How to Empty Trash on iPhone & iPad Permanently

Why Need to Know How to Empty Trash on iPhone and iPad?

iPhones and iPads are most widely used today. These smart devices have indeed made our lives more convenient by providing smart fixes for our day-to-day problems. These devices are less time-consuming and super-efficient. Plus, they are used by people of all ages around the world.

Our online readers have frequently asked us for inputs regarding iPhones and iPads their few shortcomings. One regular and most common issue regarding iPhone and iPad devices is its trash deleting issue. If you have experienced your device malfunctioning on trash performance, this article is surely a good read for you.

It is important to remember that iPhone space is limited. When these kinds of trash start occupying a large amount of space, it can jam up your phone and can potentially lead to a slow-moving and unresponsive device. Hence, it is essential to clean your iPhone’s trash to ensure a healthy device.

Read on to know more about your device and how to empty trash on iPad, and how to empty trash on iPhone devices immediately, without the hassle of visiting service centers.

iPad users usually erase files on their devices by simply deleting unwanted junk to trash cans. Sometimes, when users face difficulties with their devices, a few other programs can achieve the end. There are a plethora of options available in the phone market now, which can be easily used at the tips of your fingers. To deal with your iOS trash problems, technical experts have advocated using some new external software, which is extremely efficient and easy to use.

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PART 1– How to empty trash on iPad using the iSkysoft Data Eraser software

The iSkysoft Data Eraser software is a professional data erasing software, which is available for both Mac as well as Windows platforms. This can conveniently be used for emptying all your trash on the iPad alongside other data files as well, including all your banking information, pictures, music and video files, calendar, messages, application logins, and the like!

We have listed a few key features of the iSkysoft Data Eraser software for your convenience:

  • It carries the capacity to erase and remove any deleted data permanently from your phone device.
  • Delete different types of data, including your safari history, emails, contacts, messages, calendar, passwords, reminders, weather, call history, and much more.
  • Secure all your personal information on your device such that no third party can have access to your deleted data.
  • It clears all the unnecessary files like junk files and makes sure to see that the speed of your iPad/iPhone devices is appropriately boosted.
  • Come with five different data erasing approaches, namely the Photo Compressor, The Express Cleanup, Erase All Data, Erase Deleted Data, and the Erase Private Data, through which you can clear your device data.

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1. How to Empty Trash on iPad device

Through the following steps, you can learn how to empty trash on iPad device data.

Step 1: Running the Data Eraser

Start first by downloading the iSkysoft Data Eraser software and choose to install and launch the program on your Mac. Then connect your iPad device to your Mac using a USB cable. The iSkysoft software will then recognize your iPad device and display its details automatically in the main window.

Step 2: Selecting a Deleting Mode

Hit on the ‘express Cleanup’ option detected on the left-hand side of the software. This will further allow you to erase your data. Then choose the ‘Start Scan’ button so that you can start scanning for the trash portfolio.

Step 3: How to Empty Trash on iPad device

Click on the ‘Cleanup’ button to clean all the trash files on your device. Following this, you will receive a confirmation pop up the box displaying the amount of space saved on your device.

how to empty trash on iPhone with iSkysoft Data Eraser

2. Learning how to empty trash on iPad Email folder

#1: Start by opening your iPhone’s mail applications on the home screen and hit the ‘Mailboxes’ option at the uppermost area of the screen.

#2: Then, you must scroll on to ‘Accounts‘ option and choose the personal email account(s). In the case of a singular account, the ‘Trash‘ folder will come into view in the initial set of folders.

#3: Choose the ‘Trash‘ folder and open it.

#4: Then hit the ‘Edit‘ button located at the upper right-hand side of your device display.

#5: Finally, choose the ‘Delete All‘ option from the lower right corner of the iPad device.

There is another substitute on how to empty trash on iPad.

#1: Firstly, select the ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars‘ option through the setting option of the iPad home page.

#2: Next, click on the desired account and then choose the ‘Advanced‘ option.

#3: You can now select Remove under the ‘Deleted Messages‘ option and then choose the desired time frame for the automated deletion of the files.

#4: Soon, the iPad should start to empty its trash mechanically in accordance with your previous settings, which could be monthly, weekly, or daily events.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that the emails and data erased by these processes can still be retrieved by any party with vested interests using the right recovery software in the market. You can rather choose to be safe than sorry by using the iSkysoft Data Eraser software or the iMyFone Umate Pro software, which makes sure that the erased data is forever unrecoverable.

3. How to empty trash on iPad emails in trash folder

More often than not, iPad users have reported being unsuccessful at deleting the emails in the trash folders on their iPad devices and of receiving some amount of error messages implying the same. If you are one of the many people, who relate to this experience on your iOS device, you can try these steps carefully to fix the issue.

  • 1. You are first required to open settings on your iPad device.
  • 2. Next, choose the ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars‘ option found in the left-hand part of your iPad homepage.
  • 3. From the account names itemized, hit on the webservers hosted account.
  • 4. Choose the email address of your account and then choose the ‘advanced‘ option located at the lower part of your screen.
  • 5. In the case of IMAP Path Prefix, you must ensure to edit the setting to ‘INBOX‘, written in Caps Lock.
  • 6. You can choose to return back by hitting the ‘Account arrow‘ and choosing the ‘Done‘ option twice located at the top right area of the screen.
  • 7. This method might not prove effectual-instantaneously. You can try again by restarting your iPad device by long-pressing the power button, after which it’ll work smoothly.

PART 2- How to empty trash on iPhone using the iMyFone Umate Pro software

The iMyFone Umate Pro software makes it capable of performing useful functions like compressing, exporting, and erasing all your iPhone files in a single click. It is very helpful in cleaning all your junk and temporary files, managing large files and apps in bulk, and permanently erasing the iOS data. It is also largely compatible with all versions of iOS.

We have listed a few key features of the iMyFone Umate Pro software for your convenience:

  • Deleting files in bulk including those that won’t delete from the device. These include all your current photos, the previously deleted photos, and also the photos that won’t delete from iPhone.
  • It can also compress your photos on your smart phone resulting in the release of seventy-five percent of the iOS space capacity, without any loss of data from your device.
  • This software can export your files to a PC or Mac as a backup for any future use. You can then preview them all on the Umate interface before choosing to delete any of it.
  • It can clear up the iOS Cache as well. The iMyFone Umate Pro ensures to erase all cache that could be holding up space on your iOS phone memory and ultimately slowing down your iPhone device.
  • Permanently erase all private information on your iPad.
  • Guarantees zero percent recovery of the previously deleted messages, videos, photos, contacts, and the like.
  • It guarantees a 100 percent wipe of all third party applications on your phone.
  • Protects all your private data in the event of theft, recycling, or selling your iPad device.

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Learning how to empty trash on iPhone

1. How to empty trash on iPhone Mail

Emptying your mail on iPhone trash is unchallenging provided you do it regularly through these easy methods:

#1. Start by selecting the ‘Mail‘ application on the main menu and manually choosing the desired email account(s) to clean the trash.

#2. Choose the ‘Trash‘ icon and hit the ‘Edit‘ button located at the upper right corner of the phone.

#3. After choosing the ‘Edit’ option, click on the ‘Delete All’ option to erase all the desired files in the trash folder.

2. How to empty trash on iPhone photos

To clean the contents of trash in iPhone photos, follow the steps carefully:

#1. Firstly, from the main menu, choose the ‘Photos‘ application. Then go down to the ‘Recently Deleted‘ folder and click on it to open.

#2. Hit the ‘Edit‘ button located at the upper corner in the right part of the phone.

#3. Choose to click the ‘Delete All‘ option or instead choose a few desired pictures before hitting ‘Delete‘.

#4. By hitting the ‘Delete All‘ button, all your pictures in the ‘Recently Added‘ folder get deleted permanently.

3. How to empty trash on iPhone completely & permanently

A: How to empty trash on iPhone hidden trash

The hidden junk on your iPhone is sometimes difficult to erase, making our devices slow and inefficient. These kinds of files usually include the App cache, crash logs, cookies, and the like.

In such cases, you can take the help of iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac to clean up the trash folders and such unwanted files on your iPhone device, which is completely free of cost process. Follow these steps below carefully to know-how:

#1. Start by launching the Umate software on the desktop and plugging your iPhone device into your PC.

#2. Tap on the ‘Quick Scan‘ option to allow the program to scan the iPhone device and detect all the junk and unnecessary files.

#3. Tap on the ‘Clean‘ button to clean up all your iPhone junk.

B: How to empty trash on iPhone hidden trash for good

However, your personal information deleted through the iPhone trash may be recovered again by those with vested interests using a good number of recovery tools. These files can be permanently removed from your device only through the use of full-proof software like the iMyFone Umate pro. This program can scan your device for such undeleted files, list them, and delete them permanently.

how to empty trash on iPhone with iMyFone Umate Pro

There are many benefits available for everyone using these two programs for any iOS space cleaning, namely the iSkysoft Data Eraser and iMyFone Umate Pro software. These can provide you with a basic understanding and easy fixes on how to empty trash on iPhone.

In the sea of apps that you would find, something like the iSkysoft Data Eraser and the iMyFone Umate Pro software is a blessing in disguise! The iSkysoft Data Eraser for Mac and the iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac software are the most efficient tools for iPad users facing difficulties while empty trash on their iPad devices. It is most noteworthy software that can be used easily to make your device faster and more efficient. You can follow these tips to get instant help with such problems in the future.

Through this column, you have now learned how to empty trash on iPad and empty trash on iPhone devices easily and smartly without consulting a service center. These tips can help you deal with your phone more confidently next time!