How to Fix iTunes Won’t Open Issue on Windows

iTunes is one of the most irritating programs to use, especially considering how it is the standard program that Apple has to offer and how many bugs the program has. Because of how many bugs there are, many iTunes users are frequently running into the iTunes WiFi sync not workingiTunes error 54, or iTunes won’t open error, something which is very frustrating. There are a lot of different reasons for this happening, and in this article, we are going to discuss some of the different fixes that there are to it.

Part 1. Why Do iTunes Users Have So Many Issues with iTunes?

Ultimately, iTunes is a program that isn’t updated very often, and because of that, it is full of bugs and errors, which make the user experience very disappointing. Nearly every iTunes user will run into a problem that will prevent them from using the problem, and because of that, you must look at some of the fixes we’ve provided below.

If none of the fixes which we mention below work for you, there is one more option. Simply don’t use iTunes and instead, look into iTunes alternatives such as iMusic.

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Part 2. 6 Common Fixes to iTunes Won’t Open

Below are 6 of the most common and the easiest fixes that there are to iTunes when the program won’t open. If none of these work, don’t worry. We have a guaranteed fix below these.

Fix #1 – Run iTunes in Safe Mode.

By starting iTunes in safe mode, you are disabling all of the installed third-party plugins, which may interfere with the program and ultimately prevent it from launching. To do this, simply hold both the “SHIFT” and “CTRL” keys and double-click on the iTunes icon. A notification will appear, to which you should simply click on “Continue”.

Run iTunes in Safe Mode to fix itunes wont open

Fix #2 – Disconnect Your PC from the Internet. 

Sometimes there can be issues with the Apple servers, and because of that, iTunes will fail to open. The solution to this is to disconnect your PC from the internet. You can either disconnect your PC from the Wi-Fi settings or temporarily turn off your router. If your computer is connected with an ethernet cable, you can unplug that too.

Fix #3 – Create a New Windows Account.

When iTunes is first installed, it may not install properly, and because of that, the issue could be specific to your Windows account. To check if the problem is specific to your account, create a new Windows account through the “Control Panel” and install iTunes on the new account. If iTunes opens on this account, the issue is with your Windows account.

Create a new windows Account to fix itunes wont open

Fix #4 – Create a New iTunes Library.

You might find that one of the files in your iTunes library has been corrupted and because of that, iTunes won’t be able to open or launch properly. To create a new iTunes library, head over to the iTunes installation folder (typically on your C drive and in the “Program Files” folder). Move the “iTunes Library” folder to your desktop and launch iTunes again.

Create a new iTunes Library to fix itunes wont open

If iTunes launches, you’ve found the issues. Your iTunes library will appear as empty and to add your music back to the library, simply click on the “Music” tab on the left panel and drag your “iTunes Library” from your desktop onto iTunes. This will add your iTunes music back into your library.

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Fix #5 – Reconfigure Your Windows Firewall.

If you have recently updated Windows or have just installed iTunes for the first time, your Firewall may be blocking some iTunes files from functioning.

Reconfigure firewall to fix itunes wont open

Fix #6 – Reinstall iTunes to Fix iTunes Won’t Open.

If iTunes isn’t installed properly, then the best solution is to reinstall the program. First, uninstall it through the “Control Panel”, then the “Programs and Features” option, and lastly, click on “Uninstall a Program”. You’ll be able to view all of the programs which are installed on your computer and from here, select “iTunes”, and click “Uninstall”. After doing this, make sure that any other Apple components are uninstalled as well. Programs such as “Quicktime”, “Bonjour”, and “Apple Software Update”, all must be uninstalled as well as iTunes.

Reinstall iTunes to fix itunes wont open

Once the program is uninstalled, go over to the “Program Files” folder on your computer and make sure that the “iTunes” folder has been deleted. If it hasn’t, then go ahead and delete it manually. Once you’re sure that all iTunes files are gone, download the setup file from the iTunes website and reinstall the program. If iTunes won’t open still, this is not the issue.

None of these fixes will take more than a few minutes, and if none of them helps fix the issue, don’t worry about it. If you continue to the section below, we will introduce you to the iMusic program and show you how to use that program instead of iTunes.

Part 3. Using iMusic to Avoid iTunes Won’t Open Issue

Now that we’ve told you a bit about iMusic and why using this program instead of iTunes, let’s look at some of the different features it has to offer.

Using iMusic to Avoid iTunes Wont Open Issue

iMusic Features

  • Grow Your iTunes Library. When you use iMusic, you are able to browse a wide range of music and even download all of your favorite music to add to your library. By doing this, you can add the music directly to your iTunes library so that when you connect your iOS device, you can easily transfer the downloaded music.
  • Data Management. Even though the main purpose of iMusic is to manage all of your music needs, you can use the program to take backups of your iPhone as well as restore any backups which you have taken too. This eliminates most user’s need to use iTunes as iMusic can handle all of them for you.
  • Burn Music. If you prefer to listen to music on a CD rather than on your iPhone, not a problem. With iMusic, you can create a playlist and burn that playlist onto a CD which you can listen to on the go.
  • iTunes Library Cleanup. If you have a large iTunes library, then the chances are that you’ve noticed a lot of album information isn’t stored on iTunes. Because of this, your iTunes library can look incredibly messy and unorganized. With iMusic, you can clean up your iTunes library so that the correct album covers appear, the correct information is stored about your music, and ultimately so that your iTunes library looks clean.

iMusic has many more features than iTunes does and even allows you to do simpler tasks that iTunes has to offer, such as taking data backups and restoring data. There is no reason not to replace iTunes with iMusic!

Download iMusic

Why Use iMusic Instead of iTunes?

As we said at the start of this article, on top of the iTunes won’t open issue which a lot of users run into, iTunes is a very problematic program to use. Because of it, many iOS users look into iTunes alternatives. iMusic is one of the best iTunes alternatives out there, and if you can’t fix iTunes, it should be your number one option.

Below we have listed some of the main reasons that you should use iMusic instead of iTunes.

  • iMusic is Updated Regularly.
    Unlike iTunes, iMusic is updated very regularly so that any issues users find are fixed as soon as possible and so that the user experience is as best it can be. This prevents issues such as the iTunes won’t open error from occurring with iMusic.
  • Clean User Interface.
    The iMusic user interface is incredibly sleek and is arranged so that users can guide themselves through the program without any hassle. In comparison to iTunes, this is something huge worth noting.
  • Download and Share Music.
    With iMusic, you are able to download music from hundreds of different websites and sync the music directly to your iOS device. On top of that, if you download music and you want to share it with your friends, iMusic allows you to do just that! On the other hand, iTunes does not allow you to download music for free, and you must pay for each song that you want to download.

There’s no doubting that if you run into any issues with iTunes, such as the iTunes won’t open error, then iMusic is the best program to use as an alternative. iTunes is a program full of issues, and when you use iMusic, you will run into no issues at all.

Conclusion for iTunes Won’t Open Issue

If you’re like many other iOS users and don’t enjoy using iTunes due to how many bugs there are with the program and how frequently it fails to work, then using iMusic instead of iTunes is highly preferable. If iTunes won’t open for you and you’ve tried each of the fixes we discussed, then iMusic is a guaranteed solution for you and will provide you with more features than iTunes! As you can tell from the descriptions above, iMusic is a beneficial program and if you haven’t already tried it out for yourself, make sure that you do.