t have a printer, it’s easier just to edit the form and send it in.


Even if you have a printer, it’s significantly cheaper to submit your forms online. If you edit a DA 5500 and submit it online, you don’t have to pay a penny.

On the other hand, if you print out the forms you’d have to use printer ink (which isn’t cheap), and you’d have to pay for a stamp to mail it.

Easier to Read.

One of the biggest disadvantages of filling out forms in writing is that the recipient may not be able to read your handwriting. It might not be that you have messy handwriting, per say. However, by editing the forms on your computer, there is no chance that this will happen.


It’s simply faster to edit a PDF form, fill in the appropriate information, and submit it online. This also means that it is sent and received instantly, making the process faster.

What are the DA Form 4856 and 5500?

This form is generally used by military services for counseling. Every officer in the army (who is currently non-commissioned) is required to complete a DA 4856 each month for each of their soldiers.

Without overcomplicating things, this form is simply for counseling purposes and gauging whether or not a soldier is progressing at a healthy pace.

To fill out the DA Form 4856 (DA 5500), the soldier must be observed, and notes must be made. Fortunately, these forms aren’t excruciatingly detailed and are very basic. However, writing one for every soldier that an officer is commanding can be time-consuming and stressful. Thus, doing all that you can to save some time can make a big difference.

DA 5500 is slightly different and is used to determine and keep track of an individual’s body fat content. While a simple calculation can be used instead, this allows for the solider and officer to keep track of their progress and check whether or not a different approach should be taken to their training. Again, there are numerous benefits to editing this form on a computer instead of on a paper version.

Tips for DA Form 4856

Whether you’re filling out a DA 4856 or a DA 5500, there are a few things that you can do to make the process easier. Below we have listed a few quick tips on using DA Form 4856.

  • This form can be used to find out more about an individual’s personal life and how it may affect their performance (both positively and negatively).
  • Both the counselor as well as the individual in question should have a copy of the completed form.
  • After each month’s counseling session, the form should be compared to past sessions. This helps to judge each soldier’s progression.
  • If the officer is considering promoting a solider, all of the forms that they have filled out should be reviewed to help determine whether they’d be suitable for a position that includes more responsibility.

Using these types of forms can be more useful than most people realize. They are much more than just pieces of paperwork and can be used more frequently than they are.

About DF Editor – PDFElement

Towards the beginning of this article, we recommended that you use PDF Editor – PDFElement to edit your PDF files. We stand by this program and below we are going to detail some of its main features to show you why.

  • Editing Content. All aspects of your PDF files can be edited with PDF Editor. Images, text boxes, annotations, shapes, and notes. Text sizes, fonts, and any other formatting aspects can be added.
  • Conversion. It can Convert ODT to PDF, Convert HTML to PDF or Combine PDFs easily.
  • Protection. After editing a form or file with PDF Editor, you can save it as a protected file. This means that whenever you send someone the edited file, it can’t be edited or changed and is protected.
  • Attachments. Do you have other files that are relevant to the PDF file that you’re editing? By adding attachments with PDF Editor, you can easily link any relevant files so that the reader can access them easily.

These are just a few of the things that this program has to offer. Go ahead and download the free version, try it for yourself, and edit your PDF files at ease.

To Conclude

No matter if you’re trying to edit a DA Form 4856 (DA 5500) or you want to edit a PDF file for your job simpler, you can use PDF Editor to get it done. There has been a time in all of our lives when we want to edit a PDF file, but we’ve been unable to.

Now, thanks to DF Editor, you can edit any of your PDF files at ease! It doesn’t have to be a hassled process, and it only takes a few minutes – PDFElement Editor is a program that everyone needs on their computer.


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